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Tips for Optimizing your Pinterest Images for SEO

Pinterest is perfect for businesses with small marketing budgets, and you can improve SEO and drive traffic by optimizing your images.
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This infographic outlines best practices to make sure your responsive design is seamless on every platform. See the full graphic here:

We have found, tried and tested two mega-useful extensions for Chrome and Firefox users that will keep your Twitter feed up-to-date.

Design Tips to Boost Blog Conversions

Great content is important, but design hugely influences blog performance. These tips will help you convert visitors into readers, subscribers and customers.
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Is Google worried that Samsung has become too powerful?

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I love gaming. Check this out :

Cheap Xbox 360 for sale has almost become a part of every video game player’s vocabulary. If you mention the concept of a game console to almost anyone in the world, Xbox has almost taken a generic brand value. This particular gaming device has quickly become known as the top portal to use for the [...
A number of new tablets geared toward businesses are expected to give the iPad, which has had the market largely to itself, a run for its money.

Referring to iPad & other tablets : "We can’t tell people not to use this technology at work. If we did, they would continue to use it and we would be in the dark about what they do" – Brandon Edling, director of workspace technology at NBC Universal.

Tips to increase revenue from your existing customers!…/

Social media sales strategy: How to use social media to strategically engage with existing customers and drive more revenue for your business.

Tips on creating a More Effective Social Media Presence!…/60-minutes-to-a-more-efficient-socia…/

This 60-minute social media makeover will help companies create a more effective social media presence.

He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his entire life on one leg. -Chinese Proverb

Apple has just unleashed a new iPad on the world, with many upgrades over the previous model. Here are the new features matter most.

Some tips on how to interpret social media trends...…/

In this video I interview Tom Webster, vice president, strategy and marketing at Edison Research.Tom shares insights into current trends

Having some quality time with your family? Don't forget to take some time off to spend with them.

Yes, I believe hard work, passion, giving and "GRACE is the path out of "hell"
~ Anthony Robbins