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Jason Baker
· February 26, 2018
This is the second time I have been burnt by baker and sons. The first time they came to fix my septic tank they “cut”out the pump and left it out. They cut it so bad the pipe has to be replaced. T...hen told me to take the aerator out until I could get the pump fixed. After a couple days the aerator was locked up. The aerator was 1 year old and cost over $400.
Now for the second time I called because I have a clogged drain in the laundry room. The guy showed up around 4pm and charges $195 for the first hour and then $95 every half hour afterwards. Sounds a little high but I need it fixed so ok let’s do it. After two hours he doesn’t get anywhere with drain and then charges me $350. Now he says they will have to come out tomorrow to jet the line for the same prices $195 for the first hour and $95 every half hour. It’s going to cost over $400 tomorrow. I can’t believe this......
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James D Redden
· October 30, 2017
Richard came out to my house earlier in the year gave me a quote, I explained to him I could not make that work at the current time. Richard stayed in touch, was not an annoyance what so ever. Extrem...ely professional. About 6 months later he called me on a follow up call at just the right time. I was attempting the project myself. He came by that day, re-quoted me, knocked it out for me right after for a day and a half. Even went the extra mile a few spots here and there. Project looks great. I will recommend to anyone I hear needs plumbing assistance. Thank you! See More
Chad Goolsby
· December 20, 2017
Baker & Sons will charge $85 just to show up and $200 p/hour if you are foolish enough to let them do any work at that ridiculous rate. The plumber they sent was polite enough I guess, but seemed surp...rised at our "pushback" when we found his price quote to be outrageous. He stated that Baker's was THE most expensive plumbing outfit in southern IL. No argument here. He quoted us around $280 just to replace a copper pipe for a hallway closet water heater. Huh? 30 minute job for a pro. I know this because that's all the time it took for the plumber I called later to actually do this ($160 total). When I initially made the phone call to Baker's, I repeatedly tried to ask the gal on the phone how much the service call would cost, but couldn't get a straight answer. I finally gave up and told her to send someone out anyway. THAT'S an $85 mistake I won't be making again. See More
Mary Elizabeth Oldham Belanger
· February 19, 2018
In the last year, Baker and Sons Plumbing has taken care of several projects in my home large and small. Most recently they fixed my sink that was coming unattached from the granite countertop. They... have been super professional and undaunted by any project. I would highly recommend this company and it's team of awesome plumbers! See More
Julie Socorro
· January 29, 2018
Let me preface this post with the fact that I am not the one that was mistreated. My mother was the one who was mistreated and I am exceptionally irritated with that fact.

Being on a fixed income and... needing something done by a professional are two things that don't necessarily go hand-in-hand. My mother was having a problem with her toilet rocking when she sat down. She had mentioned it to me and said that she was going to hire someone to come see what the problem was. While I usually do most of our construction & Plumbing myself, I have a very busy schedule because I run my own business. Most of the time when my mother needs something done I can be there for her but in this instance I was not able to. She called me a week after we discussed the problem that she was having and said that she had to take out a loan but she did get it fixed. I could tell something was wrong so I asked her why she didn't sound so certain. She nearly broke into tears and said, "They destroyed my bathroom!" I cleared my schedule for the rest of the day and drove straight to her house.

This house was my grandparents only home they ever lived in. Built by my grandfather's bare hands. It may be old, but it is VERY well maintained and kept up. This bathroom was just renovated in 2009 and made to be handicap accessible. After an undetected leak had caused water damage to the floor under the toilet, a small section of the flooring and the wax ring needed to be replaced to correct the problem. While this sounds to be like a very standard repair, it is very apparent by looking at the finished product from what is now left behind as the most god-awful eyesore I have ever seen "completed by" a "professional company". I'm just finding out that my mother paid over $600 for this repair to be done and they didn't even complete the repair itself. The floor still has exposed rotting wood, nothing was done to cover the squared out piece of plywood that they put underneath the toilet, leaving behind a bear piece of plywood Square underneath her toilet, and probably one of the worst silicone caulking jobs. On top of that, when you lay a level on the toilet tank it completely goes bubble left. There is absolutely no reason why this toilet should be sitting at an angle if it is sitting correctly on the wax ring and the sewage pipe. This is what you were hired to fix, and this is not at all what got fixed. As a matter of fact looking at it, it doesn't look like anything got accomplished except for the fact that the toilet doesn't rock anymore. It sets completely at a right angle.

