Could you carry everything you own on your back? 🎒

Final year fashion student, Ed Richards, created a series of giant backpacks for a prestigious international fashion competition, Arts in Fashion.

The design includes steel frames and buckles which were specially 3D printed at AUT, with clothes in the collection made out of canvas and spray painted to lend a well-worn look. #weareAUT


Check out the video below 👇👇

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👀👀 Who are the unhappiest employees in the workforce?

An AUT study of 1500 New Zealanders has found that women aged between 20-25 years were found to have the lowest life and job satisfaction, and no work-life balance out of all working age groups. 💼💵

Watch the full story on Breakfast 👇👇

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Who's happier, men or women? A new study says they both are... just not at the same time.

AUT 's 100% Electric Bus
#AUTproud: Our Rainbow Community
AUT at Orientation 2018
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Hannah Murdoch
· December 18, 2017
I had the worst experience at AUT. I had lecturers who were so intimidating, rude, unsupportive and judmental that I was too scared to go to class. Lecturers refused to explain marking systems or reas...onings begind grades. I had a counsellor make me feel like I was taking up other students time by me being there, when my doctor rung to make me a high priority. I have had countless emails ignored when trying to resolve my negative experiences. I have ended up changing universities. See More
Michelle Arendse
· February 11, 2018
One star is even too much for this university. In October 2017 my daughter applied at AUT for Year 2 Bachelors in Design after doing year 1 at Massey. In December 2017 she forwarded her credits to AUT..... January she went to Student Hub at the Auckland campus and handed in all her documentation again as they 'were still waiting for her credits'. She received an email from the registrar that there had been a communication problem and that they would get onto her application asap and apologies for the miscommunication and to get studylink sorted they'll put her on Year 1and when the credits were crossed over change to Year 2 again. Mid January still no confirmation. After numerous emails asking for any updates she was informed that she would have to wait till March for the Undergraduate Examination Board to review her application and consider her credits as AUT could only cross credit 75 of her 120 Massey credits. When she made a complaint she received a cold abrupt email from the registrar with her classes, basically they have put her back into Year 1 with a few Year 2 classes. She has sent numerous emails and the frustrating part was and still is that she moved to Auckland last year to be with the family, got a job which she thoroughly enjoys and now with AUT dragging their feet she has to move back to Wellington, find a place to live and another job. If AUT had been honest back in December she could've sorted her life and made arrangements to move back to Wellington without the stress we are going through now. Further to this AUT had the audacity to insultingly insinuate that they were better than Massey, standards blah blah blah. I have emailed a complaint to AUT, still waiting for a response, as my daughter has also received an invoice for this years studies even though she has to wait till March which would be too late! I guess it's all about the money! GET YOUR SHIT SORTED AUT!!!! Better than Massey??? Keep telling yourselves that even though everyone knows Massey is 100% better than you! They sorted my daughters application within a day along with her classes and timetable.They care about their students and help them with helpful understanding staff. See More
Faivah Lubana
· November 19, 2017
AUT university is one of the best universities I have been to in Auckland. The students and staff are friendly and welcoming. I had successfully completed Cert in Computer and Mathematical Sciences, n...ow time to move up to something more challenging yet rewarding.
Looking forward to the a new year :)
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Kinanti Desyanandini
· January 8, 2018
I've studied a Bachelor of Design majoring in Product Design at AUT for 2 years now, and the lecturers/staff are very supportive, the facilities are great. The enrollment system a bit bureaucratic at ...times though; I had to directly liaise between schools to arrange my minor paper enrollment as I took a minor outside of Art & Design. There's things to improve, but its a great university for practical skills, and I appreciate their open view on growing and developing as a university. See More
Riwai Grace
· November 30, 2017
I was fortunate enough to come to #fitex2017 this year at the North Shore campus, thank you to Himan Patel and his amazing team for hosting the Exercise New Zealand/REPS conference.
Amazing staff who ...were very helpful, facilities were excellent overall we had a superb time.
Special thanks to Michael for his help at the Akoranga Student Village as well
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Sarvesh Kurdekar
· December 12, 2017
Would be great if any of the current students can let me know about the post graduate diploma in computer and information sciences. Really keen to come to AUT for that course.
Haneen Alqam
· February 20, 2018
It may be smaller than its neighbour, but it'll always be my uni full of huge oppurtunities.
Jacob Barker
· February 6, 2018
Excellent forward thinking University. Top quality campuses and lecturers that are friendly and approachable. For university that applies to the real world... today.. AUT is the place to study.
Nirav Dave
· February 12, 2018
One of the best uni. Awesome experience. Great student ambassador team. Totally helpful. I would love to study further.
Tom Vasey
· June 18, 2017
I'll be happy to amend this rating as soon as I find out whether the assertions made in the most recent Afraid To Ask podcast are backed by the university itself. Claiming that you can't be racist tow...ards white people is thoroughly disgusting for faculty members to say, and I would recommend against enrolling in this university if the panel on the podcast's attitude reflects that of the university administration.

