GFOA Conference in Denver Sam Savage and Tim Kurby stopped by the booth as they were presenting Autobox model and forecasts at their well attended session(700 people?)

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A talk next week featuring Autobox as the tool used to deliver causal relationships, simulated forecasts to look at reserving by line item to avoid insolvency and not over borrow for reserving. This all part of Sam Savage's and Shayne Kavanaugh from the GFOA's exciting new work on shortfall modeling at Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale,CA) using the free tools at

Uncertainty is an inescapable part of financial planning and forecasting. Decision-makers can be uncomfortable when uncertainty is expressed in financial decisions. In this session you will learn how to make public officials more comfortable with uncertainty, recognize risk in financial plans and f...

Does Autobox mix with Margaritas?

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Check out this piece on automated time-series forecasting at Google . It's a fun and quick read. Several aspects are noteworthy. On the...

David F. Hendry, Autobox and Impulse-Indicator Saturation (isat)? Autobox wins. #timeseries #rstats #econometrics

People barely talk about outliers when forecasting let alone inliers so why bring this up, Tom? Well, it's obvious everyone is fitting models to data and using "cross-validation" instead of

IBF event at J&J...impressive presentation by Natalie Henderson #forecastingnotdiscussedthough

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It's not everyday that Autobox is cited along with Oracle in a Gartner research report! We are featured in the "Hype Cycle" which talks about topics "on the rise". The "on the rise" aspect we are involved with is "Probability Management"! Autobox in Gartner's 2016 Hype Cycle Research Article
Believe the Hype! We deliver simulated forecasts(ie distribution). Distribution's are additive, averages are not!


See more at and and of course Gartner!

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Advances in data science are sparking more creative business opportunities. While much of the hype is for artificial intelligence and deep learning, this Hype Cycle shows the breadth and depth of excitement about data science, with new technologies and some significant movements from last year.

Wayne Fischer from our client University of Texas Medical.

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Meeting with our Partner from South Africa, Business Modelling Associates! Shane and Rod are such great guys.

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SAP HANA vs Autobox

An in depth review of the SAP HANA ARIMA time series modeling capabilities vs Autobox.

3 Great Forecasting minds - Robert Fildes, Nada Sanders and Dave Reilly at Informs Analytics 2016

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