To everyone here who lives in the Northeast of the U.S. - sending lots of good thoughts your way. I hope the blizzard isn't as bad as the weathermen predict and that you all stay safe and warm. Also, I really hope you're all at home and don't have to be out on the roads. Be careful out there!

Happy Weekend, everyone - what are you all up to today? I've got writing on my schedule, plus a long walk on this very grey, foggy day. Maybe there will be seals down on the waterfront but if not, there's sure to be something interesting going on down at the marina.

I read an interesting book last night - IN HIS KEEPING by Maya Banks . Major paranormal elements that were so very well done. This is the 2nd in the "Slow Burn" series - I haven't read the first book but must go find that one. How about you all - are you fans of Ms. Banks' books? (Did you read last night and if so, what - did you love it or was it just, meh??)


It's a very foggy day at my house - if you have sun where you live, I hope you take a moment to go outside and soak up some rays. I crave sunshine in January and we so rarely get it here in the Pacific Northwest. (Although, to be fair, this Winter has been quite mild.)

What are you all up to today? I'm back in my office after a couple of days of feeling a bit wonky - might have been a touch of the flu but it's gone now, thank goodness.

I've been reading a lot of New Adult ti...tles lately - the most recent was TRADE ME by Courtney Milan Most of you have probably read her historical romances - I believe this is Ms. Milan's first contemporary book. And it rocks - not just because of the Chinese-American heroine, her kickass mother, and the most excellent hero. There's also the computer-genius element of the hero and the unexpected twist at the end. There's also a very interesting best friend of the heroine - I really hope Ms. Milan will give us a story starring her.

I'm off to zip over to Amazon and post a review of TRADE ME. If you're reading today - enjoy! If you're working and can't read, then I hope you have time to pick up a book tonight.

Next up on my stack of books-to-read-immediately is Jayne Ann Krentz's TRUST NO ONE. Can't wait - I love her books. What's on your stack that I should read??

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Good morning, everyone - this is a big day in Seattle. The Seahawks are playing today and if they win, they earn a player-ticket to the SuperBowl. Yup, big day. Very Big Day. Unfortunately, we had a Very Big Night last night, weather-wise. It poured rain. The wind sounded like a freight train trying to shove my house over. Trees whipped around and bent like Gumby. And power went out in lots of places - up on Bainbridge Island, down in Olalla and lots of places in between and farther afield. Fans are freaking out. At my house, all is well. To all my friends worried about electricity outages, may the grid come back up before kickoff - and may it stay up until the game ends.

How's it going for everyone else out there? Do we have any Green Bay Packer fans here??

I'm back in the office, officially finished with my holiday'ing. I spent a week over New Years visiting my brother at his place in the mountains, where there was snow, horses, dogs, friends and great food. I had a wonderful time. But now, it's back to work.

I came home to a big stack of new books from publishers - SO many of them look excellent. There will be lots of reading in my spare time over the next few weeks, I'm sure. I'm most excited about an ARC of Susan Andersen 's... upcoming book, RUNNING WILD. Can't wait to start reading - just as soon as I finish writing pages today. (This is probably the equivalent of dangling a carrot in front of a horse when a person wants them to do something. Heh. A new Susan Andersen book - what better incentive could there be, yes?)

How about all of you?? Did you make New Years resolutions? Did you get to read over the holidays? Was Santa very, very good to you?? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Good morning everyone - how are you this morning? It's chilly here in Seattle and the mountain passes are crazy snowy so, no traveling for me today. Perhaps there will be some shopping downtown - Nordstrom is calling my name.

Do you all have plans for New Years Eve? I always try to stay awake to see the ball drop in Times Square on tv but rarely go anywhere because - a.) much too crowded and - b.) crazy drivers on the roads.

I'm currently reading a series of New Adult books by Kristen Proby - haven't decided if I love them yet. What are you all reading today?

'Tis the day after Christmas and all through my house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse....
It's because they're all napping and trying to recover from celebrating.

In England, this is Boxing Day, yes? I wish we had traditions for Boxing Day here in the States. Well, I suppose we do, kind of - but shopping at dawn is not my thing. Hanging at home with a new book, a mug of Earl Grey, and the dogs asleep at my feet is more my speed. How about you all - what are you doing on this day after Christmas?? Did you find new books under your tree from Santa??

