This makes me love apples even more!

We live in a fast world that delivers remedies by the truckload, but we neglect some of the simplest and most natural remedies in front of us such as apple cider vinegar. The apple cider vinegar

Now that's what I call art!

Very creative indeed.
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Prepare to be amused!

From the Venezuelan Final Fantasy to the Flat Earthers, we've got it all this week.

Must Watch if you're a Jack Black fan!

The comedian, actor, musician, and all around good guy, Jack Black, gave the people of Los Angeles a very special treat at the Sparks game as he took to the court of the WNBA team to serenade and entertain the crowd.

Very moving!

Leave it up to the eastern Europeans to hit you right in the feels with a military recruitment video. This commercial illuminates the unwanted nature of war and sense of duty that comes when the wolf growls at the door. Someone has to protect our freedoms. Is that someone, you?

We are being fed a narrative.

It really has become difficult to tell the difference between a free press and an incentivized press these days. From the gotcha journalism to the lazy reporting, things have seemingly gone from bad to worse.

If at first you don't succeed, definitely try again. This was user error!

What should have been an exciting and groundbreaking day, took a turn for the worst when Russia's first postal drone smashed directly in to a wall during it's maiden flight. That can't be a cheap fix!

Online shopping in a nutshell.

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A little kindness goes a long way

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A poor abused cat that was just skin and bones finally found a home. His progress just 6 months later is absolutely heartwarming and incredible to witness. What would the world be like with just a bit more kindness like shown to this cat here?

This changes everything.

In the modern world, how many of us can really tell whether something is high quality or if it was just packaged to present a high quality facade? The food industry is one the main culprits when it comes to hiding what's really in the product.

Well this about that sums that up.

We are defined by what we do in our day to day lives. On the surface this sounds a lot more intense and daunting than it is and that's why artist, Joao Rocha, from Lisbon, Portugal has created a tumblr called Two Kinds of People.

The Future is NOW!

When it comes to the future, there's nothing more universal than the idea of flying cars. We've seen it in our movies, read it in our books , and now we're hearing about it in our news.

Terrifyingly cute!

Chuff's as they are called in the tiger world, are a response to not being able to purr. Instead of the traditional sound you hear with domestic house cats, tigers make a very breathy shudder which is called chuffing.

All school assignments should come out this funny!

Hilarious Kindergarten Weather Report | Kindergarten student, Carden Corts, was assigned to make the Waverly Belmont local weather report for his class. So naturally he enlisted the help of his film production savvy father to help with the process.

It's always best to "strike when the iron is hot" as they say.

We live in a digital world that's always demanding our intention at every turn. Inevitably it has become easy to be inundated with content coming at you from all angles, and one of the major

Don't let your fear of the unknown rule over you.

We've all had the dream where we're the public speaker standing naked in front of a large group of people. No? Not everyone? Well it certainly happens a lot. Enough to be one of the most common