Origins 2017 Announcement: Worldwide Event 2017 - Scorched Earth. Take part in the battle for New Oslo in this all-new worldwide event for BattleTech, A Time of War, and Alpha Strike! All games must be run and submitted by a member of the Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team to count toward the event. Players can connect with their local Agent by visiting the official forums at and clicking on the "Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team" forum. Look for a local game, or request an agent to run one near you. All games must be submitted by Labor Day to count for the event. Catalyst Demo Team Agents present at Origins will receive the official event files during the convention. All other Agents will receive the same info via e-mail during the week of June 19. (Agents who wish to play in the event themselves should not read the event documents!) After the event is complete, the files will be made publicly available. Connect with your local Agent, and get your games of Total Warfare, A Time of War, and Alpha Strike!

New Battletech novel!

"The Nellus Academy Incident" by Jennifer Brozek is now available in print!!…/…/d/1942487711/ref=tmm_pap_title_0…


Please note, this was previously available through Battlecorps, this is the first time it's available in print!

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THE WARRIORS OF TOMORROW... The battlefields of the 31st century are commanded by the BattleMech, twelve-meter-tall, 100-ton bipedal engines of destruction. Fought by MechWarriors, commanded by neo-feudal officers, owned by national governments and band of mercenaries, these ’Mechs make every oth....

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Author Victor Milan passed away Feb. 13 in Albuquerque, N.M. following a short battle with cancer, his friends and fellow writers confirmed. He was 63.

Milan is best remembered by BattleTech fans as the author of three novels featuring the Camacho’s Caballeros mercenary unit, “Close Quarters,” “Hearts of Chaos,” and “Black Dragon” as well as a BattleCorps short story, “Callie’s Call.” He also penned a pair of Mechwarrior: Dark Age novels, “Flight of the Falcon” and “A Rending...

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Author Victor Milan passed away Feb. 13 in Albuquerque, N.M. following a short battle with cancer, his friends and fellow writers confirmed. He was 63.

Ha…seven BattleTech books pulled out to write the latest MWO Lore. That may be a record. Man I love writing these tight, focused fiction vignettes. rnb

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The Blakist efforts to stifle your voices has been stopped cold, the forums are back up.

Hi, we're aware the forums are down. As of right now we don't know why or have an ETA when they'll be up. When we have more information we'll definitely pass it along.

Talk about Pavlov training. No matter how many times I try and type “Draconic” my fingers always type it “Draconis.” Ha! rnb

The forums are up and appear to be fully functional. If you have any problems please message a Moderator.

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Piranha Preview Stream!

Management is aware that the official Battletech forums are down. The problem had been escalated to our vendor and we do not currently have an ETA. We will keep everyone informed as we receive information.


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Welcome to JennRavenna

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Battlemechs you say?!
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Hey everyone, B1BFlyer here with a New Classic Battlemaster. "Lucky Kill" belongs to the Lexington Combat Group, 180th Dragoons, "Marie's Golden Hammers."

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B1BFlyer here again with another New Classic sculpt. This Griffin GRF-1N is John Hayes' Mech in the command lance of the Wolf's Dragoons, Black Widow Company.