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Battle Tails - Finishing Moves

More and more #Mobiles #Games are coming from the #Designer #Toy world! The Toy Chronicle's got the list and we're checking out the new photo app from our friends at FluffyHouse!

#battletails #game #huckgee #thetoychronicle #powercore

Today we have something a tad different. Many of you like dabble in a mobile gaming or use you mobile when you have some free time. When you're not reading The Toy Chronicle or browsing the net. Mobile gaming and apps play a part in everyday life in this day in age. Today we are featuring a few apps…
Battle Tails with Jian Shen and 11 others.

Huck Gee & PowerCore are raffling off goodies at the ToyCon UK 2016 #AfterParty hosted by The Toy Chronicle!

#Party starts in 20 minutes!!! 🎉🍻

#huckgee #battletails #thetoychronicle #freebeer #toyconuk2016 #powercore

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For all the Battle Tails fans out there, thank you for supporting and playing!
While the game development has temporarily halted, we would still like to bring Huck Gee's wonderful world to as many people as we can - therefore, we're proud to announce that in partnership with Powercore Inc, there's now an official Battle Tails Store with Official Merchandise with all the best artwork from the game.
As an added bonus for the opening, there is Free Shipping on all items on the store for a limited time - so take advantage of it while you can.
From all of us on the Battle Tails Team, thank you, and please enjoy!

"Two Elephant Tanks are better than One." -Old Kinausu Proverb

🐾BattleTails available now on #iOS #Appstore! #huckgee #art #free #mobile #games 🎮🔥🐘🐘💨

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Currently listening to...
#Repost @aidpodcast
Episode 236 - The Reinvention of @HuckGee
World famous urban #vinyl #toy #designer Huck Gee talks with us about the rise and fall of collector #toys, his highs and lows with #Kidrobot and most importantly his last year of reinvention, as he sets out to change his career and some would say the world of collectable toys.

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Are you a part of the #battletailsbeta? Get in now and be a part of #battletails history before it's over!

#huckgee #game #original #art #toys #mobile #beta #testers #rock #hashtags

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First, again, thanks for your patience. Like a lot of Kickstarter funded projects, the development of this game has far exceeded the hours and money we initially projected. The game developers and I comprise a small team that has been slaving away in our spare hours to make BattleTails a reality. Bu…
Hey Battle Tails Backers!This is Jian from the Battle Tails dev team. Thank you so much for supporting Huck and all of us. We simply can not do this without your support! I know we've been pretty quiet lately and it’s because we've been hitting some unexpected technical roadblocks that have unfortun…

Huck fall down go BOOM.

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The wait is over, Battle Tails fans! The entries to our sticker promos are in, so we have our winners!

We also decided to put in a bit of a twist! The benevolent and brilliant Huck Gee has decreed that everyone who liked the announcement for the promo will also be getting one of the specially-designed, limited edition decal packs, so if your name appears below, send us a private message with your mailing address and we’ll send out your prize!

1) Ottery StCatchpole...
2) Dale Hall
3) Sara Sura
4) Honey Ramos Bagsic
5) Jay Jay Fool
6) P'urhépecha Martinez
7) Michael Benge
8) Gretchen Anthony
9) Pialat Christophe
10) 翁浩恩
11) Nick Darnall
12) Chan D Man
13) Ming Lai
14) Sandro Flores
15) Dirk Küster
16) Kelly Ann
17) Velinda Riparip
18) Charlie Oakey
19) Sean M Gallagher
20) Paul Adger

Thanks for participating! Stay tuned to this page for more exclusive peeks and updates about the upcoming release of Battle Tails!

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The fearsome and ferocious former sumo champion Yamahonda, leader of the tattooed troublemakers called the Boso Ichiban clan, makes his first appearance in Battle Tails!

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The best things in life are free, and so are the 25 Battle Tails-themed sticker packs we’re giving away this week.

If you want to qualify to receive a trio of Hero decals, just subscribe to our newsletter on, and Share any one of our last screenshot posts on your Wall. The 25 users whose posts get the most Likes will be sent a set of these awesome stickers!

Your entries will qualify till 12 midnight on May 24th, so hurry and get your friends a-Liking!

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Huck Gee
May 13, 2014

Which hulking behemoth should represent "Huck" in game? Version 01 or version 02? #BattleTails

Hey, Battle Tails fans! Ever wanted to know more about the Kingdom of Kinausu? If so, head onto our Battle Tails blog to read Huck’s latest post describing the Great Kingdom. It’s a must-read blog post outlining the Battle Tails universe!

Hi, guys! Huck here, and for the upcoming release of the game, I wanted to share more about the Kingdom of Kinausu, the land where all your victories—and maybe