Our first session at Ballarat Historical Portraits is this SATURDAY from 2:30pm. So let's celebrate with a PORTRAIT SHOOTS FROM AN AMAZING $25 !!!

* SINGLE: just $25 (one print)...
* COUPLE: just $32 (two prints)
* FAMILY: you've got it for an amazing $40!!! (4 prints)

Print size is A6 (aprox 15cm x 10cm), and we'll hold these prices for JANUARY!

The Ballarat Tramway Museum has a number of heritage uniforms available for customers to use for portraits. These include winter great coats and summer jackets, caps, ties and even shirts! You can hire these for a simple gold coin donation.
There are also a number of vintage and retro boutiques in Ballarat, as well as op shops, from which you can buy retro outfits for very little to help make your portrait shoot extra special.

Museum staff are ready to make themselves available for shoots as conductors or drivers to lend a further touch of authenticity to your shoot, and you can have some real fun with this, such as:
* a conductor selling you a ticket
* you looking embarrassed by lack of means to pay
* a conductor assisting you
* you can even pose talking to the driver from just behind his cab.

There's endless ideas and fun to be had. If you brainstorm according to your liking or group, you can plan several things we can pose during the shoot and you can pick the one you think turns out best for a print!
a few times a year, we'll nominate the 'MOST CREATIVE PHOTO' and give an award/poster to the winners!

I'm going the extra mile for JANUARY for AMAZING PRICES.
BUMP your print to the next size up.
to A5 for $10.
to A4 for $20
to A3+ for $40.

All of these offers will depend on supplies of our specialist photographic paper and inks, but we think we've got it covered!!! If demand exceeds our wildest dreams, we'll give you the same offer at a future date.

LET ME KNOW YOU'RE COMING. Although it's always OK to just roll in during advertised hours, it's a good idea to contact the museum on (03) 5334 1580 to book an approximate time, and give your name and mobile number.

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A very suave young man dressed in period costume. Photograph taken in Sovereign Hill, Ballarat.

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Ballarat is so rich with history, and most of us locals really appreciate it. It's wonderful to belong in a town that goes right back to gold rush days, and has a rich tapestry of old buildings and monuments.

Shooting historical portraits in Ballarat means we have so much at our disposal, and whether your choose to dress retro, formal or smart casual, the beautiful surrounds lend themselves beautifully to great portrait photography.

What would your location of choice be i...n Ballarat and surrounds if you were to have a great looking portrait shoot?

We're currently looking for some sites around Ballarat that present unique opportunities for wonderful portraits, and hope to announce amazing packages and fun options soon to give you a really memorably experience with a lasting portrait momento.

Stay tuned!

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Thanks to our fans for their support. We've decided to take up an option at a market, so we won't be at the Ballarat Tramway Museum this Saturday, but will be there two Saturdays in the month ongoing. I'll post details of the market, along with Saturdays I'll be at the Tramway Museum soon. Yours in vintage style Steve Barnes

Saturday is time for some good old fashioned fun! It's time to get into the spirit of days past, to enjoy a sense of history, to have some fun and get dressed up for a retro photo shoot in one of our beautiful historical settings in Ballarat.

Saturdays from 2:30pm to 5pm is when I spend time at the Ballarat Tramway Museum to take portraits aboard and around trams. We can shoot aboard our around the 'Tram Of The Day', or venture into the Ballarat Botanical Gardens and shoot There's even the option of shooting with the old craft cottage in the background.

If you call and book me outside the time-slot for the Tramway Museum, we can meet at another of Ballarat's historical settings. I'm working on a list of potential 'shoot spots' around Ballarat to give you ideas and variety. Suggestions are most welcome!

So if you're looking for something fun to do tomorrow:

# LADIES - come dressed retro or drop into a local Ballarat retro boutique for a vintage / retro outfit. Or go straight to Barbarona to hire an outfit for just TEN DOLLARS, and come dressed for a shoot.

GENTS - there are retro shops ever you can pick up an outfit, but the Tramway Museum provides a wonderful option : dress as a driver or conductor! The Tramway Museum has uniforms in a few different sizes. You can ring to inquire or just drop in to see if one fits you. Drivers and conductors of time last were inclined to be of moderate height and slim to medium build, so if that's you, chances are there's an outfit to make you really look authentic. The staff at the museum are also working on their range is outfits, so it's only going to get better!

My standard service is a carefully designed retro black and white print with vignette look, but I'm also looking at emulating tinted photos like they used to using colored inks. If you're interested in having this kind of treatment, please say so and we can discuss the approximate look when we do your shoot.

Are very blessed to be in Ballarat, and there's lots of interesting places we can do a historical shoot. Why not call me and book one soon ; you'll really love the experience and will come away with a really unique, quality portrait that will be a great conversation piece for years to come.

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Hi all,
I need some help judging a CUTEST FACE on Four Foot Fotos. Can you share this around so I get some votes for a winner?

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Four Foot Fotos Ballarat
February 1

Our Cute Face Competition entries are all in, and they are in my "Cute Face Competition, January 2017" photo It's way too hard for me to judge the cutest face here! I need some help!!! Just vote (comment) "FIRST", "SECOND" and "THIRD" against the photos of your choice at

Voting is open to EVERYONE, no matter where you are from. We'll let the votes run to midnight this Sunday, and see who wins. There are some great looking dogs here! Help me choose

Thanks from Steve & Four Foot Fotos!

