Without sound restorative justice, and with zero-tolerance behavior policies, we should expect to see more and more outcomes like this. A proper restorative justice process would have unearthed whether there WAS bullying or whether there WAS a physical altercation. We have to find a better way to create peace and leave behind punishment.

Students walked out of Austin High School to protest Dennis Rivera-Sarmiento, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras, being detained by ICE.

Let's choose compassion.

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The Full Montessori

You can drill addition; you can't drill compassion.

Denver DSA 4 Julie Banuelos for Denver school board, at-large
Julie Banuelos talks to young DPS leaders of color

The struggle is REAL.

These tweets show that playing the role of interpreter for your parents is both difficult and rewarding.

Unity is strength!

The first-of-its-kind merger is good news for unionized teachers and very bad news for school privatization advocates.

With the approval of a historic union merger, teachers in Chicago are positioning themselves to mount a greater challenge to privatization and austerity.

Just gonna set this right here for conversation's sake. What are your thoughts?

"We need white parents to want integration for the sake of integration, to really value it as an end in itself."

The false guise of modern school choice appeals to the competitive nature fostered by capitalism and a thirst for obtaining the best; but, the dark and crippling implication is that of dismantling public ed while special interest get rich.

Some border patrol tactics reveal a nation’s crisis of inhumanity. RT’s David Miller reports on a superbowl asteroid nearing Earth. Investigative journalist ...

Are we really ready to listen to the truth students bring to the classroom? Are we inadvertently reinforcing white supremacy when we aren't?

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Corrie Whitfield

King for the win! #StopTeachingMeLies 🤣😂👌🏾

How about just a LIVING WAGE??

Denver School of Science and Technology finds that their teacher's "primary concern is the rising cost of housing in the city."

Personally, I think building rapport with students means understanding their life challenges. That means politics (not necessarily partisan) are involved.

What are your thoughts?

A persistent myth about education is that the best teachers never bring politics into the classroom

This is disturbing, but in what other ways are teachers' voices being actively suppressed in our public schools?

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Channel 4 News

An American teacher was seemingly pushed to the ground and was arrested following comments she made at a school board meeting about the superintendent's pay rise.

Deyshia Hargrave will not have charges pressed against her and has since left the local jail.

Did you know that teachers in DPS are also blacklisted like this, also for similarly specious reasons? And often, when they are being interviewed in other districts, DPS HR interferes with their hiring.

The blacklist appears to have been kept under wraps for two decades.

Are we really considering what equity means?

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The Young Turks is with Francis Maxwell.

BLACK SCHOOLS MATTER: How Children In Baltimore Were Left Freezing At School + Francis Maxwell Asks Conservatives, Where Is Your Outrage Now?

As my former colleagues round the bend to the last week of winter break, I hope they keep this close to their hearts.

And as we said throughout the campaign, "manufactured segregation."

Charter schools are among the nation’s most segregated, an Associated Press analysis finds — an outcome at odds, critics say, with their goal of offering a better alternative to failing tradi…

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Julie Banuelos for Education