Looking for a parent to speak with for a story about talking to your kids about pot when it becomes legal Jan. 1. Please send me a message. Thanks.

First 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi" trailer is out. @starwars @TheLastJedi2017 #TheLastJedi…/watch-first-star-wars-the-las…/

Director Rian Johnson says the late Carrie Fisher plays an important part in upcoming film.

Eddie Murphy releases statement on brother Charlie Murphy. #charliemurphy @charliemurphy #EddieMurphy…/eddie-murphy-mourns-brother-c…/

Actor says of brother, who passed Wednesday, “Charlie filled our family with love and laughter and there won’t be a day that goes by that his presence will not be missed.”

Is Jude Law a good choice to play Dumbledore? @FantasticBeasts #JudeLaw #HARRYPOTTER…/jude-law-plays-dumbledore-in-…/

Two-time Oscar nominee tackles role of young Dumbledore, opposite Johnny Depp playing his rival, Gellert Grindelwald.
Successful comedian, who made his name on ‘Chappelle’s Show,” dies of cancer at 57.

Bill O'Reilly has a compassionate soul. Or something. @BillOReilyTV #BillOReilly @FoxNews…/bill-oreilly-laughs-at-man-dr…/

Fox News host makes light of man pulled off United Airlines plane after the company overbooked his flight.
Actress says president offered to put her up in one of his hotels while she filmed ‘Primary Colors.’

Isn't there already enough bad in this world? @KUWTK #Kardashian @KrisJenner…/is-kris-jenner-pitching-a-kar…/

Kardashians’ matriarch met with Harvey Weinstein’s people recently, to talk about an animated show about the family, which wouldn’t include Caitlyn Jenner.

Forget 'CHiPs" (no, really), when does TV translate to the big screen? @chipsmovie #ChipsMovie #CHiPs…/with-chips-hollywood-again-go…/

Some examples of movie studios adapting ideas from television that worked well.

It's too bad the Secret Service won't let these two fight. @Schwarzenegger @realDonaldTrump #arnoldschwarzenegger…/arnold-schwarzenegger-mocks-d…/

Former California governor invites president to come see the results of some of the school programs he’s cutting.

Keith Richards reportedly once threatened Donald Trump with a knife. @officialKeef @realDonaldTrump @RollingStones…/keith-richards-once-threatene…/

President promoted Rolling Stones Atlantic City show in 1989, but reportedly stepped over the line when Keith Richards didn’t want him involved.

Sesame Street rules. Good thing they get all the funding they need. Oh, wait ...@sesamestreet @realDonaldTrump…/sesame-street-introduces-auti…/

var _ndnq = _ndnq || []; _ndnq.push([’embed’]); Sesame Street is adding new character named Julia, who has red hair and is autistic. Julia already appears in Sesame Street books. She wi…

What's wrong with these people? @FoxNews @seanhannity…/did-sean-hannity-point-a-gun-…/

Sources told CNN Hannity activated laser sight and pointed it at Williams in October after the two debated on air.

A good movie for kids this weekend (and adults, too). @beourguest #BeautyAndTheBeast @Disney…/review-emma-watson-works-magi…/

“Harry Potter” star Emma Watson was an inspired choice to play Belle in Disney’s live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Don'y screw with a Jedi. @MarkHamillMedia @StarWars #MarkHamill…/mark-hamill-fires-back-at-tru…/

Education official calls ‘Star Wars’ actor ‘Han Solo’s little (expletive)’, and Hamill tells him he’s being redundant.

Why would they reboot, restart or otherwise screw with 'The Matrix?' @TheMatrix #thematrix #TheMatrixRebooted…/who-wants-to-reboot-the-matrix/

Warner Bros. is exploring doing something new with the groundbreaking 1999 film, and wants Michael B. Jordan to be part of it.