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Friends of Emilia has always been about giving back to the NICU. We have recently experienced some more personal issues that we want to bring to the forefront, and as FOE is revitalized, give us a better focus.

As many parents do, Giving and providing for your kids becomes the most Important aspect of life. When you have lost a child, giving 100% to the surviving children becomes even bigger.

Chris and Danyelle spent years struggling to survive as they remained a single in...come family. They strongly believed it was in Cameron and Olivia's best interest for Danyelle to remain at home raising the kids while Chris worked. As the kids flourished, the bills piled up.

Cameron and Olivia are both in preschool now. Danyelle has recently returned to work to help with the bills. But now The struggle of being the best mom vs bringing home a paycheck begins.

As friends of Emilia looks forward and works to create a new purpose, we think of the families struggling. Is that our next purpose? To help struggling families?

What do you think?

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We need to do something to get Friends of Emilia back on track! Any of our followers lawyers? Accountants? Anyone interested in taking FOE under their wings and getting us back as a 501 (3)c and manage the day to day operations?


"The greatest gift you can give to my family is the gift of remembrance... Hearing my child’s name is the greatest reminder that he has not been forgotten."

Please, don’t forget about my child. This is my heartfelt plea. I know you love and care about my family. I know that you don’t always understand nor do ...

Hi Friends...I know we have been very quiet lately and we apologize! We are still working on our plans for reinstating our 501(3c) status and will hopefully have things all in place for 2017!

Two years later and still hoping for a 'cure' for Pre E!

Preeclampsia effects about 200,000 pregnancies a year. WBZ-TV's Dr. Mallika Marshall reports.

It is 2 am and I just created our new business plan! Friends of Emilia is coming back with a greater cause! Stay tuned!!!

For the past few years Christmas in my house was made possible by the incredible heart of a dear friend who made sure we had what we needed for the kids. This year, I am returning the favor to another friend who could use some help to give her kids a Christmas. I will be collecting gift cards and other donations for their family over the next few weeks. The focus is on the kids, so I'll be looking for age appropriate games and toys for them (8 year old daughter, 12 year ol...d son). And if anyone wants to put something together for the mom, I'm sure she'd appreciate that too!
Lets spread some holiday cheer this year! I can meet you, come to you, or you can mail your donations to me at home. I plan to deliver all our goodies in plenty of time for mom to get things wrapped and ready..(I'm thinking 12/20 or so)....And remember no amount is every too small.....Thank you all!

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Asking again, does anyone have legal experience setting up a non profit or running a non profit that would like to give us a hand.

Do we have any Friends who have experience running a Non Profit? We are looking to get our foundation up and running again, but we would love to have someone else on board with us to take the reigns as needed.

Feel free to message Danyelle or Chris.

Although our June fundraiser is over, we are always accepting donations.

Www.Cdmediadesigns.Com is our sister site where donations can be made.

Donations are still coming in. We have raised $1300 in Emilia's memory. We fell short of our goal, but every dollar helps!

You can still donate at

We have raised $1260 so far. Can we make it to $2000 today? I know we can! $5, $10, $50 or more, what ever you can afford!

You can donate at our business site. The Shave Our Heads Campaign (although we are far from hitting THAT goal)


Big lungs for a little baby!

It is the final 7 days. My heart tells me we can do more, a lot more. I should have been having a princess party for my 5 year old. I should be buying her 'back to school' things for the first time. Instead I planted flowers at her grave. I don't mean to sound bitter, but sometimes it's just difficult not to be angry about what happened. Why our daughter? Why Emilia? This is why raising money this year was such an important goal for me. So $10,000 may have been Maybe $5000 would have been better. Sadly, we haven't even hit $1000 yet. I am heartbroken. I feel like I have failed her all over again.

Shave our Heads Campaign donation page is at

Remember if we hit our goal I will shave
my head!

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Trying so hard not to get discouraged. I honestly thought we could do more in Emilia's memory then we have. I am so grateful to those who have donated, but sad at the same time. There's only 8 days left....I hope we can do a little more.

We are SO close to $1000!!! Can we hit it today? I know we'll never hit our initial goal of $10,000 and although I am disappointed, I am forever grateful to those of you who have supported us in this fundraising campaign.

We are still accepting donations in Emilia's name.

Donate to our Shave our Heads campaign at

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