Who else is tired of all the pitched vocal, chipmunk edits?

Future house, future bass, future trap, future... I can't keep up with all these sub-genres but one thing is certain for my brother, Kaskade: He's not just makin' house music anymore:…/kaskade-shows-his-range-in-new-…/

An Appeal for Help: The Thomas Fire Victims
Finishing up EDM Eclipse: Solar today and thought I would video a moment and share it with you.
Stevie Wonder joins Shelea for an impromptu performance at NAM...

I'm working on updates to some of my existing Omnisphere 2 patch libraries. Ascension will be the first to have brand new patches added. Best of all, these updates will be FREE to current users!

Has anyone listened to Above and Beyond's latest album? Being the huge fan that I am, I'm sadly disappointed in this one. It's lazy songwriting, recycled chord progressions and sounds, and cheesy lyrics, with one tune "Tightrope" bordering on annoying with Marty Longstaff's vocals. I'm uninspired by it with the exception of a couple of songs. Sad.

Common Ground, an album by Above & Beyond on Spotify

Time to rethink your YouTube strategy if you rely on those views and ads.…/youtube-top-creators-re…/

Think you can make money on YouTube? According to a new study, only a few content creators can ever expect to make enough to beat poverty in the US.

Fab Deal Alert!
Get a great 6, floating bands of dynamic EQ PLUS spectral analyzer in one Waves plug-in. The F6 EQ is on sale for only $25 when you buy from Audio Deluxe for a limited time!…/waves-f6-floating-band-dynami…

PLEASE NOTE: This product is delivered via secure, electronic delivery. You will receive the full product license (with instructions) direct to your email. Enjoy a safe and fast way to get the latest version and full support direct from the manufacturer.
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February 13

Something evil this way comes...

As if the fear of a looming nuclear war wasn’t enough, now we have this.

So... I got a couple of requests to make a synth out of the "oof" sound from Roblox. Should I do it?

Check out my rough remake of New Order's classic, "Blue Monday". Still some work to do like adding vocal FX (they're totally dry right now) and the track needs some production. But the stems will be used to demo Overloud plug-ins at NAMM in a few days. Let me know what you think so far!

This is a working version of my "Blue Monday" remake of New Order's classic. For starters, the vocals don't have any FX and I still need to "produce" it. None the less, I thought I'd share it in its c

Here's a little tune I wrote today to show off the versatility of my patches for Omnisphere 2. I hope you enjoy "Something Special" from The MINT! I busted out the TR-707 drum samples for this one and gated 'em.

A musical demonstration of The MINT - Patches for Omnisphere 2 using only a handful of sounds from the collection. I used drums from the Roland TR-707 drum machine.

So sad to have lost Shuttle Commander John Young over the weekend. Here's a throwback I did, dedicated to him.

Recently in the news there was a big story about a declassified event, detailing how Apollo 10 astronauts heard alien "space music" as they passed over to th...

We’d like to extend our gratitude to all who generously donated to our Fire Relief fundraising campaign of December 19 through December 31, 2017. Thanks to your generosity, ILIO and MIDIhead are pleased to announce that a total of $6,365 was raised and forwarded to the the Thomas Fire Fund of the United Way Ventura County in California. Thank you for your support!

This may be the lawsuit that breaks Spotify. When/if they declare insolvent, will they sell the business to major labels? This has been a fascinating landscape to watch change.…/spotify-lawsuit-wixen-son…/index.html

Wixen Music Publishing filed the lawsuit, accusing Spotify of copyright infringement.

Here's my new texture patch demo for The MINT. Try not to fall into dreamy slumber. Make sure you've got headphones!…/the-mint-single-patches-textures-d…

This audio demo shows off the "Texture" patches in The MINT. Perfect for creating atmosphere, mood, tension, and mystery. More patch demos coming...

Here's a remix I did for Kaskade, just over 10 years ago from their self-released album "The Calm". This song, "Soft Upon the Lips" was an ambient track that I took in an "epic" direction.…/soft-upon-the-lips-midiheads-epic-…

Here's another remix I did for Kaskade, just over 10 years ago from their self-released album "The Calm". This song, "Soft Upon the Lips" was an ambient track that I took in an "epic" direction. :) It

Behold! The MINT - for Omnisphere 2 is available now for download. Here is a demonstration of just some of the sounds. Everything you hear is from The MINT. Get it here:

The MINT is a new patch library for Omnisphere 2 by MIDIhead and distributed by ILIO. In this audio demonstration, no other sounds were used. Everything you hear is from The MINT.