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Do you ever think of your cell phone use as an addiction? Or about what other activities it might be keeping you from, activities and relationships that might be even more helpful for your growth in Christ? And what are we doing to keep our kids from going down this habit-forming road?

Tethered to our devices. . . that’s what we are. Do we really need to be this connected to our digital tools. . . especially when our digital tools steal our attention from the people in our …

Finally! A safe place for parents to talk about such taboo subjects as pornography, sexual abuse, and masturbation. At Protect Young Minds Parent Discussion Group on Facebook parents can share stories, tips. and ideas and even submit questions or advice anonymously!

How you join:
• Go to the Protect Young Minds Facebook page.
• Click “community” on the left hand side....
• Request to join the “Protect Young Minds – Parent Discussion”…/new-facebook-group-for-par…/

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Parents, do you want a safe place to discuss sensitive topics? That's why we created the new Protect Young Minds Parent Discussion Group! It's a private, closed group where you can even submit questions anonymously. And submit your advice to other struggling parents. Finally a place to ask questions...

The Love and Fidelity Network, with chapters in universities across the United States, challenges students to engage in relationships that recognize the value of the person, and to escape from the hook up culture. This year their annual campaign says "Take a chance ... try dating!"

#takeachance says the Love and Fidelity Network.

At dozens of college campuses across the United States, quads and dorms have been plastered with posters challenging students with a simple call to action: “People are worth it! #TakeAChance!” This is Love and Fidelity’s 2018 Valentine Campaign, calling on students to get to know each other by going on real dates and learning to build real, authentic relationships instead of hooking up.

On colleges nation-wide, Valentine’s Day is often seen as being all about sex. Many universities use the holiday as an opportunity to run Sex Week on campus (often complete with workshops on sex toys, BDSM, and instructions for “getting … Continue reading »
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Barbara Kohl Ministries provides reliable, Christian focused resources and tips from recognized authorities to help parents, youth leaders, pastors, teachers, and other significant adults to educate children and teens about sex and relationships.

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