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music by: Mongoose (Glitch Hop Community)
edited by:
#aufmschlauch #fpv #drone #plane #aviation #teamblacksheep #safety #drones

Introducing TBS Crossfire and FLARM partnership to provide collision avoidance systems for FPV drone pilots. Share telemetry data between aircraft and drone....

<< Hotel Room Tiny Whoop Racing [Team BlackSheep] >>
droning by: Zachry and Christoph
music by: Skryonic (Glitch Hop Community)
additional filming by: Oliver KMIA
edited by:

Whenever we travel we bring along our Tiny Whoops to do some racing after hours! Anub and RiSCyD battle in Dubai while testing the new TBS LED Micro Racing G...

droning by: BanniUK and RensenFPV
music by: PALASTIC feat. LissA (GOOD LIFE MUSIC)
edited by:
event page: Nine Knights

BanniUK and RensenFPV head to Watles, Italy to visit the 9 ROYALS. A week filled with the best snowboarders and freeskiers of the world! For the first time e...
The TBS Vendetta coasting across the mountain landscape of Austria, Tirol. Getting acquainted with other airborne creatures and teasing them a bit! Enjoy, li...

music by: Axollo
edited by:

Gary "justiceFPV" Kent is giving us a sneak peak into his training routine! Insane altitude control and smooth turns! ► ► ht... shared their post.
January 1

<< HONG KONG FIREWORKS 2015 - Filmed with a Drone [Team BlackSheep] >>
music by: CloZee
edited by:

Two ways exist to watch fireworks. You can stand at the shore, or you can fly inside it. ;) ORIGINAL AUDIO VERSION ► BEST OF 2014...

<< DRONED OAHU - HAWAII [Team BlackSheep] >>
soundtrack by: Meyze | WTRDrop | Offramp | Guggenz > [Otodayo Records]
video by:

Visiting Hawaii for one week of Drone Worlds 2016 and casual racing, long range flying and hiking on Oahu! ► http://team-blacksheep.com

<< 7inch LONG RANGE ADVENTURES [Team BlackSheep] >>
music by: Dan Dakota (Liquicity)
edited by:

#makeDRONESgreatagain For all our 5 inch friends, this is how we party with 7 long inches! Long range up and down the hills of Austria all day, everyday! ► h...

<< LINZ BY NIGHT [BlackSheep SQUAD] >>
music by: Albakore (Glitch Hop Community)
edited by:

Nocturnal urban proximity, because spraying walls and getting drunk is so last century! ►
Three buddies, empty skies and dead calm air. Check out that LED on the wing - I'm calling it now, all wings will look this way in 2017! ► http://team-blacks...
Martin "Wurzi" Unterwurzacher 1980-2009 Co-founder of AUFMSCHLAU.CH MUSIC BY: Sense of Akasha "Make Me Real"