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Linda Pollack
· March 12, 2018
Beautiful furniture, excellent customer service. We ordered a crib and were told it would take about 12 to 14 weeks as it was being fabricated overseas after we ordered. As a nervous pregnant woman..., i checked in multiple times and got updates! Delivery came on time and they put it together! See More
Melissa Morganelli Trebiani
· August 25, 2017
I originally ordered a baby crib and dresser from Babies R Us. They sent me a cancelation notice that the dresser was out of stock and when I called to cancel the crib as well I was told I could not.... (Thinking I would chose another set) Upon delivery of the crib I actually recieved the dresser instead. And wouldn't you know the crib I originally ordered is now out of stock. Babies R Us customer service was terrible, and not very sympathetic of their complete mess up. Can you imagine how upset this pregnant momma was to not have a crib for her baby that is due in a few weeks?! After searching the Internet to find the crib that matches the dresser I came upon Bambi Baby. Bambi Baby's customer service and shipping was excellent!! I ordered the crib on a Wednesday afternoon, shipped to Mississippi, and recieved it Friday afternoon!! I will definitely be using Bambi Baby from now on and referring friends and family. See More
Precious Love
· April 18, 2017
I love love love this store its in Union City NJ on the Bergeline. They have everything beautiful for babies and little girls. Their layette sets are handmade and imported from either Spain or Brazi...l and their dresses you've never seen anything like them unless you're Cuban, Dominican or from any latin american country they only show certain things on their site but going to into the store its worth the 4 hour trip. Trust and believe. I used to buy the dresses there for my granddaughter and bought a handmade layette set for one of my last grandsons. See More
Terrika R. Coakley- McCoy
· June 16, 2017
After I found a limited edition JUJUBE bag through their Amazon site, and had a good experience, I decided to dig further.

I found an older Glenna Jean blanket in the clearance section for 12.99... ...I instantly added it to my cart and promptly paid for it.

72 hours later, I get a call saying it was a glitch and I can pay the wholesale price or cancel... I had a call into Glenna Jean already to get the accompanying pieces since it is an old print...

For it to all of a sudden be a "glitch", was it after they saw who bought it? Very disappointed.
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Kristen Weingarten
· August 15, 2016
Edited from 1 star to 3 stars. After writing this review, Bambi baby came at the agreed upon time with two dressers (one of which was also damaged) and got me a dresser I considered satisfactory.

I have never had such a terrible furniture delivery experience in my life. I ordered a crib and dresser with changing table, and it came last week. Both the crib and the dresser came in damaged, and I got on the phone with them right away. I was assured a replacement would be sent, today, Monday, 8/15. On Friday, I received a confirmation call that the furniture would be here between 12 and 3. At 2:30 today I called customer service and they told me that the delivery men have been trying to call me and that they're running late.

1. Their delivery men never called me, or they don't know how to read a phone number.
2. I basically got called a liar by customer service when I told her I had no missed calls and no voicemails from them.

I don't have flexibility in my schedule to wait around for another hour once furniture is all put together, so alas, we have a third delivery date for Wednesday. Customer service gave me another 3 hour window, which I will need to take the day off of work for. Bottom line: Don't bother with Bambi Baby. I'm inclined to cancel my delivery all together, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm due any day now.
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Michelle Degener
· May 18, 2016
I had a very different experience with Bambi baby than most and it was not pleasant. I ordered a dresser 16 weeks ago and it just shipped today. When I went to order the item the first page said 6 to ...8 weeks. The second page after I entered my info said 10 to 12 weeks. It was not until I received the confirmation email that it said 14 to 16 weeks! Our baby is due this week... And now we have to worry about scheduling a delivery. When I contacted customer service I received the news that the dresser was on back order.... No where did it say that on any of the pages! They offered to send me a different dresser but it was not the one we wanted. At no time were we given an apology for the miscommunication on their end, just excuses. We also would have never known the item was on back order unless I asked! Very disappointed as I paid for this item 4 months ago and still do not have it!! See More
Georgia Kaidas Mav
· July 8, 2017
In response to the below comments, the dress HAD the tag attached, so that is a complete lie. If this is the owner that wrote the response, you weren't there and your people are NOT telling you the tr...uth, nor have you trained them to offer having you call your customers back. I have the pictures and the item. And you didn't support my mother when she just wanted to exchange for the CORRECT size because YOU tagged it wrong. And didn't even offer to take her number knee down and have the manager call. We have attached a picture. Completely awful business practices. And I will have you know that I've never written a bad review, but this experience warranted that.

Ps - notice the tag says 18 and the dress is 9 months. Completely wrong of you to not help us. All we wanted was an exchange for the same dress in the right size. We didn't want our money back!


