Resist Marxism would like to thank all our supporters for helping us make our organization widely known throughout the patriot movement. The evidence of our impact can be seen from the left-wing media’s need to try to discredit our group. For instance, take the recent hit piece by “Think Progress”. Not only is it riddled with lies, mistakes, and spurious allegations of connections to the alt-right, but parrots the talking points of the local Antifa groups. In fact, it is ...

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Resist Marxism markets itself as a harmless conservative and libertarian group. But they have plenty of connections to the far-right.
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We are Raising money for ABR treatment in Montreal as you all know Luc has dislocated hips and extremely stiff m...uscles.

Luc has been in pain and hasnt had the proper care from the medical side of things or the bracing we now are trying to correct whats wrong, the only other options are a 8 hour operation which we all know even a healthy kid wouldnt make it through , the other options are
Cut his liaments which they dont think would make a differnce at this point given the seriousness of his condition and his mislinement and disfigurement of his body

ABR Is from germany and they have been working with kids like luc for years with great success the only other place in Canada is MONTREAL which is where we are going

I will post the clininc and what ABR is in the page below along with LUCS history and how this all came about , LUC was born terminally ill and had less then 6 months to live and is the only known
Child with his condition in CANADA .
Called Fumarate)which controls the kreb cycle
And all workings of the human body with out it working correctly we would surly die .....

He has beat all odds even given the diagnosises
Of his rare disorder I have kept him going with alternative treatments, RAW diet , Cannabis for seizuress , and hoslistic care ...

He also suffers from a rare brain condition called PMG that truly doesnt help but we have worked with many alternative treatments to support his brain and given the horrible diagnosis hes been able to live with this where he should have been having violent seizures

Has been only having very mild parcel seizures
Again given this at such a young age and over coming something even a adult couldnt over come he has ... he has many set backs and has
Died in my arms not once but twice but both times wasnt ready to let go and both times had to fight even harder to stay on earth with his family .

He has not only taught me how hard life is but truly what living is all about and what life truly means , money , material things mean nothing if you dont have your health and the love of a very special family to keep it all together and truly this boy is the air I breath ... ..

Luc is truly one special child and this is something as a mom that I have to do for him no one should have to live in pain because the medical system looks at your life as being short
Or riskly surgery would put his life at risk .

There other options of course none not covered under the medical system and nothing in place in NS my own province to help my child lead a painful and stressfree life .

So I seek treatments where they are offered that will help luc grow and be pain free

Thanks to everyone that has helped either by sharing or donating your help is never over looked or forgottin

Todate we have raised 2225 $

Plus 845 $

Porters airline have donated flights there and from mas we fly not once but twice a year for treatments .....and given a very vital machine that will work his muscles at night when he sleeps to help correct the issues he has as no additional charge !!!!

So we need to rasie another 2500 $

To pay for rest of treatment and hotels

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$618 CAD raised of $2,000 CAD
Steve Bannon Speech GOP Convention
Live with Outlaw Morgan
Boston Free Speech Rally

Other endorsments from Trump:

Ed Gillespie - Virginia Governor Race - LOST

Luther Strange - Alabama Senate Race - LOST


Roy Moore - Alabama Senate Race - LOST

Rick Saccone - Pennsylvania Congress Race - LOST

John Cox is about to be the next loser.

Vote Travis Allen!

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Gabe Silva

Trump says he likes winners and then endorses loser Cox who didnt support him. Trump turned his back on Ca Patriots and Travis Allen who supports him! #trump Huge disappointment!

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Gabe Silva

The only choice is Travis Allen! Any other vote is for Gavin!

The Islamic conquest of Britain continues apace, despite widespread public ignorance...

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Never apologize, also proceeds from the sales of my shirts directly go to help my legal defense.

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Teachers are not the educated individuals with a passion for knowledge and wisdom they portray, they are the enemy. They are leftist filth. They are the vindictive Socialist ideologues of deceit and failure who hate this country and all who stand for her.

From your earliest days in the Democratic Party indoctrination centers we call "Public Schools" to the day you graduate from college and begin paying back those obscene student loans to a Democratic Party mega-donor bank exe...cutive the leftist filth has been the primary force in shaping your world outlook and selectively presenting you the information with which you will develop your opinions for decades. Every year, at every level of education, they become more brazen and push their agenda harder. The leftists own the entire education system. They are fighting a war for our children's minds. A war for the future of our Republic. A war we cannot allow them to win. Our fair Republic cannot survive another generation of indoctrinated Socialist degenerates. Never support another teacher's cause or vote for politicians beholden to their union political henchmen.

What has happened in our colleges and universities is now moving into the mainstream of public education as the graduates of the insanity of Social Justice curriculum bring their newfound worldviews to the classrooms of millions of your kids with the authority to shape their entire worldview and destroy their futures for 'wrong-think'. Soon it will be your child coming home from 2nd Grade with an assignment requiring him to write about his "white privilege". Soon it will be your daughter sharing a locker room with a 'girl' with a cock and balls. Soon it will be every student in your local school district being taught shit like this during Black History Month...

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The next time someone says your guns wont protect you from the government, remind those people of a little south east asian country where a bunch of farmers beat the biggest war machine of all time.

This is the type of oppression Kyle Chapman goes up against on a daily basis. This photo of a SoCal PB BBQ he attended got him a 30day FB ban

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They shut down my fundraiser again...Back to the old school.

Kyle Chapman
P.O. Box 1466
Pacifica ca 94044

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A California judge declined to drop felony charges against Yvette Felarca, a prominent Antifa member, and two other activists, stating there was no proof of a “witch hunt” against the leader.
Erin Sith

“Jones' collection of child pornography was "extensive and horrific," according to court documents from the U.S. Attorney's office, and he was responsible for u...ploading a video to YouTube that showed a "prepubescent minor victim being repeatedly sodomized by two adults," a video prosecutors say he uploaded using the email address "".”

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Ever since Moira Greyland released the book detailing just how her mother, Science Fiction legend and feminist icon Marion Zimmer Bradley sexually abused her — and used the convention circuit…

SoCal Proud Boy meet up.

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