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This is the type of story that will break your heart and shatter it into a million pieces and put it back together again... and then do it all over again.- Amazon Reviewer

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Altercation ➵
Holding ➵

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Posted by Mignon Mykel


Love In All Places: Volume One is on #SALE! Grab this collection today for 99-pennies!

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Includes: Interference, Beauty, One Night Stand, About Last Night, All Night Long, and Hot Holiday Nights.

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Playmaker Duet
Now LIVE on Amazon/ #Free in #KindleUnlimited! 99-cents through July 16th, then regular price of $2.99 ➵ Hockey defenseman, Jordan Byrd, has made mistakes. Not fighting harder to be in his daughter’s life was one, but the other was thinking that life would be somehow better without his best friend in it. However, as badly as he’d like Marlo back in his life, the last five years showed him a side of her he never imagined possible. At twenty-two, Marlo Byrd unexpectedly found herself divorced and raising an infant on her own. Jordan had been her everything—her family and her protector—until one day he decided he wanted out. No calls. No letters. Nothing. She managed to find solace in the team that was once his…until five years later, when Jordan’s traded back. Back in the Enforcers locker room, Jordan is quickly put in his place—he may have a spot on the team, but his ex has a spot in the “family.” Everyone has an opinion on what happened between Jordan and Marlo. Did Jordan leave Marlo, and never look back, wearing the ‘deadbeat dad’ label? Or did Marlo hold back on Jordan, wanting to hurt him the way he hurt her? Gloves will be dropped. Fights will commence. But who will come out the victor? #SecondChanceRomance #HockeyRomance
I haven't had a lot of creative time lately, but after I finish this duet, I may take a day to just design ^_^ Have you checked out my premades?