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MaLi Chaisena
· May 14, 2017
How nice!!! , This is a good place, It is comfortable and clean. Host is very kind and so cute. :)))
Sky Lee
· February 8, 2018
We stayed there for 4 nights. Had informed them that we will be arriving early to store our luggage and will be happy if we can do early check-in. Message was acknowledged through Facebook and was tol...d that we can store our luggage once we arrive there.
First day was a bad experience
1) the staff with a 原住民 accent whom received us actually made scarstisic remarks like why we reach so early and we should not have come so early as their counter operations only starts at 9am. (Pls note again I did inform prior to 1 week follow by 2 days before I reach taiwan)
2) I asked if there is possibility for early check-in. (I merely asked, I did not insist) he then replied in a very annoyed manner "IF I HAVE ROOM I WILL LET YOU ALL CHECK IN, I HAVE TOURIST WHO COME HERE EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, I ALSO LET THEM TO CHECK IN, NOW I DO NOT HAVE ROOM!" Again emphasinh we should not have fly in so early. He continue "IT IS NOT JUST ME, YOU GO AROUND ASKING, THE CHECK IN TIME IS AT 3PM! IT IS PEAK PERIOD NOW!"
3) We left the luggage at the counter and was about to leave, then hubby asked if it is safe to leave the luggage there as the front door of the apartment was left unlocked when it was supposed to be locked. He say "我真的想骂你,我这里住的都是韩国人".

And so we LL right cause we need a roof over the head since we are in a foreign country. We left our luggage and proceed on.

4) when we came back, I try to be light-hearted and say Hi to him and he ignored me. Give benefit of doubt that he may have not heard me, hubby say Hi after me, he again ignore.

The 2nd day, his attitude has a 360 degree change, he was smiley and was more willing to communicate with us. Hubby told him we were feeling very cold and he says he will help us to solve the issue. At 11 plus, he brought us the heater to keep us warm. We are thankful for that. For the 3rd and 4th day, he was also quite polite.

Environment was ok for short stay except if the weather is very cold there is no warmer and you got to request for it. 5mins walk from Ximen station. The good things is food stall beside the apartment was really good.

If only we have a good experience on the service on the 1st day, I would have rated a higher rating. But frankly speaking, we will not choose to stay at the same place again.
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Happy New Year Everyone. Happy 2015. Wishing you all the best and more blessing to come this coming year.

#Jackie Lau just received your own made card. Thank you so much as well for this warm regards and encouragement . What a lovely dog, I know the reason now . One words to express is not enough.
A Simple Place Ximending Taipei always welcome you anytime.

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Thanks for all your support. We won't make this without you all. Once again - thank you so much to all ASP fans.

Thanks for all your support. We won't make this without you all. Once again - thank you so much to all ASP fans.

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Happy New Year everyone. New year new beggining. Wish your new wishes for 2018 come true .

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Taken yesterday #taipei101 . 4 more days to go.
Ready for coming #2018?????

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We wish you all Happy Merry Christmas.
May the advent of Christmas be with you all.

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TaipeiMRT #tanshuiline #懷舊復古風。。。。一早發現不同風格的捷運設計別有風情。
#台北 #taipei 時時刻刻每次都有不同發現。

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