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3 weeks ago we met a desperate man who had been living in a cage for over 3 years with no water or electricity. 42 year old Pak Nengah suffers from mental healt...h issues and had been aggressive to members of his community in North Bali. He is married with a 6 year old son, Budi.
He was immediately assessed by our Psychiatrist Dr Gst Rai and medication prescribed.
Since meeting him in his very remote home , he improved quickly and was escorted out to commence his rehabilitation after 1 week which included lunch and a trip to the barbers for a much needed hair cut.
He was released fully yesterday and his bars removed . His house is currently being renovated.
We plan to provide chickens and plant a vegetable garden for him .
We hope to nurture his talent for wood carving, his first order is a house number for Sarah!
New beginnings .....time for him to live a normal life , to play with his son and be happy!
We wish him well ! xxx

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