Spectre and Meltdown sound scary. Here's what you need to do, along with an attempt at an analogy. -…/

Privilege is a fundamental concept in modern operating system design. We'll explore the privilege given to the CPU as software runs. -…/

Avoiding Tech Support Scams
Test number three
Giving Thanks


Hackers have breached Tesla cloud servers used by the company's engineers and have installed malware that mines the cryptocurrency.

And maybe something about Elon Musk.

In This Episode: We chat about changes in Google's Chrome browser that users like, changes in Google Image Search that users hate, and Hyperloop and SpaceX and Starlink (oh my!) Plus: will postcards save Democracy from the Russians?

Can you recognize phishing? Are you SURE?

Phishing is a way that internet scammers trick you into providing your personal and financial details. Phishing opens the door to identity…

"But just this behavior alone improves the world:
Check what you share
Share from the better source
Provide a context blurb to share your own source verification with others"

  I talk about 90-second fact-checks and I think people think I’m a bit unhinged sometimes. What can students possibly do in that short amount of time that would be meaningful? A lot, ac…

Nice overview of VPN services, how they work, what they're good for, etc.

Whether you're in the office or on the road, a VPN is still one of the best ways to protect yourself on the big, bad internet.

Hard Disk Failure Is Imminent! What Do I Do? -

"Hard Disk Failure Is Imminent" is a message you want to take very seriously -- so seriously that hopefully, you'll have planned for it beforehand.

How Do I View the List of BCC'ed Recipients on an Email I've Received? -…/

The list of BCC'ed recipients is not included with emails, so there is no way of determining if or who else the email was sent to.

Lots of enthusiasm this week ... from rockets to drones to https (oh my!), and more...

The Falcon Heavy launch: why put a Tesla up? Google tells webmasters they "have to" make their sites secure by July (and what does that mean for users?) The HQ Trivia game, and the ramifications of cheating on it. The Olympic drone squadron: where will it lead? An interesting Amazon-related scam.

New to me: "conversation hijacking"

Researchers have noticed a sudden spike in a phishing attack that sends malware-ridden attachments as replies to real email conversations.

Is Online Banking Safe? -

Is it possible to bank online securely? Yes, if you're careful.

How Do Websites Store Passwords Securely? -

Effective website security is difficult, and often an afterthought. Not all sites or services store passwords securely.

How Did I Get Advertising About the Contents of an Email? -…/

Sophisticated targeted ads can sometimes seem creepy. Here I explore how a few techniques work, and one I can't explain at all.