I now understand why their Hoboken location closed. Absolutely the worst experience EVER!!! My daughter had her first birthday and received a gorgeous dress from this place. HOWEVER, the dress was labeled 18 months on the price tag and 9 months on the actual tag manufacturer. Needless to say it didn't fit because she needed the 18 month size. My mother tried to exchange it for the appropriate size this morning, and the woman at the counter was offensive and refused to help us. She said that the dress was washed (even though the original tags were still on it, in the gift bag and tissue paper from their store). She refused to help them or talk to them further because my mother's english was broken (English is her second language), and said they needed to wait 1.5 hours for the owner to get back from "lunch" and refused her assistance. Wouldn't take their phone number and wouldn't help. I'm beyond appalled at this experience and the way she made my mother feel because of her foreign heritage. Please don't support a business who doesn't help their patrons and is disrespectful to people with a foreign accent. I will be reporting this to the better business bureau.
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Victoria Johanos
· June 6, 2016
I placed an order on March 9th for an adapter for my car seat. The web site said I would receive my product no later then April 22. I still didn't receive my order and received no email being informed... on where the product was. I sent an email she said the product was back ordered and it would be another two weeks. I waited two weeks and still received no email about my product. So I finally called and asked about my order. She said it was on a nation wide back order and there would be a shipment out the beginning of June. So I waited more. I finally receive an email saying my order was being shipped. . . it was for the wrong adapter!!! Thankfully I checked my email in time to switch the order and had to pay more! The company never kept me updated with the back ordering problems they were having and never offered any type of compincation for the delay. Now she said I should receive my order in 2-3 days. . . hopefully I can get it and finally use my stroller! I have been very very dissatisfied with this company! See More
Katie Carver Johnson
· February 10, 2016
We recently ordered the Dolce Naples Traditional crib from Bambi Baby online. Although the website indicates it might be two months before we would receive the item, it only took one week (and we got shipping)! The crib was very easy to assemble and it looks great. I love the quality. The only negative thing I'd have to say is that there are like 5 stickers on the crib in various places that are very hard to remove. They are not the type of stickers that peel off cleanly. See More
Eileen Mo Murino
· May 21, 2017
I absolutely love this store. They carry the hard to find items. Great selection of clothing, especially formal wear for infants! I will be doing all of my shopping here from now on. The salespeople amazing! Very helpful and were very sweet to my son while I was shopping. I highly recommend this store. See More
Chris Avondet
· January 2, 2018
Very responsive to messages. Thank you for all of your help.
Sara Parisi Bruce
· February 3, 2016
Found an item I was looking for in stock and in the color I wanted for much less than other online retailers, most were out of stock or charging an insane amount simply for the color. And an added was that it shipped and was received in two days!! 4 stars because I wasn't able to use my 5% off code, otherwise would have been 5 stars. See More
Jessica Perkins
· July 20, 2016
We ordered our nursery set (originally) from a company who went out of business without giving us a refund or furniture, they told us our wait would be 2-3 months (when originally placing our order) .... I contacted Bambi Babi in a panic knowing we would be delivering our baby within a months time, I was totally expecting the furniture not to arrive until our daughter was 2 months old. We were able to purchase the same nursery set as before- as well as additional pieces and still managed to pay around the same amount we paid to the original company. They had our furniture to us within 2 and a half weeks, and it looks amazing! I must say I'm 100 % happy with our experience and will consider using Bambi Baby on future furniture purchases as well. See More
Jennifer Turcotte
· December 4, 2015
Excellent and very attentive staff. I told them what I wanted and they helped me find the best of the best!
Ordered my Pali furniture and had it within weeks.
Highly recommend Bambi Baby for new paren...ts. We will be visiting again soon for our next baby's needs.
Thank you so much guys!!
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Cara Parker Barnett
· February 27, 2016
Very pleased with the service from Bambi Baby. Our order arrived in great condition earlier than the full 6-8 weeks. As a new mom I was getting concerned about the order and when contacted this compan...y they responded very promptly and kindly. I would recommend Bambi Baby and will order from this company again!! Thank you!! See More
Elif Oguten Ecevit
· October 29, 2014
This is the worst,unfriendly,horrible place for baby needs supplies.owners are not helping customers and they just caring about the money they earn they sell bad,not safe un merchantable products for ...against customers.they don't change or exchange bad products.they even don't listen to you.i do not recommend this place to anyone.just prefer buying online.its better than this place's un merchantable old products... See More
Si Hicks
· May 21, 2016
Great customer service, very friendly. The delivery guys were on time and great as well. We got the Natart Ithaca collection in white. Took a while to receive all pieces but the furniture is beautiful... and amazing quality. Very happy with our purchase. See More
Laurie Bryan
· May 3, 2013
Do NOT order from this company if you want to have high quality items for your baby. I made a recent purchase that did not go well. I had to contact them to get the item to ship because they never sen...t me a confirmation message. In addition, the item was way over priced for the value and quality in which we received. After trying to return the item the restocking fee and other fees were outrageous. Please order from another company. See More
Theresa Espinoza
· November 22, 2016
After being recommended this site to shop for diaper bags. The release time was set at 10 est. everything sold prior as "glitch" very dissatisfaction in customer service with the company. I brought i...t to their attention. They hype up their business and page only to disappoint. Should cancel all orders and start in time stated! Bad business. See More
Kari Rogers
· April 2, 2016
Purchased a crib and dresser which I couldn't find in stock anywhere else. The price was great. I was also amazed at how quickly the items came. Even more impressive was that items were packaged perfe...ct and everything came in perfect condition. Very happy! See More
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