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Author Lisa Rayne updated their cover photo.
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Author Lisa Rayne is enjoying life.

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Author Lisa Rayne updated their cover photo.
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I'll be hosting the RSJ Convention this year in Kansas City, MO. Farrah Rochon will be the keynote speaker and other fabulous romance authors will be there to support each other and commune with our readers. Join us! REGISTRATION OPEN NOW!

Couldn't make Romance Slam Jam but want an autograph for your Kindle ebook? Make a request via #Authorgraph and I'll send you an electronic autograph. This is pretty cool! Go ahead and try it. Just click the tab labeled "Authorgraph" on the left, select the book you'd like signed, and you're all set. Happy reading!

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By the way, QUARTERBACK CASANOVA (Soneni's stolen book) won a 2017 Emma Award for Book of the Year! Thanks so much to all the readers who nominated me and the judges who gave favorable scores to the story. This one was really fun to write.

Full 2017 Emma Awards results are available on the Romance Slam Jam web site at:…/.

Author Lisa Rayne shared a postshowing love.

When you meet a new fan at a conference and someone steals her signed book...too funny!

Soneni Pollard to Author Lisa Rayne

Ms Author Lisa Rayne....let me say your book has to be good because some one took it out of my room before I could read it...thats ok....on to amazon one click....

Checking in, my peeps! Finally home from Romance Slam Jam 2017. What a blast! Took an extra day in Los Angeles to enjoy the sights. I'll soon be sharing highlights of this fabulous romance readers and writers convention. In the meantime, check out the beauty that was Marina del Rey yesterday. #MissingLAalready

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Have you heard the news? The Romance Slam Jam 2017 Emma Award finalists were announced this week. The list includes some great reads, including two ("Quarterback Casanova" and "Runaway Heart") by yours truly...*blush*!

If you haven't yet snagged a new read from this list of great books, what are you waiting for?…/

Romance Slam Jam (RSJ), the networking organization for black and African American aspiring and published romance authors, announces the finalists for the 2017 Emma Awards. The Emma — the premier award for black authors of romance — recognizes excellence in published romance novels and novellas feat

Did you know reading 30 minutes a day may make you live longer? I don't know about the "perpetual orgy" of losing myself in literature, but if reading just 30 minutes a day can make people live longer, I'm going to a live a REALLY long time! So go read a book. Preferably, one of mine. LOL! . . .

"Flaubert had it that 'the one way of tolerating existence is to lose oneself in literature as in a perpetual orgy'. It turns out that reading doesn’t only help us to tolerate existence, but actually prolongs it, after a new study found that people who read books for 30 minutes a day lived longer than those who didn’t read at all...."…/book-up-for-a-longer-life-rea…

Survey of more than 3,500 people finds that reading books – markedly more than periodicals – appears to deliver a noticeable ‘survival advantage’

Here's an awesome story of the triumph that can be found in creativity. Ali Cobby Eckermann, an unemployed Aboriginal poet, wins the $165,000 Windham-Campbell Prize!


"Eckermann told The Guardian that she 'pretty much just cried.' The poet, who now lives in a caravan in South Australia with her elderly adoptive mother, added: 'It's going to change my life completely.'


A woman of Yankunytjatjara/Kokatha heritage, Eckermann knows that trauma and loss personally as a member of the Stolen Generations, Aboriginal children who for decades were forcibly taken from their mothers by Australian governments and missionaries in order to assimilate them. As she wrote in her 2013 memoir TOO AFRAID TO CRY, Eckermann was taken from her mother as a baby, just as her mother was taken from her own family.

Eckermann did not find her biological mother until she was in her 30s."…/unemployed-living-in-a-caravan-and-now…

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Ali Cobby Eckermann, an Australian indigenous poet forcibly taken from her family as a child, discovered without warning last week she had just won one of the richest literary prizes in the world.

Although I write fiction, I read a little bit of everything. Publishers Weekly announced yesterday that the Obamas have cut a deal with Penguin Random House rumored to be worth $30-$60 million! Maybe I need to run for office then start writing non-fiction...hmm.…/72913-penguin-random-hous…

Penguin Random House has won world rights, at auction, to books by former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama in a sum rumored to be as high as $60 million.

Hmm...Can I get the t-shirt with the man inside it? My guy Dwayne The Rock Johnson wearing a quote from one of my favorite authors. #TheRock rockin' #DrSuess!

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Dr.Seuss's Qoutes

Perfect Gift for True Fans!
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Today's the day to celebrate the love in your life. Remember that love comes in many forms. For those of you who have found your happily-ever-after, acknowledge the one you love with gratitude and appreciation ever day. For those of you in-waiting (for the first #HEA or even a second or third), remember #love is patient. And don't forget to acknowledge all the loves in your life that may be other than romantic but still spring from the heart! #Valentines #RomanceWeek

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TONIGHT => Come chat (8pm EST / 7pm CST) with me, Bonita Thornton, and Karol Jarvis about the Romance Slam Jam 2017 booklovers' convention in Los Angeles. We're on Ty Moody's Tywebbin Publicity Author Chat. JOIN THE GROUP AND LET'S CHAT!

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RSJ Convention

REMINDER - TODAY, February 7, 2017 at 8:00 pm ET - Tywebbin Publicity Author Chat's LIVE CHAT with Romance Slam Jam Book Lovers Convention Chairperson - Bonita ...Thornton, Web & Brand Expert - Karol Jarvis and Author Lisa Rayne

Bring your questions about the 2017 RSJ Convention at
JOIN THE GROUP and participate in the chat today with Host: Tywebbin Creations Tywebbin Creations

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