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  • Digital Marketing ConsultantDecember 20, 2016 to presentDhaka, Bangladesh
    - Google AdWords,
    - Facebook Advertising,
    - Remarketing,
    - Video Marketing,
    - Mobile Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing StrategistMay 2012 to presentDhaka, Bangladesh
    - SEO Strategies
    - PPC Strategies
    - Social Media Marketing Strategies
    - Online Reputation Management
    - Online Lead Generation
  • Co-Founder2012 to presentDhaka, Bangladesh
    A collaboration group of Bangladeshi Internet Marketing professionals.
    • SEO Fundamental Workshop with BASIS
  • Internet Marketing Specialist & SEJ BloggerOctober 2001 to presentDhaka, Bangladesh
    Asif Anwar is one of the pioneering internet marketing professionals in Bangladesh. Actively serving the service industry since 2003 and learning trends since 2001. Author of and Guest Blogger on various reputed Internet Marketing blogs.
    • Twitter-based Lead Bot Generation
      Aug 2009 to present
      Twitter-based lead generation research successfully implemented on @seoleadbot, @webdesignleads, @cmsleadbot, @javaleadbot, @gdleadbot and more to come.
    • Large Scale PPC Campaign Managment for RT
      Nov 2010 to Dec 2010
      Worked for getting 3,000,000 clicks from Arabic Audience on behalf of Blueliner Marketing, LLC for a Arabic Social Media site.
    • Affiliate Marketing for Grameen Solutions
      Sep 2009 to Dec 2009
      Commercial twitter-based lead generation. One of the best method tested for lead generation through social media.
    • Search Marketing Consultant for Color Experts International (CEI)
      Sep 2006 to Feb 2007
      Worked part-time for Color Experts International (CEI) as a consultant for Search & Internet Marketing.
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  • National Consultant (Web Optimization)May 7, 2013 to January 7, 2014Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Access to Information strive to live up the commitment of Digital Bangladesh. Working as National Consultant for Web Optimization of more than 200 Government sites of Bangladesh supervised by UNDP.
  • Associate Manager, Web Marketing SolutionsSeptember 2008 to August 2009Dhaka, Bangladesh
    SEO/PPC/SMM Training, SEO/PPC/SMM Mentoring, SEO/PPC/SMM Strategy Design, SEO/PPC/SMM Administration, etc.
  • Business Development AssociateJanuary 2008 to September 2008Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Business Development, Presales, E-Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • ManagerMarch 2007 to December 2007Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), E-Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, SEO Friendly Web Design & Development, Marketing Strategy Development and Analysis, Web Analytics.
  • Search Marketing ConsultantSeptember 2006 to February 2007Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Worked part-time for Color Experts International (CEI) as a consultant for Search & Internet Marketing and generating inhouse marketing ideas.
  • International Marketing OfficerMay 2006 to February 2007Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Was involved in international trade document management and marketing for the leading Exporter of Jute, Kenaf, Roselle (Mesta) Fibers and Traditional & Diversified Jute Textile Products from Bangladesh.
  • Web Information and B2B OfficerMay 2005 to April 2006Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Trade Research & Technical Copywriting, Technical Campaign & Project Support, Web Administration, Search Engine Marketing (Multilingual Keyword Research, SEO Copywriting, SEO-friendly Web Designing, Multi-lingual Copywriting, Blogging, Competitor Analysis, Link Building & etc.), Web Visit Research (Reporting, Analyzing, and Predicting Probable Sales), B2B Communication (Correspondence, trade lead observation, profile maintenance).
  • Trade & Investment Facilitator, GTN BangladeshApril 2004 to March 2005Dhaka, Bangladesh
    USAID-funded Business-to-Business (B2B) trade platform for importers & exporters in the SME sector of 40 developing countries. The objective of the program was to promote export of Bangladeshi SMEs & transfer technology from the USA.
  • Research OfficerMarch 2004 to May 2005Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Research Write-ups, Project Support, Trade Facilitation.
  • Executive Manager (Marketing & Business Development)May 2003 to February 2004Dhaka, Bangladesh
    An Education Resources & Services Center fulfilling current need & trend for education & peripheral issues.
About Asif
  • Asif Anwar is a Search & Internet Marketing Professional working in Bangladesh. Learning internet marketing trends since 2001, practicing since 2003, professionally providing service since 2005.

