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Donna Amick Schlitz
· February 8, 2018
It is SO impressive what they do with 16 employees. They ship all over the country. The quality and processes they use are really something. The way they mix fruits and nuts in with the chocolate i...s amazing. They give lots of samples so you can savor the different mixtures. If you have an opportunity to go there, do. They have tours on Saturday’s. We are actually going to try to get back over there to do the tour. See More
Christa Risher
· February 9, 2018
I received a couple Askinosie chocolate bars for Christmas from my chocoholic friend. She loves their chocolate and shared her love with me. I am so thankful she did! It is some of the best chocolate ...I've ever tasted! I love everything about this company from their packaging to their belief in community and relationships with source partners. See More
Sam Hance
· November 30, 2017
Lauren is the best! I think I tried every kind of chocolate! She had the best descriptions of the chocolate and it’s like she was describing each flavor in real time. Fantastic chocolate!
Cheryl Bartkoski
· February 7, 2018
What a fun way to spend an hour.... touring a chocolate factory! I have to be honest, I don’t like chocolate. Hearing the story of the partnerships with the bean growers... priceless! Thanks for some culture to Springfield and C Street See More
Ednaldo Silva
· September 1, 2017
Enjoyed the Mababu Tanzania 72% dark chocolate bar. Beautiful packaging using simple graphics and elegant wax-like dark brown paper. Confident combination of pastel colors. I selected the chocolate ba...r by its cover, thinking (as I do with wine and perfumes) that if the packaging conveys unobtrusive high-quality, the inside content must covey the same concern and spirit of excellence. See More
Vincent Craig
· February 13, 2018
Pairs well with whiskey! �� Had this fine chocolate that was aged 2 years in whiskey barrels during an event at Firestone & Robertson Distillery. With Valentine's day around the corner a supply was purchased.
Avril Forster
· August 1, 2017
I bought 2 Dark Chocolate & Red Raspberry bars last week while travelling in Michigan (American Spoon store who supply the raspberries for this bar). My intention was to give one bar to a friend who t...ruly loves this combination but the flavor is so intensly good I might not be able to part with my second bar...sorry Cheryl !!! :) See More
Janie Staples
· August 22, 2017
Beautiful store and chocolate! Thank you for allowing us to sample all your chocolates. My girls loved it! We drove all over central Texas to find Askinosie chocolate. We are vacationing in Branson... and didn't realize we were so close to the store. This was the best part of our vacation! See More
Vivian Faustino
· February 16, 2018
What a great find. The award winning 62% Dark Milk Chocolate + Fleur De Sel and Tableya are the best! A must try!
Coco Cunningham
· January 14, 2018
I am a lover of chocolate, but not this chocolate. It is also ridiculously over oriced, which makes eating it that much more disappointing.
Joanna Struttman
· December 21, 2017
We enjoyed tasting the samples and came home with several bars. We can't wait to do a tour of the factory!
Tonia Montgomery
· June 15, 2017
We found out about your shop on the Springfield Tourism website Ann's are so glad we stopped by to visit. The young man who spoke to us was gracious and very informative about your products. We enjoye...d every minute and gladly bought chocolate to take home to our family. Keep up the great work!!!! See More
Lindzi Mapplebeckpalmer
· December 12, 2017
I love it when I get an order of my favorite chocolate delivered - they always send me a personalized thank you. Askinosie Chocolate Rocks!!
Ariana Estariel
· May 4, 2017
I can't offer enough praise about Askinosie Chocolate. Every one of their bars is a sacred gift and epitomize cacao's true potential. Their s'mores bark is beyond delicious. Chocolate with a social co...nscience and a moral compass. All it takes is one taste and you'll know you're not in Kansas anymore. You're in Springfield, MO, and that means some of the best artisan chocolate in the world. See More
Becca Nelson
· December 23, 2016
I was visiting my boyfriend in Missouri this past week and venturing to Askinosie was a must since he had been sending me samples of their bars over the course of 6-8 weeks. The last batch contained t...he most diabolical bar of chocolate I had ever tasted: their seasonal gingerbread dark chocolate bar. Upon entering the store, my bf and I went up to (whom I later discovered was) Mr. Askinosie and inquired about this incredible bar. He said they had sold out but would hopefully have more the following week. That would be easy for a local but I am from the West Coast. I did a little shopping and, of course, discovered more mouth-watering bars. After paying, Mr. Askinosie handed me my little bag of chocolate and said "there's something extra in there for you; make sure you share." I smiled, thanked him, and left. I looked in the bag and it was a half-bar of the limited edition gingerbread chocolate! This man made my day!!! Not only is their chocolate thoughtfully crafted and delicious but their customer service is heart-warming. Thank you, Askinosie! See More
Wendy Cearley Eickstaedt
· May 16, 2017
I have been a fan since day. I used to live close to this beautiful chocolate making facility and the smell was devine!! I now live in Austin and every time I see one of thier bars for sale I get so ...excited and tell the store clerks all about this amazing company! Thier bars are still by far the best chocolate I have ever had! See More
Sheri Ashmore Austin
· February 5, 2018
A chocolate bar and a business you can feel really great about supporting!
Chris Bryant
· December 13, 2017
Great chocolate, ethically made in small-town America. And I hear they treat their employees great.
Cynthia Kimball
· August 19, 2017
Delightfully Delish!!!! Great people, great work space, talented!!!! My new to go to place for the best chocolate on the planet.
Sheryl Hamer
· December 7, 2016
"Mankind was my business. The common
welfare was my business; charity, mercy,
forbearance, benevolence, were all my...
Charles Dickens
A Christmas Carol

