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  • I, and I alone, am master of my ship. I choose the horizon to seek, and look toward the future as a journey, not a destination. I can race with the full force of the gales and laugh with the wind at my ears. I can drift slowly under clear skies and whisper to the water lovers words. I may fight the roaring ocean of rage, the crushing of thunder and scream with the lightning as my weather beaten body buckles and gives, eyes swell with tears, and my ship rolls, ropes break, and sails tear.
    And the warmth of dawn, a new day breaks in triumph, I smile at the start of the next adventure, remember with reverence the sorrow, and laugh with precious joy. Bear east to the sunrise, to new adventure, and release the sails.
Favorite Quotes
  • The Answers
    Who am I? ~ I am
    Why am I here? ~ I am here
    What is the meaning of life? ~ life is meaning

    Take my hand
    And lead me to salvation
    Take my love
    For love is everlasting
    And remember
    The truth that once was spoken
    To love another person is to see the face of god
    ~ Les Miserables

    To accept without question any opinion as your own is as if you carved your own lines to your own knowledge and wisdom. You will never know what your beautiful mind can do without them until you are free, and when you are free, you will never be anything else.