    Search Engine Journal blogger ( and author of

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    আমাকে ফেইসবুকে ইনএক্টিভ পাবার মুল কারণ যারা ইন্টার্নেট মার্কেটিং এর ব‌্যাপারে আগ্রহী আর দেশী, বিদেশী, এনআরবি ইন্টার্নেট মার্কেটিং এক্সপার্টদের সাহায্য পেতে চান, তারা স্বাদরে আমন্ত্রিত।

    I am a Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Internet Marketing professional in Bangladesh working for Blueliner Marketing, LLC. Blueliner is one of the oldest and leading interactive and internet marketing agency in New York.

    I like networking with other online marketing and IT professionals to share knowledge and expertise, which helps me in my learning process and also career. I am helpful and proactively helping people who are eager to learn about Search, Social, and Internet Marketing.

    I am a mad social media updater of internet marketing related stuffs, which scares my friends! But, I like to keep in touch with all. Because, in a day, 1/3 or 8 hours makes your professional life, 1/3 or 8 hours makes your personal life, and the other 1/3rd is spent in dreamland.

    I am open to add friends with similar interest. If you send me page like request by message or chat, you will be on my delete list. The best way to tell people to like your page is on your wall, not others.
Favorite Quotes
  • © Asif Anwar

    Make revolutions everyday! Live life As If An War! - Asif Anwar

    © Asif Anwar

    666 - Man was created in 6 days, Woman in 6 days, World in 6 days. 666 is actually the symbol of life and existence. What St. Paul in Hebrew wrote as mark of the beast was 111 (three vertical lines), which was wrongly translated as 666.

    © Asif Anwar

    2 Laws of Accidents

    Law # 1: When u r certain and it happens, it's not an accident. Do you agree?

    Law # 2: When u r not sure if it'll happen and it happens, it's an accident. Do you agree?

    Ok. Now, answer these questions:

    1. You will certainly die one day, won't u?
    So, the 1st law says: "Death is not an accident"

    2. Will you live the next day? R u certain?
    So, the 2nd law says: "Living is an accident"

    So, be happy to live another day by accident.

    © Asif Anwar

    The 2 universal rule of wining any competition is:
    1. You have to be right when everyone is right
    2. You have to be right when everyone is wrong.

    © Asif Anwar

    Dreams and reality are always in conflict with each other. Goal (where you want to go) is in positive relation with dreams and negative relation with reality. So, to reach your goal, you can either dream high or lessen the affect of reality. The first option is easy, but the 2nd option is the thing that can make you reach there.

    © Asif Anwar

    There is no shortcut to reaching goal. Some people always prefer the shortcut. And at the end of the path, they see dead end. And when they come back to where they took the shortcut from, they see that they are very left behind and get frustrated and end the journey there. So, we should think before we take shortcuts.

    © Brian G. Dyson, former President and CEO of Coca-Cola

    In your life, you are juggling with balls. One of them is job, another is family, another is health, and another is friends. Job is the rubber ball. If you throw it, it will bounce back to you. But, the rest are glass balls. If you throw health, family or friend, they may never come back.

    © Confucius

    Get a job that you love. Then, you never have to work a single day .....

    © Asif Anwar

    Experience is not about what you know. It is about how much pillars of success you have.

    © Asif Anwar

    Democracy is not doing whatever you want. It's about sacrificing your littlest wills, so that everyone can do whatever they want.

    © Asif Anwar

    Corruption is motivated from the aspirations for “better life”. Remove the “better” from “life” or both, you would never be motivated.

    © Asif Anwar

    Risk you present, not future. Don't take loans.

    © Asif Anwar

    There is no future of a new technology. Just remember that technology convergence is the real future. (Think of WAP, people thought this new tech will rule future)

    © Asif Anwar

    Philanthropists are the greatest marketers and vice versa.
    Theme punchline for

    © Abid Anwar

    If you are an Atheist, then don't pick on the Fundamentalists and vice versa. Because, you both belong to one group, Extremist.