Vim-Vertex & Co. Inc. started when our president Engr. Walther B. Alvarez wanted to go into the farming business after retiring from his 7 companies. But to his... surprise, there were so many problems in the agricultural and livestock industry. Not losing hope and thinking that all problems in the agricultural and livestock sectors are just caused by cellular malfunction, and being an engineer by profession in the field of nuclear and atomic energy, he established the relativity of an atom to a living cell based on nuclear level and nanotechnology.

He then developed a product that can recharge the potential energy of the mitochondria, the cells’ powerhouse so it can perform its task and be efficient. Year 1999 the first use of the additive which was named Atovi – meaning “ATO” that stands for atom and “VI” as in vim which means power and energy was first used and tried in Cavite and Batangas on hogs. Results confirmed that within 12 hours the additive proved to have revived the cellular performance such that hopeless cases such as in freak, lame and weak piglets were able to recover within 18 days of continuously taking the additive.

Dry sows have re-heated in 3 days to 1 week and became pregnant a month after. Boars with poor semen quality in 3 days to 1 week increase to 75% - 85% motility, scouring problem on sucklings and pre-weanlings were arrested and based on records, with continuous intake, from birth to reach 85 kilos it takes only 3 ½ months with less medication and approximately 3 bags feed consumption. Layer Chicken given with the additive improved their laying efficiency, harvested hard shelled eggs with good uniformity, low cholesterol eggs and prolonged laying period.

The additive attested to have improved feed conversion by maintaining healthy gut and boost immune system, enhancing nutrient digestibility and utilization promotes and accelerate growth and weight gain faster recovery to diseases, reduces ammonia or foul odor on the fecal waste high livability, no traces of antibiotic, chemical and medication residues on meat which makes them naturally and organically grown. Livestock growers harvest broiler’s at approximately 32 days at the weight of 1.7 – 1.8 kilos with less feed intake and have noticed improvement on genetic potentials. Having such results the company geared to develop more products that could help the farmer. Such as organic aqua feeds for prawns, tilapia, crabs, bangus, pangassius and aquarium fishes which restore the natural marine ecosystem and produce natural and organic aquatic products. The company also develops a bio cell enhancer for plants that when sprayed the micro potential energy recharges the plants cellular structure, online for product development are dog and cat foods, and for humans which has been in use for the past 8 years and likewise proves to be successful. Company’s advocacy is to develop more beneficial products for livestock and agricultural sectors, as well as to humans. The company also conducts free seminars, teaches not only the farmers but also the people that farming is now made easy.
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