We're trying out some new tunes live tonight. The band next door are covering Maiden. Sweeeeet

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As Gods shared a photo.
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Fred Spooner

Mastodon doing it right at The Grammys!

We've been super quiet this year, but 2014's been a tough one for all of us in AG.

Expect us coming back HARD in 2015. You better believe it. A release is on its way, and we're unbelievably excited - If we had a pound for every time we had to resist posting demos...

Happy New Year, you beautiful fucks.

Merry Christmas! Have a rockin' one!

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Woops, we haven't posted in a month. Probably because we're so busy RECORDING AND WRITING NEW STUFF.

Yeah, you read that right.

Follow us on instagram! @AsGods or We'll be posting snippets and sneak peeks throughout the process...

Happy 4th of July to our American cousins! #thisJokeNeverGetsOld

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So what did you guys think of Metallica at Glasto?


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The BOILEROOM is an incredible venue. Please sign this petition so we can stop the council taking it away from us all!

We have put together this petition to save our venue, Guildford’s only alternative and independent live music venue. Our family run venue was opened...

We really like The Fleece Bristol. We're also yet to play there

Please take 30 seconds to register your support and save a totally sweet venue from having to shut down! (or even worse, install limiters all over the place *shudder*)…/bristol-city-council-save-the-flee…

This online petition has been launched to save one of the UK's best-loved independent music venues, The Fleece, which faces potential closure if new...

I suppose this is a fairly accurate visual representation of how huge our new tunes are gonna be...

Other working titles include, "Legacy Schmegacy".

One of the new tracks we're working on has the working title, "Sexy Time". I think it's gonna stick...