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Anthony Falero
· January 28, 2018
Was here over the weekend the staff is rude and unprofessional. I bought 2 tickets for the so called train and stood at the gate for 15 min waiting for the guy to give us a ride while he stood 15 feet... away chatting with someone my 2 year old daughter kept asking to go on the train. So I processed to the desk and asked for my money back the lady told me that she could not and was very rude, telling me oh well you can leave. The animals were eating their own feces and don’t look like they have not been groomed or taken care of. See More
Stacey Falero Ford
· January 28, 2018
I just left this "zoo". We bought 2 tix for the "train". We waited 15 minutes for the train. The operator saw us, and still stood talking to the guy selling churros. I went to the ticket window and re...quested a refund. My 2 year old granddaughter was tired of the unnecessary waiting. She would not give us our money back but with a smirk gave me the "owners" phone number, knowing no one would answer. As I am standing there calling, more people walk up to the train and he springs in to action to give them a ride. Did I mention we were white....and he and the other train riders were hispanic? The ticket window girl did not even make an attempt to tell him we were waiting. That was unnecessary anyway because he saw us standing there. The barnyard animals were walking in and eating there own feces. Gross. They weren't groomed, their hooves didn't have shoes or were all cracked. We will be reporting them to Groupon (where we bought tix, and to the ASPCA, or whatever entity for animal cruelty will listen.) See More
Veronica Madrid
· August 8, 2017
Its alright but the water park is dangerous and small. I was there this Sunday with my two grandkids and the floor was very sleepery and especially with all these torn waterballoons all over the floor... my kids keep falling and hurting themselves. A foam pad is much safer and need more space . See More
Maria Arellano Castellanos
· November 12, 2017
The barnyard is a little outdated but overall a great experience. The pony ride and feeding the animals was the best experience for my 4 year old.
Aleshia Ly
· August 4, 2017
Found out about this place through a friend & bought tickets through Groupon � It was adorable and fun. I loved seeing all the animals and feeding them. However, the animals arent well taken care of �... and they're placed in small, dirty pens. There was also a donkey thay was getting picked on by a horse � They need to seperate them � See More
Lily Evans
· January 14, 2018
This is one place that the ASPCA needs to visit. Poor animals. The train ride was fun.
Tamra Lucero
· June 5, 2017
Loved all the animal's but they need to be taken care of better some were so filthy it was ridiculous. The pond was disgusting and putting the animal feed in plastic zip lock bagz is the dumbest thing... ever to do especially when the parents don't watch there child. I witnessed a lil boy feeding a goat from his bag and the Goat ate the whole thing bag included. � See More
Jeanette Urbina
· March 31, 2018
Had a great day with granddaughter! I think I’m going back next Friday.
Grerogy Chelras
· February 12, 2016
I love to feed the goats and talk to the zebra very much. I go many times more. Better than the bar, or the Netflix.
Weekend special if you want to ride the pony, carousel, and train with admittance the zoo. Or you can just do the zoo walk and see many animals. Horses, ponies, donkey, zebra, goat, cow, ostrich, llama, duck pond, turtle, rabbit, chicken, pig omg I'm sure I forgot someone. And you can pan for gem stones, even rent an area for private party. The staff was nice and they are so lucky to have work there omg I love very much. See More
Samantha Nicole Nelson
· May 31, 2017
Found this little gem this past Mother's Day. My kids loved feeding the animals and riding the ponies. Everyday around 6 they bring the horses out to ride and we were able to pet them while the told us about their horses. Admission was $5 and animal feed was about $3. You're allowed in and out privileges so u can really make a day out of it. They also have "mining for gems" and a little train ride for a small fee. Nothing was priced over $5 and the staff was great. There is also a park with picnic tables, BBQ grills and water spouts for the kids to play in.
EDIT....the peacock looks sad and gets harassed by the's feathers are all plucked out and it's eye looks infected. The peacock is the reason why I did not give five stars
See More
Dawn E. Tyler
· June 25, 2016
I had a great time with my family and my grandson... Like any place ya take your kids there might be lines... But we took a train ride, watched the pony rides, fed the animals... There is even a park ...out front with a picnic area, play area, swings, and a water play area... All in all a fun day! See More
Lupe Garcia
· September 25, 2017
I've been taking my children since they were little now I take my grandchildren we love it here ! And it has reasonable prices! We will continue to come thank you � Montebello Barnyard zoo ���������
Krystal Rojo
· September 11, 2017
The kids loved all the animals and were so excited to be a ble to feed them up close...i feel the prices are a little extreme but overall it was a great family experience
Rebecca A Ceniceros
· September 20, 2014
I went to a b day party there it was very nice, could use an extra person on the weekends for the rides, & also when it was time to clean up they had us use the 1 1/2 trash cans that we used during th...e party for about 48 pp & when we asked for more or at least bags they didn't have any & also only bathrooms are. Across the baseball field at the park. See More
Audrey Perez
· March 31, 2018
To much to see the animals but enough shade to relax
Mariana Zuniga Espero
· August 23, 2017
The animals are way to aggressive to even pet. And the chickens didn't have water.
Luis Allende
· July 30, 2017
It was amazing and was nice to see the animals l should recommend it was definetly reminded me when I was a child.
Angela Padilla-Torres
· April 8, 2017
This visit had way less animals. My 2 year old grandson loved it though. I remember taking my kids when there was no charge and a lot more animals. It was still very enjoyable.
Maria Baltazar Nelson
· October 23, 2016
Place has been around for many years happy to say i remember coming herr as a toddler and now i bring my toddler here:)
Sandra Escareno
· March 20, 2017
My kid! Loved it! But it does need some tender loving care. A revamp some Simple paint and plants! It has so much potential. Toddlers love this place!
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