Good morning, everyone - 'tis the day before Christmas! What's happening at your house? If you're traveling, may you stay safe. If you're already with loved ones, may you have a wonderful Christmas celebration.

We'll have rain and not snow here in Seattle - how about you?

Ooh, and for all of us who love the J.K. Rowling mysteries written under her pseudonym of Robert Galbraith (The Cuckoo's Calling and The Silkworm) which feature detective Cormoran Strike, I have fabulous new...s. My daughter tells me that the BBC will be creating a tv series based on the books. Now if PBS in the U.S. will sign up so we can get them here in the States, I'll be such a happy camper.

Plus, DOWNTON ABBEY begins a new season in early January, as does FOYLES WAR, and I hear we will also get new episodes of SHERLOCK. Life is good. What are you looking forward to, tv-wise, in the new year??

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The year is winding down - I'm already reading Advance Reading Copies of books due to be pubbed in March 2015 but before 2014 is officially over......... Let's take a poll !! I would love to know what your favorite books were over the last 12 months - as long a list as you want to post. One to 100 and anything in between. Who did you love this last year?? (I'm wondering if my "best of 2014" list rhymes with yours and if not, what did I miss that I must go buy stat !)

Whoa! I just realized that my "likes" for this page are only 2 away from 4,000!! You lovely, lovely people - thank you all for signing up and joining me here. Lots of new folks in the last month - yay and welcome!!

Happy Tuesday morning - it's the day before Christmas Eve - are you resting for the big day, or are you still shopping and baking? I'm finished with preparations and hanging out on FaceBook. Also, I'm reading (big surprise, eh?) with a mug of hot coffee - Starbucks' Holiday Blend. Have I mentioned how much I love Starbucks coffee?

What are you all up to this morning?? And have you read anything that should go on my must-buy list? I'm currently gobbling up all the New Adult novels I can find. My latest author - J. Lynn, who also writes as Jennifer Armentrout.

Good morning everyone - how are you this morning?? Only 7 days until Christmas - are you finished shopping? Wrapping? Baking? (FYI, I can't say yes to any of the above. Sigh.) I've been much too busy 'Christmasing'. (I don't know if that is a real word. Is it? If not, it should be.)

Yesterday members of my critique group met for breakfast - it was lovely to see everyone. (They're all much more prepared for the holidays than I am.)

Monday night I had dinner with two writer fr...iends Debbie Macomber and Susan Wiggs . Great food, lots of laughter and conversation. I'm blessed with good friends.

Tomorrow, Christmas celebrating with my family begins with tickets to see Nutcracker. This is the last year Seattle's Nutcracker will use the iconic set designs created by Maurice Sendak. I totally love those sets but I'm sure Pacific Northwest Ballet will replace them with something fabulous.

What about you all - are you Christmasing or still shopping?

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My house survived the crazy wind storm. It was noisy, though, the wind sounded like a freight train. Ever since I lost part of my roof a few years ago, wind makes me nervous. It's still dark outside so I can't go out and check but I didn't hear any trees go down - not true about the rest of my area - falling trees took down lines and electricity was out in lots of places.
So another Winter storm survived - no reports of lives lost. Whew.
For everyone in California, which is getting hammered with rain and flooding, I pray you all stay safe, too.

What's happening at your house this morning?? Weather okay? Are you staying warm and dry? Are you ready for Christmas - which is only 13 days away!

The second of three powerful storms is sweeping in from the Pacific today - Seattle will have lots of rain, high winds, and potential flooding. Sigh. I think it's a good day to curl up with a good book and a mug of hot Tazo tea. What's it like at your house??

Here are the links to the author FaceBook pages for the titles I reviewed in my last post -

Virginia Kantra
Shiloh Walker
Ilona Andrews


Loretta Chase
Jay Crownover

Have fun browsing - and try the books - let me know if you loved them, thumbs up?? Thumbs down??

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Books I Loved Reading This Summer/Fall:

1. CAROLINA BLUES by @Virginia Kantra
-this title is part of the "Dare Island" series and I was hooked from the first book. All of the stories are great - contemporary classic romance set on the North Carolina Coast - what's not to love?? It's fabulous.


