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Irene Molnar Hill
· August 18, 2017
I gave an earthing mat to my 70+ yr old father over 2 years ago. He had gout in his foot for almost 20 years which disappeared practically overnight when he st...arted using the earthing mat while watching television.
Only recently he put the mat away because he was expecting visitors, and within a week of not using the earthing mat his gout had reappeared. Needless to say he has promptly reconnected with his beloved earthing mat again!
The Earthing mat could be the best gift I've ever given. Thank you Linda & the Barefoot Healing team.
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Sophie Stack
· February 1, 2017
Since I have been using the Universal Mat I can work at my computer for a lot longer before I feel the need to get up and get out of the office. I am obviously ...absorbing a lot less EMF/electrical stress than I was when I did not have the mat.

And I love the pack of “bare foot” paper clips that comes free with each order!
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Donna Allen
· August 31, 2017
Thank you guys for my Earthing massage mat that I received yesterday. I look forward to using it on my clients, (& getting my own benefits) and I appreciate the super fast postage. Have an awesome day!
Michelle Mercer
· September 12, 2015
Love my earthing mouse pads, car mat and half sheet! (though I appear to have worn tje sheet out and need a new one)
I recently had a bad bout of insomnia and ...tested the sheet... it wasn't earthed!
I reconnected it properly, varified it was earthed again and that night went off to sleep within half an hour instead of lying awake for 4-6 hours!
I knew when it stopped working again this last week because the insomnia returned immediately. So I'll be putting an order in soon for a replacement sheet or mat. Whilst sleeping touching a mouse pad works, its a little impractical and uncomfortable ;)
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Linka Crosby
· June 6, 2017
hI Great facebook timeline page, I just wish there was a share link underneath some of the picture blogs.Thankyou Namaste.
Cate Foley Burke
· February 16, 2015
Hi I have been using earthing the earthing half -sheet and a earthing mat for 2 years they are giving me the best quality sleep and I am enjoying great health and energy ! Cate Foley Burke
Dinu Desculţ
· June 20, 2015
Walking barefoot is better than in shoes. BAREFOOT IS THE BEST !

This is my greatest pleasure of my life. I started to walk barefoot since at 3 years old (in 1...962). I like to go barefoot anytime and anywhere when I want to be free and happy... to be in direct contact with Nature mother... for Earthing. Shoes are not for me (I hate them) ! See More
Linda McNair
· June 7, 2014
Having a fantastic time here in Melbourne so many people loving the benefits of Earthing especially with their Smart Meters.
Carolyn Omm
· May 12, 2015
After one night using an earthing product I notice that I had a refreshing sleep and the hot flushes I'd been experiencing for the last 6 months have ceased, also the snoring of my husband seems to have stopped.
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