P.S. I'll be running more competitions with prizes during the year, so stay tuned

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Ballarat Historical Portraits OPENING HOURS TODAY have been reduced due to the RED HOT SUMMER concert at the north gardens. We'll be open from 2:30pm to 4pm (instead of the usual 5pm). Hoping to see you there as you "make your date with history"! Ballarat Tramway Museum Red Hot Summer Tour - Ballarat SOLD OUT Ballarat, Victoria Visit Ballarat

I've just been to Barbarona vintage boutique, and I'm really impressed! It's a wonderful place full of tasteful, retro clothes and accessories. You can get a complete retro outfit here at a really reasonable price. It's also a great spot to hire from for a Ballarat Historical Portraits portrait session: and you can often hire a complete outfit for as little as $10! With Barbarona handy, there's no reason you can't look stunning for a Ballarat Historical Portraits session!

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You remember this little lady? Well she's now got her own Instagram account. You can find her as @trispenini, and her mum will most likely be open to more modelling work! You can contact mum via her Instagram page.
#BallaratHistoricalPortraits #Ballaratphotographer Steve Barnes Photography, Ballarat #vintagephotography #childmodel #blackandwhitephotography #retrostyle #retro #vintage

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Ballarat Historical Portraits updated their cover photo.
January 22
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Great fun today. I love the photo of the conductor aboard the tram restaurant. It's got so much character!!! The shot is nearly 7400 pixels wide, That's big enough for a HUGE poster! I should run one off for the museum

I'm enjoying being down at the Tramway Museum on Saturday afternoons, and I've got a special on for the first month. CHECK MY Ballarat Historical Portraits page for more details!

Steve Barnes Photography, Ballarat Ballarat & District Information Pinboard...
#retro #vintage #stylish #30s #40s #50s #Ballarat #Touristattraction #tourism #fun #entertainment

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Steve Barnes Photography, Ballarat added 4 new photos — at Ballarat Tramway Museum.

A wonderful time was had by all at the Ballarat Tramway Museum today. The horse drawn tram was out on the tramway taking a stretch at the far end near the wetla...nds. So many smiles! Here's a few of the pictures I took. More to process when I have time. Prints are available from my 'social shoots', just contact me!
Ballarat, Victoria Ballarat Visit Ballarat Love Ballarat #stevebarnesphotography Ballarat Historical Portraits

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Be a Ballarat Historical Portraits model! Share us on social media, them come dressed amazingly for a portrait session and I'll BOOST YOUR PRINT to an A4 from A3 for just $5! That means you'll get a portrait session and an A4 print for just $30! This is a not to be repeated offer. I want beautiful photographs on social media to promote us, and I'm willing to give this massive discount if you're a Retro / Vintage fan and look the part. Call me (Steve) on 0423 311 839 to reserve a time slot at the Ballarat Tramway Museum or to book an alternate time or place for your amazing historical portrait.

We're all set for this afternoon at Ballarat Tramway Museum from 2:30pm to 5pm. Last week we had a gorgeous 1930s tram to shoot in. What will it be this week? Don't forget our special startup offer! Let's show off some of Ballarat's unique history and heritage and produce some beautiful photographic art together!
Ballarat Visit Ballarat Love Ballarat Ballarat, Victoria #ballarat #history #tourism #entertainment #fun #retro #vintage

Would you trust a Tram Conductor who looked like this? It's difficult to say, but we had to in the old days! Ian is actually a 'big machinery enthusiast' who used to work on huge marine engines, and he just loves the trams! He was really excited to have his portrait taken... or at least mostly excited - I caught him napping for a moment there (don't tell his friends [HINT])!
Ballarat Tramway Museum Ballarat Visit Ballarat Love Ballarat Ballarat, Victoria Commerce Ballarat Steve Barnes Photography, Ballarat

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You get A5 instead of A6! Come and get it 😁 Open from 2:30pm to 5pm.

There are lots of great retro shops and I shops in Ballarat and even more in Melbourne, so ...



#special #bargain #portrait #Ballarat

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PRINT SIZE BONUS for the FIRST 10 CUSTOMERS this afternoon at the Ballarat Tramway Museum. You get A5 instead of A6! Come and get it 😁

I'm doing free portraits for volunteers at Ballarat Tramway Museum as a thank you to the museum for hosting my portrait service. I think it would be great to see the walls of the museum adorned with historical looking portraits of staff! So if you're a volunteer at the museum, either come on down and grab a uniform to get your portrait in, or come dressed for the occasion in anything from 1930s to 1970s gear! You can come this Saturday 14th, or any Saturday over weeks to come! If you let the museum know you're coming, they can make sure they have outfits available and let me know to expect you

Do you own a retail clothing shop in Victoria, New South Wales or South Australia? Do you sell VINTAGE or RETRO style clothing? Please contact me and I'll send you an image to print an A4 poster for Ballarat Historical Portraits, saying GET YOUR RETRO-CLOTHING HERE for Ballarat Historical Portraits.
Many people from interstate visit the amazing Ballarat Tramway Museum, as well as other tourist attractions in the Ballarat area. We're hoping they will come with some unique retro-clothing for one of our amazing, fun historical portraits sessions.
Put our poster up in your shop to encourage them to come our way in clothes you've provided them.
Questions? Just call me (Steve) on 0423 311 839. Victoria #touristattraction #tourism Ballarat, Victoria

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