Yes, I miss you guys, so here's a quick little hello from Shane (Secret Cameraman) and me. iPhone video from the beach in northern California.

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Though we inadvertently stopped filming after Lexi Dogg died, Beachwalks continues 10 years strong. And really, though Shane and I were often consumed with the filming, the editing, the posting, and I *thought* it was about the beautiful scenery of Hawaii, it turns out the the strongest element of Beachwalks is THE PEOPLE. When I meet those who have been part of the show on the viewing side, it truly is like connecting with old friends. We have so much in common - that love of Aloha - and it is shared freely and unguarded. And little do most of you realize, it was your energy shared with me that enables us to produce over 775 episodes! It was so great to meet you IRL, Henry Chu and Patricia Lee Chu! Let's do it again! Love, Rox

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Henry Chu is with Patricia Lee Chu and Roxanne Darling at Mama's Fish House.

After a decade, we finally meet irl! I had been watching and listening to Roxanne Darling's podcast "Beach Walks" since 2006. Our convo lasted close to 2 hours like we were old friends. She's a special and enlightening person. #aloha #beachwalks @roxannedarling @kungfuchu

Beach Walk #732 - Come Join With Me
Beach Walk 735 - Spring Bikini Edition
Beach Walk 742 - Huli Heaven

How does it get any better than this, beach walks fans?!? Hope you see this Eric Olson Jt Clough Shane Robinson. Among many others!

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Duke's OceanFest

How appropriate that Kama The Surfing Pig and Kitty partner were the winners in the Kono's Restaurant "Going to the Dogs" SurFUR Competition! (🎥 | IG: @freedomedia or

Hey Beachwalkers! I think you'lllove reading this short story and I hope you'll add your vote for the amazing surfer, Keala Kennelly. xoROX

Hobnob user and #LGBT role model Keala Kennelly made surfing history by riding one of the heaviest waves ever seen. Now she's nominated for the ESPY Awards! Check out her crazy story...

How does a scrappy, unsponsored, 38-year-old female, and outspoken role model for the LBGT community, compete in male-dominated world of big wave surfing (let alone for an ESPY popular vote contest)? The way she’s always done it: by suiting up, showing up, and working for it.

Escape your normal reality with this beautiful drone footage!

Making this film really made me appreciate all the beauty Maui has. I think it’s humbling to the see world we live in from the drone’s bird’s…

It's winter in Hawai‘i and that means really big waves! Enjoy the surfing, whatever form it takes for you Beach Walkers. These photos are from Jaws on Maui, by my friend Bryan Berkowitz. xorox

Bryan Berkowitz added 22 new photos to the album: Peahi (Jaws) 2-25-16 — with Chuck Patterson and 5 others at JAWS :: Peahi :: Maui.

snapped a few photos from the cliff today.

Are you having fun yet today? I hope you enjoy some vibe up with these three champions!

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Posted by I Love Surfing

For those of you who've been with us for a long time, you may appreciate reading about the early videobloggers in this PhD Thesis from Trine Bjørkmann at the University of Sussex. Do you notice anything the same or different with today's generation of YouTube lifestyle bloggers? back then, there wasn't even a category for that!…/1/Berry%2C_Trine_Bj%C3%B8rkmann.p…

Many thanks to Zadi Diaz, Rupert Howe, and Steve Garfield for connecting me to this and bringing back so many fond memories!

For those of you who might be missing Lexi Dogg (like I am), Luna is here to bring the smiles! Via Maui Surfer Girls cc Shane Robinson

Meet Luna, the Maui Surfer Girls surf dog and mascot! She's been surfing since she was 6 month old with the surf school owner, Dustin Tester. She's an…

Kaile's dad, Eric Olson, is the new official beach walker. You'll recognize the area and his pre-dawn walks with dog Kini are magical!

OK - this is gorgeous and spine-tingling! Thanks to @Larry Heim for finding this. #drone #surfing

Some random moments from 2014, it certainly was a busy and fun year, i travel with my pet drone everywhere i go and im excited to start 2015 as a licensed drone…

Hi Beachwalkers! Tomorrow is the last day of the year. As you walk the virtual beach, what's on your mind for 2014 and/or 2015?

Kanoe does wonderful videos - follow her here on FB! ~ Rox

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Posted by Kanoe Miller
Kanoe Miller

Saturday September 13
One of the most treasured lei is the pakalana lei. It grows on slender vines during the summer months, it's citrus-grassy fragrance fillin...g the warm night air. The Chinese immigrants brought it over to Hawai'i during the late nineteenth century, along with jasmine (pikake) and gardenia (kiele). It takes about 130-140 blossoms to make one strand, which explains why the lei has become a bit pricey. But I broke down and purchased a lei for this weekend at the Halekulani...I couldn't resist! Aloha, Kanoe

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Dear Beach Walkers -I am going to send out an email blast, however I also wanted to mention here. My amazing Mom, Blanche, who many of you have met on Beachwalks, turns 90 on August 24th. We are flooding her snail mailbox with birthday cards! If you want to join in, be on the lookout for an email from me with her address in it. She is doing great, considering all the changes in her life and the death of my dad back in 2009. You can also email me directly if you want: Mahalo!

Have you seen longtime Beachwalks friend (and multiple times guest of the show) Mailani's new music video! #LaLaLove

Mailani's new single "A Lot Like Love" Lyric Video. School is out. Summer is here. It's time to grab your friends and family, hit the beach, take a drive, ha...

OK Beachwalkers. The email has been sent - if you didn't get it, your email address may be old! I saw several insiders who bounced! I can message you if you want. Please go ahead and signup again or email me and I will forward it to you:

Meanwhile, we have started a survey to get your ideas on what to do next. Please take a moment to tell us your thoughts!