I wanna share with all of you the new Athanaton's trailer. Do you like it?

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Athanaton: Great Battle Has Begun. What Is Your Side?


Devils are about to get out and infect the man's innocent world... Will Athanaton be able to stop them...?

Get the first issue of Athanaton and The Minds of Fire FREE OF CHARGE and find it out.

What do you think about the first chapter script? We'd love to hear your thoughts...

Remember: Athanaton and The Minds of Fire's graphics are awesome, but the script itself is one of a kind...

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A innocent mankind lives over the Earth, and his innocence is the most precious treasure of Gods. Because of that Athanaton and his divine host, The Minds of Fire, exist. They have a sacred mission, actually: keep demons far away from mankind. They are the ignored Guards of Man.

The Athanaton's Oficial Site is online already. So, you can get your subscription right away.

I fact, you'll get the whole first chapter of Athanaton and The Minds of Fire for only ONE CENT.

What are you waiting for?



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BTW, we're having some delays in our end. But the Athanaton's site is pretty much ready already.

We're testing it and it should be online either late tomorrow or on Monday.

Yes, I know. I said it'd be there today. But there is always a unexpected delay...


As Murphy used to say: "All takes more time than we initially think..."

I hate having to agree with him about this one, but... I have no choice.

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Ha Ha Ha. It's seems like there is a game that it's called 'Athanaton' as well and it has a ton of fans in Italy...

Unfortunately these guys don't speak english. And they don't bother using Google translator neither..

Get ready for getting a subscription tomorrow at noon!

And here is our new logo...

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I wanna share with all our fans the final cover of the fist issue, where it's featured the new Athanaton Comics logo.

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I wanna sorry all our fans because of our delay launching the Athanaton & The Minds of Fire's site.

We've had to rebuild the site and hope it'll be up & running on Jun 11.

Good news are the whole first issue of Athanaton & The Minds of Fire is totally done and ready for you to get it once the site is running...


Thanks for your patience!

Revolution Is About To Begin!

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Athanaton's official site will be available next week. And all of you will be able to subscribe to Athanaton and The Minds of Fire at the special launch price and get the full first isssue FOR FREE.

(Remember you can see a half of this fist issue right now from

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