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The Bee Elite athletes that were in the gym tonight all got their front flips as a team! They were excited!
Sydney getting her front somi dismount off double mini for first time without spot! Congratulations Sydney!!! 11-16-16

Si hablas español por favor léelo!

Coach Tomas added 8 new photos.

Estoy emocionado porque Doterra ahora tiene la clase en la caja 📦 para todos que hablan español!
Acaba a comprar mi primero "clase en una caja" que tiene materi...ales para 10 personas. Entonces si vives en Minnesota y quieres venir a mi primera clase en español, por favor escriba me en messenger privado y puedo noticiarte cuando yo vaya a tener el primero.

Es increíble que tenemos en frente de nosotros de la historia de salud con estés aceites esenciales de las plants 🌱 que ayudan con la vida a sobrevivir con todos las peligros que están el rededor de nosotros.

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If you are looking for alternatives in healthcare that are more natural and can help our current healthcare costs go down contact Coach Tomas.


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Help fight Human Trafficking by making a purchase today and also receive $100 worth of free deep blue product with your 200 PV order this month! Contact us for more details.

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It's like Christmas!!

Look at this amazing BOGO (Buy one get one)
for Day 5!


Fri. Feb 24, 12 am to 11:59 pm MT

Contact me to get this buy one get two items free today!! Help support fighting human trafficking. DōTERRA donated $500,000 last year to fight human trafficking.

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Kristle Lowell is a fellow friend and athlete whom we are so proud of to overcome a major battle in this momentous skill she achieved! Congratulations Kristle!

Posted by Kristle Lowell
Kristle Lowell
February 5

Today I conquered the biggest mental block I've ever had in the sport. About 3 years ago I got lost, opened up and fell on my neck. I swore I would never do the... skill again. Lots of practices of running and stopping but finally got it!!! Thank you Miglena Dimitrova for giving me the confidence to do it again and never giving up on me.

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We at Bee Elite Gymnastics Academy stand up against this issue. We demand that ALL in the community stand with us UNITED! Do NOT cower or hide behind your digital device. Their are children who's lives are at risk! We must stand together and send a VERY loud message that we will NOT tolerate the trafficking of our children nor our fellow Americans nor anyone country. We stand United and anyone whom we find out is trafficking another human we will do all in our legal power to be a voice to say NO and stop this corruption. Not in our community and not now! You WILL be stopped and prosecuted!

Posted by Upworthy

The eyes and ears of the highway: Truckers Against Trafficking is teaching drivers to recognize and report suspicious behavior. For more information, visit Truckers Against Trafficking or call the national hotline at 1-888-3737-888.

Video by Daniel Sheire.

The Bee Elite athletes that were in the gym tonight all got their front flips as a team! They were excited!


Bee Elite Gymnastics Academy sponsored the Heroes 4 Humans concert.

Watch the amazing Sheila Raye Charles perform at the Heroes 4 Humans benefit concert this last Jan 14th, 2017!!

She is such an amazing performer!!!


At the end there is a touching surprise! Thank you to all the volunteers who sacrificed so much!!!!

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Come support our efforts to bring awareness to fight Human Trafficking!!

My niece Savannah Brennan will be performing at the following event on Saturday Jan 14th!!! Get your tickets here:
Please share, like and post.

This video is about Nothing to Prove

This is serious and Bee Elite Gymnastics Academy stands as a Shield in defense against this scourge! Coach Tomas is volunteering as a Producer to help bring awareness to this issue and protect our future generations of youth including his own daughter.
Purchase your ticket today to the benefit concert for Heroes 4 Humans on January 14th, 2017 here:

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The charged defendants include 12 from Thailand and five U.S. citizens. Eleven defendants were arrested Tuesday at various locations in Minnesota, California, Illinois, Georgia and Hawaii. One charged defendant was previously arrested in Belgium. Four defendants remain at-large.

Thank you KSTP for caring about protecting our children!!!…/human-trafficking-awareness-bene…/4360608/

A benefit concert featuring the daughter of music legend Ray Charles will take place in St. Paul this month to support organizations that help rescue human trafficking victims...

We at Bee Elite Gymnastics Academy are sponsoring the following event! Please come!

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Coach Tomas
January 3

I have the privilege and honor to speak at the Heroes 4 Humans event on January 14th at McNally College of Music and the doors open at 4:45pm and it starts at 5:30pm and goes until 9:30pm.
You can get more event information at:

Tickets are limited so get yours today at the above link!!!

It would be an honor to have you come and support us in this effort to get our children and teenagers off the street so they aren't targets for Human Trafficking!

This is NO joke, it's an unfortunate reality that so many of us are unaware of what is happening right next door until it hits our family!

Please take this serious and come hear what we are doing along with be entertained by incredible performers!!

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A dear friend of mine whom is a Medical Doctor has a message to share! It's very important! Please share this everywhere!…/1602…/permalink/1769871786609331/