Live at FLAMZ 2015

To all of you who continue to show us your support even though we have been inactive for some time, this is an end-of-the-year gift from us!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us throughout the years, we are grateful and hope that you enjoy this new song. We couldn't get our entire line-up for this one, but we welcome back our founding member, our mentor, our brother, Ameen Khan. We've decided to name the project 'TC4'. Do listen, comment and share and we... hope that you all have an amazing 2017!!

Adipto Mitra : Vocals, Guitar
Ameen Khan : Vocals, Keyboard
Sayak Guha : Bass
Rahul Halder : Drums

Gaurav, Sayan, Soubir.. We missed you on this one, hope you like it cause it wouldn't have been possible without you!!

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An amazing evening comes to an end! The hat-trick year at FIEM and possibly the last time we hit the stage! Great crowd as usual! It was a pleasure performing for you! Huge thanks to our extended family who have been with us through the years! The journey has been special to say the least! Keep listening and hopefully we'll be back! Cheers!