EDIT: They responded and washed their hands of it, so I'm true to my word. Let it be said that there's nothing wrong with apologising for this kind of speech. I'm going to leave those details up there just for context, but I also want to point out that they were really cool about getting back to me about it in a timely manner, so that's pretty nice.
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Phil Weston
· June 18, 2017
Anyone hoping to avoid an USA style SJW "f*ck white people" type University would be well advised to stay away from AUT. An official AUT podcast just spent an hour whinging about how white people suck... and that racism against whites doesnt exist. This is the sort of message they endorse, that racism against their students is ok as long as they're white. Go to literally any other university in New Zealand. See More
Alejandra Fuentes
· May 17, 2017
Hi, I would like to know why do I have to pay $3500 for my co-op? since I have to find the job myself, I might not even get paid ,and Im forced to work full time for 9 weeks and quit my current job wh...ich is my main income! How is the tuition plain fee for one subject which included one teacher 3 hours per week for a whole semester costing 800 but the co-op tuition fee cost $3162? See More
Melissa Koh
· June 5, 2017
This is a warning to students: please take care of your belongings. I've just been robbed in Uni. Left my Bluetooth speaker to charge beside me at the Treehouse and was sneakily stolen away. The were identified by a witness to be an Indian couple, the guy of a big build (was wearing black jacket today) and the girl (wearing green tee today) has Long hair with braces. Shame on you. See More
Amr Gazz
· December 11, 2017
I've had best educational experience so far in my life, at AUT!
Vaibhav Jain
· April 14, 2017
I am 2nd sem PG student at AUT. AUT is more like bubble, more like another product selling institution. No real value for education. Mostly tutors are masters and PhDs, however they lack basic about course. I am doing PG in Information Technology and tutor has no clue of practical part of the course, they mostly read out from slides, which kind of annoying. In one of the course, I couldn't even understand tutor through out my semester. Some of the slides bought from Pearson. Overall, I would suggest people to come get admission and get degree, don't expect to learn anything or just avoid it and do your course from smaller institution. See More
Gabriel Hsueh
· July 5, 2016
Seriously, Auckland University of Technology when you people invoicing students, its always pushing us to pay ASAP, while we paid, the whole organization has suddenly changed their attitude, and treat... students like crap, r u ppl even know how are those staffs doing?
its been freaking over a month to sort out just a student visa and everything need to be done by ourselves, the ISS just sit there and waste everyone's time? and the cashier, I only asked for one thing, one thing to pay my tuition fee, and she did it wrong and made my money paid to another paper, are they do not understand English or they just do not know how to communicate with people? such a terrible experience while we studying in here, always make things complicated for students, always, lame service, the worst service, it never changes!!!
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Abhishek Honrao
· December 1, 2017
Is there anyone for PGD in computer and information technology for Feb 2018 intake?? Do contact me..
Prashant Magare
· May 20, 2017
Hey.....Hello, I'm up for AUT's July'17 intake for Masters in Construction Management. It would be great to know of other students joining there. I'll be happy to hear from students looking for off ca...mpus accommodation. Plz get in touch. See More
Spencer Fotu
· June 4, 2017
The University which was like my second home, I very much enjoyed the three years of study. Challenging but the AUT staff and students were and are very supportive.
Andy Wilson
· March 12, 2016
I would not want my kids to attend AUT when the lecturers they hire like Steve Elers are racist ,promoting apartheid/separatism. May the person in charge suffer the rebuke of 1000's of angry viewers w...ho witnessed Elers saying that he would not open his door if the policeman was not of a certain skin colour ie Maori.
Pathetic stupid comments like thse are an insight into what is being promoted and encouraged by the Heads at AUT.
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