Hiring a professional means that you are putting your trust in the person to do a job that you are to assume they know how to do. You certainly do not ever hire a professional to feel like a project was completed by someone that didn't complete the second grade. Not only am I disgusted by their "completed job" but I would not even recommend this company to someone that I wanted to laugh at for having crap work done in their home. I'm currently taking time away from work to install a new shower for my mother and in the process will be removing the some $600 worth of "work" that they did so that the floor can be done right and look like it is supposed to. What was completed by the two guys (when only one was needed to be honest) that came to my mother's house to do this job could have been accomplished for about $100.

If this was your mother, I would hope to God that you would not leave her feeling like you did my mother. I'm not the kind of person to take to calling an attorney to fix things in small claims because I don't like to waste my time. I will just be the one in there fixing what should have been done right the first time and taking time away from my business and the things that I should be doing.

Thanks for nothing, Baker and Sons.
And shame on you for taking advantage of my mother.
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Karleigh DeLong Williamson
· March 12, 2018
Richard came out quickly to fix toilets in our home. He explained everything that was going on and fixed it quickly. He was friendly and thorough.
Albert Deboo
· March 12, 2018
Very prompt response. Treated my concern like it was important to them as well.

Justin let me know right away when he would be there and what to expect. After assessment he gave me the pricing up fro...nt and gave updates throughout. Very professional See More
Linda Smith Birdsong
· February 22, 2018
Josh Chapman did my normal maintenance service today. What a great thorough. Appreciated how polite and helpful he was.
Carroll and Linda
Elizabeth Patterson
· May 26, 2017
I will never use these people again and I will never recommend them to anyone a two-day job has turned into over a week and now all we keep getting is the runaround they keep telling us they're going be here one day then they never show up we have to call them get told oh sorry another job came up that was more important than yours will be here this day and then never show up very disappointed and I would like some type of compensation for this please contact me ASAP See More
Cherry Connolly
· July 28, 2016
Always makes our old place better. Seems like we have endless places in our home to spring up plumbing leaks. Richard is on time and cleans up after himself. Richard doesn't mind my endless que...stions and can explain in terms I can understand. In the past I have had other plumbing companies that ripped up underpinning, for example when it could have been unscrewed. No matter how bad your place is Richard treats one with respect. Tk u Baker & Sons for having such a nice employee. See More
Patrick Hunn
· August 18, 2015
I had an issue with smelling sewer gas in my new house, coming from both bathrooms. A plumber came out and re-set one of the toilets. It did not solve the issue. I ended up calling my home warranty co...mpany and they sent out a different plumbing company, who fixed the issue. I asked Baker to give me some credit on my bill for the cost of the deductible for the home warranty. I was told they couldn't or wouldn't do that and I should have just called them back. Why would I call back a company that didn't fix the issue the first time, and risk additional charges? At least with the home warranty I knew my cost would be capped. I don't think asking for a break on the fee from Baker was unreasonable especially since they didn't fix the problem. The only reason they get 2 stars instead of 1 is because the plumber and the office people were extremely nice. See More
Donetta Mae Dodd Clayton
· October 8, 2014
I am rewriting my review. I had some major problems but all has been taken care of. The owner called me the next day after he found out I was displeased and took care of everything. with an apology. I... have only given a four star because these problems should never had happen. Because it was just one worker I have been assured the problem will never happen again. Baker & Son's do great work and most of their employees are great, very courteous and helpful. I have noticed more than once that they are no shows for appointments. They called me when they said they would and showed up on time each time they came out. I would not be afraid to tell my friends to use them for all their plumbing problems. Thank you for your apology and help with my sewage problem. See More
Lesa Pritchett Ellis
· March 4, 2016
This is the 2 time in 2 years I have called them.... I have new water heater installed in 2014...... And today ..garbage disposal died. Went down stairs to find that sump pump died also... Thanks t...o Justin who was awesome. He got it all fixed up. And even made sure I got my shampooer working.... Thank you..... You all are awesome... See More
Yvonne Martin
· February 21, 2017
I called with 3 problems. 2 problems were fixed fine. The third problem was no water entering the dishwasher. Now there not only is no water entering the dishwasher, there is no water even to the di...shwasher. After a followup call I was told by the repair person - we don't do appliance repairs. Kind of hard to troubleshoot the problem with no water to a dishwasher. See More
Tom Harness
· January 9, 2017
I've worked with Baker & Sons Plumbing and referred clients to them over the past 2 years. Rusty and his team are great to work with and are willing to solve any problems that come up. No surprises, j...ust good customer service. See More
Diana Porro
· August 28, 2014
What a great company and a awesome group of people. Not only did they solve our water pressure problem, we also now have crystal clean water coming from every source in our home. Will continue to depe...nd on them for all our plumbing needs See More
Melisa Ballhagen Mann
· March 31, 2017
Thank​ you for a professional job done by a delightful gentleman. Wish I could remember his name to give him a high five (possibly Louis?)
Eric Clendenin
· October 8, 2014
Baker and Sons came out to my business the same day and took care of my problems.
They worked very hard to make sure everything was working properly before they left.
Professional, very knowledgeable ...and courteous technicians. I would recommend them to anyone. I know I will only use Bake and Sons. Thank you for your hard work. See More
Cara Wiseman
· September 1, 2014
Absolute worst. Promised they would be here and cancelled 30 minutes before they were supposed to be here. If they had told us they weren't coming we might have been able to get someone else. Seriousl...y, thanks for absolutely nothing. 5 people in the house and no bathroom or shower. Perfect. See More
Stephanie Jackson
· March 30, 2017
Thank you so much for installing our storm shelter! You all did an excellent job. Communication was stellar and very professional. Highly recommend for anyone considering a storm shelter. Thanks again!
"Shadows of a t...
Join us as we s...
As you are deck...

