Founded in 1995
Band Members
vocals, guitar: dan v
bass, vocals: cies parrilla
drums: pistolero
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
In case you forgot about me, I'm still here
Hampton Roads' Astropop 3 has endured the rollercoaster of being working musicians: countless lineup changes, the tease of commercial success, suffering through... drama, loss and heartbreak, then getting up and doing it all over again and again. But despite the pitfalls of a merciless industry and slow growing scene, AP3 soldiers on, bringing Hampton Roads the original indie-pop music that fans have loved since 1995.

Although previous lineups detoured into slightly harder indie rock, the latest incarnation of AP3 went back to their roots: well-crafted, catchy pop songs. Dan V continues to provide the backbone of the music and the band, but has made room for bassist/singer Ciesther contribute her own songwriting and additional vocals. Newer songs plus reimaginings of music from Dan's bottomless archives pave the way for stronger hooks, lush male/female harmonies, and a chance for their collective talent to shine without getting lost in noise.

Through the changes, AP3 continues to draw rave reviews:

" is with much anticipation that I await the band's next album, which the artists are recording now. I have to admit, if the band completely leaves its older sound, I would be quite disappointed. Whatever, though, these artists decide to do, short of death metal, I will listen. Villanueva is a remarkable songwriter, and however he decides to make up Astropop 3 is going to result in a heck of an album..." - Delusions of Adequacy

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Current Location
Virginia Beach, VA
General Manager
Dan V
the beatles, rolling stones, elvis, the beach boys, the clash, the police, duran duran, elliot smith, the smiths, morrissey, the stone roses, sonic youth, the avett brothers, new order, suede, REM, blonde redhead, CCR, smoking popes