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July 14

How many of you want to have a deeper purpose in life? One that comes from the ancient of ancients? One that no matter what your struggle, no matter your histor...y or your past that you can be set free?!

Read these powerful secret words daily by renewing your mind daily in the scriptures and Gods word the Bible and ask God to set you free and keep you from poor choices and decisions that we humans fall into. It is His name that has power, not our will.

Don't be afraid when your world comes undone, all you must do is turn back to Him and seek his face. Run towards the Son/sun! You aren't the only one whom feels afraid, Christ is there to build you up and give you hope. Someday our King will come and until then He sustains us in our needs if we simply have faith in Him which isn't simple sometimes. Lord give us eyes to see more of who you truly are.

Hebrews 11:1 "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Without faith it is impossible to please the Lord.

Matthew 6:9–13 (ESV)

"Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."

The power of the cross. See the chains fall off! Your chains fall off with Christ's help!

All those whom look to Him find salvation in this life and the next.

In honor of Sheila Raye Charles.

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Annika 5yr old protege learning her back whip! Awesome job Annika! See, if you stick with it, it's amazing what you can accomplish at a very young age!


4 year old super star in the making!

Come register your children for summer Gymnastics!!!

Register now classes have already started.

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Sydney working on her front full.

Don't forget to register for summer session today!!!...
Summer classes and team starts June 5th!

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Sydney I am very proud of this accomplishment this evening! Your commitment and hard work paid off! Congratulations on this momentous skill at your young age!


Awesome story!! Do you have a nose bleed issue? Interesting testimonial you may want to hear!
Thank you to Marian J. Owen Simonson, Registered Nurse (RN) in Alaska for sharing this great product story.

Here's what Marian wrote:


"4th bloody nose in two days. This time at home....
2 drops essential oil (yes I stuck my finger up my nose...)
Stopped bleeding immediately! Rick Simonson is my witness.
Had no idea helichrysum could do this!"
Go here for your Helichrysum today:

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Overcoming mountains in your life!

Leila demonstrating the Character of determination, persistence and perseverance!
In life these character traits not only must be learned but will come in very handy for our future generations!
If you would like to have your children learn to NOT give up then bring them to Bee Elite Gymnastics Academy. Mental toughness through positive coaching is a vital thing for our children to learn. ...
It is so important for your athlete to be in Gymnastics because of the life skills they learn and what it will do for their future.
This will have a positive impact the rest of their life.
If you do not put your children in gymnastics they are losing out on incredible key fundamentals they truly need for survival in a challenging life that IS life.
I am so proud of Leila that she is learning these characteristics at Bee Elite Gymnastics Academy.

Don't forget to register your children, teenagers and even adults for your favorite class today for summer classes or team!! Come be a part of something great!!

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Si hablas español por favor léelo!

Coach Tomas added 8 new photos.
March 22

Estoy emocionado porque Doterra ahora tiene la clase en la caja 📦 para todos que hablan español!
Acaba a comprar mi primero "clase en una caja" que tiene materi...ales para 10 personas. Entonces si vives en Minnesota y quieres venir a mi primera clase en español, por favor escriba me en messenger privado y puedo noticiarte cuando yo vaya a tener el primero.

Es increíble que tenemos en frente de nosotros de la historia de salud con estés aceites esenciales de las plants 🌱 que ayudan con la vida a sobrevivir con todos las peligros que están el rededor de nosotros.

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If you are looking for alternatives in healthcare that are more natural and can help our current healthcare costs go down contact Coach Tomas.

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TED Fellow Christina Warinner is an expert on ancient diets. So how much of the diet phad the "Paleo Diet" is based on an actual Paleolithic diet? The answer...