Step into Askinosie Chocolate this Christmas season. Leave behind the hustle and bustle. Be enveloped in not only the aroma of chocolate (!), but the true spirit of this special Advent time.
Shawn Askinosie has crafted world-class chocolate and a world-class view. The cocoa beans are direct sourced from sustainable farms in the Philippines, Equador, Tanzania. The farmers' images are on the packaging that you purchase. You may also purchase Tableya and rice. 100% of the profits go back to the communities from which they were sourced!
What better words than Charles Dickens' " Mankind was my business"?
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Happy Paul Kiry Day, a holiday we invented! Today we celebrate our customers, buyers, chefs, and fans who support our mission and our chocolate. Paul, a cheesemonger and former buyer at two stellar Askinosie retailers (Zingerman's Delicatessen & Antonelli's Cheese Shop), serves as the symbol of this holiday and exemplifies why we believe it's imperative for us to work directly throughout our supply chain, including with our retail partners across the U.S.—not to mention cocoa... farmers—so that we can all benefit from a greater understanding about where our chocolate comes from, how it’s made, and how we can better serve our farmers and our fans! Thanks to Paul and all of the awesome buyers, store owners, and fans such as yourselves for tirelessly supporting our chocolate and craft chocolate as a whole! We appreciate you.

As a special thank you to our local Springfield, MO friends: Receive a FREE Vanilla + Almond Mini Dark Chocolate Bar with any purchase in our storefront today! Stop by and see us, we’re open until 5:30pm.

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Time for a Monday morning inspiration break! Reading a few pages of Meaningful Work with a cup of coffee is just the ticket. Have you had a chance to read Shawn & Lawren’s book yet? One reviewer calls it “an enlightening must-read for business owners and anyone searching for more meaning.”

With 50 5-star reviews on Amazon, check out what others are saying and snag your own copy. If you read it and enjoyed it, we’d appreciate if you’d consider leaving a review yourself!

The founder and CEO of Askinosie Chocolate, an award-winning craft chocolate factory, shows readers how he discovered the secret to purposeful work and business − and how we can too, no matter what work we do. Askinosie Chocolate is a small-batch, award winning chocolate company ...
“Hello, from Springfield!” Recently, we made this short video for our Chocolate University students here in Springfield to say "hi" to students at our CU partner school in Tanzania, Mwaya. Check it out! And if you’d like to post your own videos to our page, Lawren & Shawn will be sure to share them with everyone in Tanzania when they visit this summer!
The best caption to this 15 sec video will win 2 FREE dark chocolate bars shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Our guest "caption judge" is Maddie LaKind of Zingerman's Delicatessen. She will select our winner by noon Wednesday
We were treated to a performance from the Empowered Girls club we sponsor at Mwaya. Today, we witnessed the graduation of 13 young women who are so poised and articulate. We are so proud and inspired.

Flying anywhere soon? Pick up some Askinosie Chocolate for your trip! We’re thrilled to be a part of the largest duty free shop in the western hemisphere at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

Our direct trade chocolate is available in their newly opened, state of the art space and we’re honored to represent American craft chocolate to international travelers from across the globe. Check out this video to peep the space yourself, but we recommend visiting in person and picking up a bar or two before your next flight!

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

"Why do they have places to shop in this airport?" - said, no one ever
Check out our most recent development in transforming the customer experience - luxury shopping at Duty Free (D22-23). #TravelTransformed

If you really, really like someone, consider making them a No-Bake Chocolate Silk Pie this Valentine’s Day. We used our Red Raspberry + Dark Chocolate Bar for this simple and delicious recipe from friends and CollaBARators, A Beautiful Mess. Find it here:

Need to pick up some last minute Valentine’s Day provisions? Our factory storefront is open until 5:30pm today!

