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Daydreams of Wasted Time
An Early Start

Some new lofi ambient beat stuff to check out in comments

Collection of ambient material now available for download...see comments


[some other] recent lofi ambient music

2016 Ambient Excursions
Music by Beef Terminal No copyright infringement intended, just sharing wonderful music

Yes I feel old but "Anger Do Not Enter" has turned 10 years old which is super alarming. But I am very proud of this release and it brings back a lot of good memories. So why not share the title track which is one of my favourites....which I'll do in the next post.

I've been spending most of my time working on new Sales Department material but on and off I've been working on a ambient sort of guitar only BT is a random track called "***" Not sure if I like it or not, but only God and you can judge me now...
it's on the internet.

Rough mix of ambient Beef Terminal track called *** Have been working on ambient/guitar only stuff on and off for a while, this is one of the tracks. Not sure if I like it or not but I was feeling f

Please send good thoughts to David Pajo...great guitar player suffering at the moment. "Live From A Shark Cage" by Papa M was a big influence on me when it came out. Get well soon Mr Pajo.

Track #11 from Live from a shark cage

Beef Terminal just hit 162,587 plays on It's cool, I got a dollar for every one

As I wrote the previous post "Steadfast" came up on the randomizer...a sign to finish that ambient album?

from the album The Grey Knowledge

Happy 2015 Friends...thanks to those who supported "Canadian Patent" this year...thanks to Moodgadget for putting it out! Check out Moodgadget's fine stable of artists if you want to hear some great electronic/low level greatness.

This song in particular kind of changed the way I looked at music, and what I could do with it. I think it came out in 1998 (not sure why the video says 2008)

Also 90s Toronto. I was listening to this album a lot when I made "20GOTO10"

I heard this track initially on a CD compilation that accompanied an early issue of the magazine "Losing Today" -- and was instantly hooked. Sheer beauty...

Still my favourite 90s Toronto band...

Toronto Band "Squirrel" Featuring Chris Teeter - 1-416-463-5482

Spending some time this evening working on the next release...ambient only. Drum machines are banned (for now).

That said, The Books frontman Nick Zammuto, who I met that night and was a very nice person has released his sophmore Zammuto album "Anchor" and it is awesome. So check it out!

I love the Books. I opened for them in Toronto one time and it was a real eyeopener. This is one of my favourite tracks by them...

From the recently released play all dvd. If you like this you should buy it from the books website.