LYTT wants to continue making music and tour to share their music with the rest of the world while inspiring and encouraging others to follow their dreams too. They believe you should do what you love and share it with the ones you love which is exactly what we aim to do.

We decided not to write our own commentary and let John Oden’s comment speak for itself.

“I said last time that I wanted money for parties, bills, and a vacation(Where do people come up with these lies about me? Idk.). Apparently that didn't fit Facebook's fundraiser criteria. Luckily, I happen to need money for my higher education too. It is funny how so many people seem to be upset that they have a job while I get to be free. You'd think they'd be grateful that anybody was... free in this world. Freedom rules. It's like how some slaves back in the day resented all free men just cause they were stuck working all day. I'm not the one who's bound you to a job. It's capitalistic society and your own lack of resilience which does that. I'm hoping to free the slaves and bring equal rights to the poor soon. It's the new equal right movement...stay tuned...It's about to sweep the nation like the last one.” - John Oden

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Help Natalie go to Peru so she can do ayahuasca!

As many of you know, I have began developing a philosophy that believes in actualizing each individual's dreams, missions and purposes in their lifetime, by running for elected office. But before I can run for office, I need to get in touch with our indigenous and native roots because there is s...

There's been some rumblings and grumblings about what we do here and how awful we are but we think it's time to remind you that even in this great hateration community there's just some places we don't go. Check yourselves before you wreck your selves. Don't be that guy.

'Tis the season to start begging.

If you cover this dude's airfare and ticket price he will go. If you cover the costs of his gifts he will give gifts.

If you don't donate there's gonna be one less beggar in the crowd.

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Help Cory put Tefillin on Jews at Burningman! 3 years ago I recommitted myself to Judaism after a profound experience at Burning Man and have pledged to return every year possible. The idea of personal transformation at the Burningman festival has become a sort of cultural joke…. But behind the s...
I have taken plant medicine very seriously, as it not only heals the emotional and mental states of individuals, but also heals physical ailments, such as cancer. Ayahuasca, an indigenous brew normally mixed with two different plants has become my main interest. My purpose in life is to help ma...

Anonymous submission from the Philadelphia area.…/setu-tribe-fundraiser-music-com…

Help solidify Setu Tribe's presence with a website, trademark, workshops, and percussion! | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!

Too much wrong in this beggars plea for 10 grand to even know where to begin shaming.

I'll leave it up to you in the comments to handle this time.

My name is Becca Gronski and I'm raising money to support myself on my travels and spiritual journey around the world. I am a spiritual teacher, reiki and crystal healer, artist, YouTuber, traveler and writer. I love sharing these gifts with people and often want to just give them freely to anyon...

Anonymous tip time; all the way from the city of Brotherly Love.

Apparently this Freeform Festival event was run very poorly and the people in charge decided that the artists contracted to bring art to the event would be the ones not getting their compensation when the event fell far short of recouping costs this past year.

As such the organizers of said festival have decided to throw a fundraiser party to raise the funds to pay the people they promised to pay from the funds... they were supposed to have raised by selling tickets to the festival in the first place.

We understand that running a festival can give some serious gravitas to your social standing but for fucks sake don't promise people money you simply don't have. In the end you'll just look like a beggar and a loser.

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Sometimes people are somewhat self aware about begging and still don't care that they are asking for a frivolous hand out from strangers to go on vacation.

As many of you know, Burning Man has been a place I call home for a number of years. I recently relocated to Chicago with my boyfriend for a job that was not at all what we were expecting, leaving us in a sticky situation. I have been planning a trip back to Bend to head out to the playa for a ve...

Hi my name is Ashley and I need a new hoop and new fire fans and new fire eating torches and you get to pay for them all!!

I never was one to ask for help like this, but I find myself in a pickle. It happens to the best of us, life happens. And becuase life happens, I am now thousands of dollars in debt, including medical bills that continue to stack, working a part time job while trying to make what I love doing a f...

Burning Man desperately needs another hooper!

Meet Audrey, she actually says she's "testing her self reliance" while asking for money to get her there at the same time.

Don't worry though your money will be funding her "soul enriching" month long trip (which includes an RV).


She does ask for people to "help spread the word" so we are only doing our part.

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Today I found out I am really truly making the pilgrimage to Burning Man...a dream of mine for years. Herein is an indescribable essence, lure of the unkown, and an invitation to expand the mind, and self from the heart space. It's a place where inspiration and creation live, and I am finally par...

Posted without comment. This fundraiser is full of land mines.

Hi, I'm Karla Njathi (jaah-thee)! I'm heading out to Black Rock City for my first Burning Man experience - but I'll need your help. I secured a Low-Income Ticket to Burning Man and will need assistance covering some of the other costs associated with getting to the Playa. I have a camp AND th...

Hi my name is Claire and my boyfriend broke up with me and despite the fact that I'm living on couches and don't have a job I'm going to Burning Man. Now all I need is for you to give me money.

"Don't give up. Not ever. Be safe, if you can be, but always be amazing." -Clara Oswald Hiii, my name is Claire and Holy Shit, it's been such a crazy, emotional year of transitions and re-awakenings. My 15 year relationship with someone I really love is coming to a close and I am doing my best t...

Most people put more effort into their Facebook status updates than these folks put into their crowdfunding attempt.

Mel need to be at my Birthday Party. Make it happen.

Because burning man doesn't have enough acrobats.

Why aren't people even trying anymore?

Burning man is a event that thousands of people go to every year to express their art in a variety of ways including performances and building structures/statues, and buildings. This year, unfortunately, the business I had been previously working for closed down and I have been out of work and I...