Right folks. Many of you have been asking about how to get a membership card at BASE10​, from the free plans, to hot desks, to private rooms. For those of you coming to the launch today you will get a bit more info, but here are the key details for everyone along with links with how to apply. Do share with your friends and feel free to leave questions in the comments! enjoy!

Access weekdays, 06:00 till 20:00
Free coffee, free 300 megabit wifi
By application, limited places (should be involved/engaged in tech startup community)

Apply at:

Access 24 hours
All free perks + kitchen, shower, printing, meeting room access, and a dedicated (quiet) room shared room to work from.
Access to private member social events + BASE10 network for connections to investors, press, and other contacts.
Must be engaged within the technology industry
Tech Startups: 1000 SEK per person per month
Regular Hotdesks: 2500 SEK per person per month

Apply at

All other perks, plus a choice of the available private rooms still left.

See available rooms/prices at
Apply at


For the ongoing events we run for anyone within Uppsala, follow BASE10 on Facebook to be kept up to date.

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Come get chipped!

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Chip Party: Uppsala
Turning the Internet of Things into the Internet of Us™
Biohax International

Are you ready for the next step? Interact seamlessly with your digital surrounding. Replace your plastic cards and key chain with a small and safe chip.

40 Reviews
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Mohammed Hani Al-hasnawi
· March 6, 2017
I think Base10 is the premiere start-up and co-working hub in Uppsala. A great place if you have a start-up or think of starting one. The main driving force of Base10 is Jason Dainter, I’ve had the pl...easure of getting to know Jason over the years and he is one of the most hardworking and helpful people you will ever meet, always willing to share knowledge and connect you with the right people.
Base10 is the thing Uppsala have needed for a very long time and I am so glad to see that this becoming a reality.

Synergy, Networking, and a cool vibe are key, and Base10 got you covered.
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Ismail Elouafiq
· May 18, 2017
When I wanna work in a place where I have the choice between dowing deep work, meeting people as weird as I am (in the best sense of the term), making things up and sharing them with those same people... Base10 is definitely my goto place in Uppsala :D
From tea ceremonies, BBQs, meetups, board game evenings to Startup Grind events, at Base10 you will not make connections but real friends (yes, not the imaginary ones) :D :D
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Slobodan Milovanović
· November 13, 2017
BASE10 is the place where Uppsala's entrepreneurial dreams come true.
Jason Dainter
· August 17, 2015
It's happening people! Uppsala's central co-working space for tech start-ups just arrived and will be launching very soon. If you havn't had a chance to check out the place get in touch with Jakob, Li...nnea and Fredrik, the super talented team making it all happen. This seriously excites me. Welcome Uppsala 2.0 :-) See More
Jonathan Sundqvist
· December 21, 2016
Great place! Even if you're just passing by Uppsala you should come and have a look, and if you live in Uppsala you should definitely check it out.
Björn Grundström
· October 3, 2016
Startup communities are always needed! When the big TV stations show interest in the space you know it will be good!
Jennie Claesson
· March 3, 2017
A great place for co-working and inspiration!
Jan Sandred
· January 27, 2017
Cool place with a great potential.
Marie-Louise Dahl
· August 17, 2015
Spot on what Uppsala needs to drive entrepreneurship.
Belgin Fortaci
· March 2, 2017
Nice place, great people!
Adam J Westerling
· August 22, 2016
Behåll kompetens, lägg till lite riskvillighet och kapital i Uppsala!
Erik Alenrud
· August 18, 2015
Precis vad som behövs. Fantastiskt initiativ!
Entrepreneurs Academy at BASE10 startup talk with Wehype, Moggie Nerdy Makers, 46elks and Night Node. #uppsalatech
BBQ TIME! Come join us :-)
Tomas, one of our latest members at BASE10, so focused that even a bit of Lionel Richie doesn't phase him 😂 #uppsalatech

Want to become a real life cyborg? Now is your chance! BASE10 is holding a chipping party on 26th March in collaboration with the cool folks at Biohax International. You'll be able to hear about the biohacking movement, mingle with people interested in this and if you are feeling up to it, you can purchase a biochip and have one fitted during the event. Enjoy! Details found at

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Professional Service

Free stuff here...

