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I have two planners. One digital and one physical. And no I don't go crazy or forget anything. Head to to see how it's done! If you love organization posts, this ones for you

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Part of going to school is creating good habits early on so that problems don't arise later. Like eating healthy... might as well start doing that on day one! Head to to see my other ways you can set up your semester for success!

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Today's the day and I'm so excited! I would absolutely love it if you could head to to look at my J Crew Fall Lookbook; get all the details on this outfit and more!🍂☕️🍁

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Happy Monday! I have a new post about my August favorites that just went live. Unfortunately Benson's snuggles were not included, but it's definitely worth checking out despite that 😉

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Check out the blog today to get the low down on my St. Louis trip. Lots of pictures included 📸✌🏼

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Even though it was a quick trip, sometimes that's the only way to fit adventures in! Today on I'm sharing my "must visits" if you're headed to Burlington Vermont #barrychictravels

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This look is now live on the blog! This is my favorite post so far so, if you feel like it, check it out and let me know what you think 😚

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Biking around has become such a fun hobby I started in June and definitely will continue in July. On the blog I'm sharing a few of my other favorites for last month 🚴

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I've been blessed with some motivation to hit the gym again 💪🏼 so today on the blog I'm sharing with you what's in my bag. Check it out, it's a good one! 🤸🏻‍♀️

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What the heck are we suppose to do as creative people when our creativity says adios?? Today on the blog I'm explaining ways to coax creativity out of hiding 🌺

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Oh freaking cute are these shorts? I got them on clearance plus an extra 40% off, making them under 30 bucks! Check out my latest post where I talk about jumping into the summer trends without spending you're whole paycheck!

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Sometimes a walk alone will do wonders for group vacations. Check out on the blog my other tips for traveling with others!

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This look is my go-to for the summer, and was oh so fun to create! I can't wait to wear it to the Farmers Market. Check out (or the #linkinbio) for all the deets!

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June 14

Bee on the lookout for this look tomorrow on the blog 🐝 #puns

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June 12

No makeup photos of you on the internet? Check it's time to be confident in our own skin & today on the blog I'm sharing my day and night skin routines 🚿link is in the bio or head to

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June 8

I never thought a skirt this bright could become a staple! Check out this sunshine skirt on the blog today! Link in bio 🌼🌞

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