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What an honor to represent Missouri in USA TODAY's roundup of 50 States: 50 Craft Chocolate Makers! Have you visited our factory storefront yet? Now’s your chance to come see where the magic happens. We’re hosting a special Valentine’s Day tour tomorrow at noon. It’s the perfect lunch-hour date, complete with Askinosie hot chocolate and a full chocolate tasting! There’s only a few spots left, so make your reservation now at

America's chocolate makers innovate with carefully sourced, fair trade, single-origin and small-batch bars, truffles, bonbons and beyond.

We think our limited edition 75% Ambanja, Madagascar bar is pretty special. But don’t take our word for it! A longtime Askinosie fan recently shared this glowing review: “This is the most complex & amazing chocolate I have ever had. Period.” Well, shucks!

Affectionately known as “The Zeke Bar”, we think this bright & complex chocolate pairs perfectly with a cup of single origin coffee… maybe even on Valentine’s morning (hint, hint). Have you tried this limited-release bar yet?

Learn more and shop here:

75% Ambanja, Madagascar Dark Chocolate Bar— AKA "The Zeke Bar"

Our special Valentine’s tours are filling up fast! There are just a couple spots left for our factory tour this Saturday 2/10 at 2pm. And we also have a few spots left on the lunch-hour tour on Valentine’s Day at 12pm. Both include tons of chocolate samples and delicious Askinosie hot cocoa too! Space is limited, so book your reservation now at

Askinosie Chocolate is a small batch bean to bar chocolate manufacturer located in Springfield, Missouri, sourcing 100% of their beans directly from the farmers. Shawn Askinosie, founder and chocolate maker, travels to regions of the Tanzania, the Philippines, Honduras, and Ecuador to work directly....

Shawn here! With Valentine's Day approaching, I wanted to share some thoughts about all of the chocolate gifts you may be considering. I hope you might find this post useful. If so, I hope you'll consider sharing this with your friends.

The official blog of Askinosie Chocolate Founder and CEO, Shawn Askinosie. Subscribe to read my thoughts on chocolate, business, and life.

An early Valentine’s present to us: cocoa beans for days here at the factory! We just received this shipment of Arriba Nacional beans from our farmer partner, Vitaliano, in San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador and they’re looking better than ever. We can’t wait to turn these beauties into velvety-smooth chocolate bars.

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It may be World Nutella Day, but we’ll be enjoying our own made-from-scratch, dairy-free, gluten-free and preservative-and palm-oil-free version called Hey, Hey Chocolate Hazelnut Spread! If you need any more motivation, we’d suggest the following ways to enjoy our Chocolate Hazelnut Spread:
-Drizzle on fresh strawberries
-Blend in a milkshake
-Spread on a crusty baguette
-Enjoy with a spoon, right out of the jar (and after you've polished off a jar, add some ice cream to empty jar and savor every last bit!)

Shop here:

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Hazelnut Spread

Our Chocolate University, Class of 2018, is already in full swing! We recently hosted the group for an in-depth factory tour, complete with a full chocolate tasting with Shawn. These impressive high school students are also participating in a Meaningful Work book club led by our CU Executive Director, Missy. It was a great way to kick off 2018, and we’ll spend the next several months meeting, working, and preparing for our origin trip to Tanzania this summer!

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We’re so glad it’s February, we made Earl Grey Dark Chocolate Truffles. Featuring our own 77% Davao, Philippines Dark Chocolate and dusted with our Single Origin Cocoa Powder, they’re perfect for ushering in the month of love. Find the recipe here,, from Bon Appétit Magazine!

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We’ve added TWO special tours just for Valentine’s Day! Join us Sat. 2/10 or Wed. 2/14 for the coolest Valentine’s date around including tons of chocolate samples and delicious Askinosie hot cocoa. Space is limited, so reserve your spot (and one for your Valentine, too!) now.

Askinosie Chocolate is a small batch bean to bar chocolate manufacturer located in Springfield, Missouri, sourcing 100% of their beans directly from the farmers. Shawn Askinosie, founder and chocolate maker, travels to regions of the Tanzania, the Philippines, Honduras, and Ecuador to work directly....

Shawn is currently in Washington D.C. & will be speaking at a cool event later this week. Catch him at a panel discussion led by friend of the factory and chocolate aficionado, Zeke Emanuel (yes, the namesake of "the Zeke Bar"), this Thursday at 9:00am EST, for Union Market TALKS: Chocolate: Bean, Bar and Beyond! He’ll be speaking with other chocolate makers about sourcing, sustainability, and direct trade in the cocoa industry. Learn more about the event & RSVP here!

Join us on Thursday, February 1st at 9am for a panel discussion where local, national and international chocolate makers will come together to talk about chocolate production and the development of the fair trade of cacao in Latin America. Renowned health policy expert and artisan chocolate bar prod...
Askinosie Chocolate updated their cover photo.

It’s not too early to be thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweetie. Our signature diner mugs are back in stock and perfect for sipping hot cocoa, together of course.

Find them on!

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