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Jason Dainter added 2 new photos.

We have 27 table legs (metal) to give for free to someone. First come first served. We’d prefer you to take all 27. You can add a surface to them so ideal for a...n interior / DIY project or similar. They extend but not to standing hight (0.8 cm high fully extended). Very easy to add wooden table tops using the screw holes. First person to confirm gets them and they need to take care of all the lifting/have a suitably sized van/rental truck to remove them.

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With our partners at SEB today talking about how the partnership has helped the Uppsala startup community. 👏🙏

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BASE10 private room members SoftRobot leading the way for Swedish AI! 👏 🚀 🤖…/de-visar-vagen-for-svensk-ai-6900…. Well done Jan Lundqvist and team.

Lilla bolaget Softrobot från Uppsala är ett exempel på hur Sverige kan leverera artificiell intelligens. Och exempel behövs – en ny rapport skvallrar om att Sverige ligger illa till när det gäller världens just nu viktigaste teknik.

We're pleased to announce that the next Uppsala Innovation Centre Business Startup is coming to BASE10 on 13th March. You can apply to be part of this free programme at where your startup can get knowledge, guidance and the resources necessary to launch and grow your startup. Hope to see you there!

Kort film om UICs affärsutvecklingsprogram UIC Business Startup. En bra affärsidé är en god början. Men kommer den att fungera på marknaden – ute i verklighe...


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🇸🇪 Tidigare denna vecka så släpptes en intervjuv med Josefin i en av Sveriges största bransch tidningar för skor; Skomagasinet.
Tusen tack Agneta Trägårdh för ni valde att berätta våran historia för era läsare. Tack också till skribent och fotograf till intervjuven Maria Hjälte, som inte bara porträtterar projektet på ett väldigt fint sätt utan också för att du följt och trött på detta sedan starten, hösten 2015.

"Det handlar om att ge varje läderdel en historia, så den behandlas med respekt"

🇬🇧 This week an interview with Josefin came out in one of Sweden's largest trade magazines for footwear; Skomagazinet.
Thank you so much, Agneta Trägårdh for telling our story to your readers and Maria Hjälte for the text, pictures and for following this project for over almost 2 years.

"It is about giving each leather piece history so that it is treated with respect"

#josefinliljeqvist #ANDREW BASE10

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Uppsala FTW!

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Posted by Patric Palm
Patric Palm is feeling inspired in Uppsala, Sweden.

Interviewing the amazing Uppsala entrepreneur Josefin Liljeqvist visiting Favro HQ. She is the founder of Responsible systems and the shoe... brand. In 3 min she explains how she will change the leather fashion business with new tech to enable consumers and companies to make responsible choices when buying shoes, bags and other fashion leather products. Very exiting stuff indeed. Check it out!

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Meeting interesting startups at Norrsken House! Great vibe!

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Congrats to Josefin Liljeqvist and Uppsala Loves Hip Hop on winning the Peter Egardt Stipendium prize. BASE10 is proud of you both! 👏👏

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BASE10 shared a post.
January 29

Showing Marta Obminska (M) and her colleagues around BASE10 today and explaining why startup hubs are essential if Uppsala will achieve is ambitious target to create 70,000 jobs by 2050.

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Marta Obminska is with Kenneth Karlsson and 6 others at BASE10.

Fantastiskt besök på mötesplatsen för startups (mycket inom tech) BASE10 i Uppsala med moderata Företagarrådet i Uppsala län. En verksamhet att vara stolt över och behålla i Uppsala!

BASE10 member Tony Svanström is hosting the first Coworking Uppsala meetup at BASE10 on 6th Feb. Coworking Uppsala is a new type of event where the local startup community get a chance to come together and present what they are currently working on; with the intent of helping each other reach the next level of their journeys.

Everyone is welcome; no matter if you’re just thinking about starting up, or a seasoned entrepreneur.

Sign up at

2018-01-10 11:43SEB erbjuder viktig mötesplats för entreprenörer I januari inledde SEB ett samarbete med BASE10, en startuphubb för tech-bolag i Uppsala. Genom SEB:s Scholarship Programme får sju startupföretag kostnadsfritt tillgång till BASE10:s lokaler och nätverk. "Den möjligheten har g...