2. RAZED by Shiloh Walker
- Contemporary romance with an edge. Fairly hot - Ms. Walker's writing rocks but if your taste is for sweet romance, you might want to think twice. (Or, live dangerously and just dive in.)

3. MAGIC BREAKS by Ilona Andrews
-I've made no secret here that I love Ms. Andrews' books. They're awesome. But Magic Breaks is off the charts fabulous. Urban Fantasy at its best - gritty, epic world-saving issues, amazing world building, kickass Hero and Heroine. Can't say enough about this book. In my personal Best Top Ten of 2014.

4. VIXEN IN VELVET by Loretta Chase
-Nobody does historical romance like Ms. Chase and this book is wonderful. Great characters, intriguing historical detail (I want to wear clothes like this and ride in carriages!!), terrific plot - and, well, it's darn near perfect. Try it - you'll love it.

- I recently binge-read every available title by Ms. Crownover after the Avon publicist raved about her upcoming title. Said publicist then sent me a copy of Ms. Crownover's upcoming February '15 novel, "Better When He's Bold" - and it blew me away. This book is nothing like I normally read - except maybe for the J.R. Ward books - and I loved it!! Be warned - it's gritty, there's lots of 'bad' language, the Hero doesn't wear a white hat - but he's honorable and strong. At its core, this book is classic romance, which tapped all my reader-buttons.

----The links to the authors' FaceBook pages glitched. I'll list them in a following post so you all can go check out their pages, should you want. Off to do that....................

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Hello everyone – Happy December 9th!! Is it cold where you are?? Here in Seattle, we’ve warmed up to the mid-40’s, with rain – torrential rain. Sigh. Much colder a few weeks ago but then, it’s Winter in the Pacific Northwest, yes? I have been MIA here on FaceBook since the end-of-June. That’s a looooooong time. How is it possible that much time has passed? What have I been doing?? Hmmm, let me see – I think my hiatus started when I tweaked my back at the beginning of July an...d couldn’t sit at the computer. Ugh. I hate having a wonky back – sometimes it plays nice, sometimes….not so much. This Summer/Fall, it decided to torture me. Computer-time has been severely limited due to grumpy-spinal-column-issues. Ugh. Hardly any online activity or writing accomplished at my house, except for scribbling in notebooks.

But enough about my screaming-back-woes, let’s get to the important stuff, what about Brodie???!!! Oh, people, he’s been pacing back and forth, trying to keep from growling and snarling at me because at heart, he’s a great guy and he’s had a LOT of wonky muscle/bone issues of his own, right? He’s not happy his book isn’t out yet. However, he’s mucho-pleased at the book revisions that I’ve scribbled in his notebook. He’s happy. I’m happy. And we both think you’re all going to luuuuuv his story. And when will you get his story?? I don’t have a date but I’m working on it – stay tuned – the moment I know, I’ll share here on Facebook. I can’t wait.

( I also started scribbling Dallas Turner’s story in a notebook. His book starts shortly after New Years Eve, following Eli Coulter and Amanda Blake becoming engaged over Christmas. So – Dallas’s story happens between Eli and Brodie’s books. And that’s all I’m going to tell you about Dallas – more to come when Brodie stops pacing my office.)

I have lots of messages to answer - thank you all for thinking of me and I'll try to reply to everyone over the next couple of days. (Depends on how long I can use the computer before my back shrieks at me.)

What have you all been doing while I’ve been gone?? Did you all have a fabulous Summer/Fall?? Are you ready for Christmas?? Have you been out finishing your holiday shopping?? (I haven’t really started yet. Oy.) Have you been reading a lot?? I have!! (Apparently, holding a book above one’s head while lying flat on one’s back on the hard floor is something a wonky back grudgingly allows. Who knew??) I’ll post a list of some books I totally loved in a following note – off to do that………………….

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Here's the URL for the BookPage review of THE BEEKEEPER'S BALL by Susan Wiggs. Have you read it? Did you love it??…/16802-susan-wiggs-beekeepers-ball…

Celebrated New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs returns readers to the lush orchards and gardens of California’s Bella Vista in her latest novel, The Beekeeper’s Ball. Chef Isabel Johansen is not only planning the menu for her sister’s upcoming wedding, she’s also turning her family’s hacie…