For sale half price !!! $2000.00 cash and carry. Storm Shield Tornado Shelter 30” wide x 83” long x 80” tall. Can be taking apart to get in basement.
Only 1 left. Call 618-889-1867

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Before and after makeover? Well maybe not but JP sure cleaned this wash pit the best it’s been in a long time. Great Job JP thanks for taking care of another customer.

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Want to save money on your gas bill & have endless hot water ? Call today and we can make that happen with a Noritz tankless water heater.

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We just never know what we will remove from a stopped up toilet stool.

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Ever wonder what the inside of your water lines look like without a water filter system ? This is water lines in a house that is only 10 years. City water also. We can fix this and give your family clean chlorine free water at ever faucet.

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We got to help some of our Family today by installing a FamilySafe Shelter. Thanks Uncle Bud and Aunt Frances we appreciate the business.

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Who’s ready for Spring and warmer weather ?

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Thank You Darryl Jackson for helping out another customer with a flooded basement. We appreciate all your hard work.

Cold showers we need them sometimes but not in February and March. The element on the right is a factory heating element and one on Left is a up graded element we install. Just like everything else made there is better grades and quality. Let us help with that cold shower.

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Nothing better than clean chlorine free hot shower. Did you know that chlorine absorbs in your skin while you shower or wash your hands ? Chlorine is also absorbed in to our fruits and vegetables when we wash them at the kitchen sink. Want to know more ? Call and ask for GA or Justin McMurphy they can find the filter system that will work best for your family.

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Do you have a old outdated Aeration control panel ? Is the Alarm always going off when it rains ? Did you turn the panel off or turn it to silent and now your waste water is not being treated? Well we can help with that. Call today and ask for JP or Josh and they can help with every brand and type of Aeration system.

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Have a odd space you would like a FamilySafe Shelter installed ? We can do that.

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Our crew working with all the tools possible to remove what ever gets in a sewer line. This old brass plug was found in a sewer line and had been causing trouble for years. Our guys located the problem and was able to remove it from the sewer line. Calls us today for any of your sewer or plumbing needs

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Talk about getting to the root of the problem. JP and Lorence helped another customer get their sewer line open and flowing again by removing this massive amount of roots from their system.

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Thank You to the Bowman Family from Sandborn, Indiana. Rick Baker & Matt Eastman installed a 4’ x 6’ FamilySafe Shelter yesterday so they are prepared before spring storms hit this year.

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