just another beautiful weekend in paradise 💛 #westcoast #bestcoast
those Friday feels 😝✌🏻🔁 #friyay #activerejuvenation #optoutside
R O L L I N with my H O M I E S ⛸⛸⛸ #chellsangels #moonlightrollerway #rollerskating

"until we start to value our compassion, sense of humor, integrity, creativity, grace, resilience, intelligence, & boldness—among so many other smoking-hot attributes—we’ll all struggle with feeling like we’re enough." via Well+Good #girlpower #thefutureisfemale

We've got life-changing tips straight from empowerment guru Alexis Jones' new self-love page turner.

those Friday feels 😝✌🏻🔁 #friyay #activerejuvenation #optoutside

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A P R I L💫I N T E N T I O N S: i’ve recently seen a lot of bloggers sharing their monthly intentions on instagram, which has inspired me to not only do the same... but actually SET my own in the first place 😂 in April, one of my intentions is to spend time outdoors everyday, regardless of what that looks like [hiking, going to the beach, taking a walk around my neighborhood, etc]... there really is just something to be said about the healing powers of Mother Nature. what are your intentions for this month?!🌲 #monthlyintentions #wellness #optoutside #anxiety #anxietymanagement #balance

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ac•ro•pho•bi•a [noun]: an extreme or irrational fear of heights ... that apparently IDGAFOS about anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️ #idgafos #zion #angelslanding #utah #activerejuvenation

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ummmmmm DEFINITELY gonna need to add this to the skincare regimen ASAP 😍via Milk Makeup #cleanbeauty #skincare #wellness #naturalbeauty

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A N X I E T Y H A C K: get outside! one of my favorite ways to chill the f*ck out & reset is to spend time in N A T U R E. think about it... it’s where we, as humans, were designed to be... not chained to a desk or cooped up in our apartments staring at our phones all day. after 4 days outside, in the elements, completely disconnected from E V E R Y T H I N G, i have to say that i’m asking myself... “what anxiety?” 🏔 #anxietymanagement #anxietyhack #anxiety #wellness #healthcoach

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sitting at my desk trying to cure the post-camping blues... where to next?! via Travel + Leisure #camping #adventure #wanderlust #offthegrid

Where to go camping, in each of the 50 states.

N E W P O S T one of the best experiences of my life happened because i was forced to D I S C O N N E C T from my phone & C O N N E C T deeply with my surroundings. and in the process, i also learned that disconnecting can do wonders when it comes to managing my anxiety. as i’m headed to Zion National Park this morning, where i plan on being fully disconnected for the next 4 days, i figured this was the perfect time to talk about the importance of unplugging from time to time, and why it can be so beneficial for people who struggle with anxiety. >> [] #disconnect #unplug #digitaldetox #anxietymanagement #anxiety #wellness #balance

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**cough cough** i’m sick 🌤

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N E W P O S T one thing that i do E V E R Y D A Y to help manage my anxiety is M E D I T A T E, & i shared a super quick meditation for letting go of anxious thoughts on the blog this morning! it’s so simple that you can do it pretty much anywhere, & you’ll feel the benefits immediately, regardless of if you’re new to the whole meditation thing or a seasoned practitioner. head over to blog to check it out! 🙏🏻📿 >> [] #anxietymanagement #anxiety #letgo #meditation #wellness #healthcoach

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can’t wait to spend my Friday night doing T H I S. after cutting out alcohol for the entire month of January, i have to say that cozy [sober] nights in sound a lot more appealing than crazy [drunken] nights out... SHOCKING, right?! i wrote all about my little experiment on the blog this week, which gives you some insight on W H Y i decided to do this & what it did for my anxiety... so go check it out if you haven’t already! >> [] #anxietymanagement #anxiety #dryjanuary #balance #wellness

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