Calestous Juma - Innovation and Its Enemies
Destined for War: Can the U.S. and China Escape Thucydides Trap?
Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Why Islam Needs A Reformation Now
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Christie Wa Bien
· February 11, 2017
HKS is the best place for think tank and experts from around the world. Graham is great i like this guy and his fellows and colleagues are really good A big thank for all what they bring us.
Adam Oppenheimer
· February 20, 2014
The Belfer Center is the best think-tank! They are very intelligent and always bring the right point of view to their articles.
Guillermo Malpica Soto
· February 14, 2017
The best experience in 2016 was the opportunity to participate in a two-week executive program on Trade Policy. Ready for the next!
Jill Dougherty
· May 2, 2017
The Belfer Center is a crucial source of information, especially on national defense and nuclear issues.
Ron Pinkham
· October 24, 2013
Ron Pinkham
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Ron Pinkham While the Republicans are looking for Problems with the Healthcare Web Site one would Wonder if one could Access Error Logs from the Republicans head.
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Ron Pinkham
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Ron Pinkham I would hate to see someone walking around like a Blue Screen?
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Ron Pinkham System Brain Crash?
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Ron Pinkham Ron Pinkham It must be the Step before the Walking Coma?
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Lloyd Solis
February 9, 2012
Good..Good.. Good....
Elenito Elias da Costa
· May 14, 2013
A mão que vota é a mesma que indicia
A mão que elege é a mesma que sofre...
A mão que juramenta a Constituição Federal
É a mesma que juramenta a Bíblia
A mão que assina atos ímprobos e ilícitos
É a mesma que garfa o Erário
A mão que julga é a mesma que inocenta
A mão que fere é a mesma que preserva a vida
A mão que mata é a mesma que te dá á vida
A mão que afaga é a mesma que violenta
A mão que indica é a mesma que inibe
A mão que acaricia é a mesma que bate
A mão que assina é a mesma que corrompe
A mão que perdoa é a mesma que executa.
A mão que ama é a mesma que agride
A mão de quem ama é a mesma de quem odeia
A mão que eleva é a mesma que rebaixa
A mão que abraça é a mesma que suspeita
A mão que ama é a mesma que odeia
A mão que rouba é a mesma que decepa
A mão que beija é a mesma que decepciona
A mão de cinco dedos é a mesma de quem tem quatro.
A mão que corrompe é a mesma do corruptor.
A mão que une é a mesma que desagrega.
A mão da IURD é a mesma que te ilude
A mão cristã é a mesma que te acolhe
A mão americana é a mesma da chinesa
A mão do rico é a mesma do pobre
A mão da massa que trabalha é a mesma que pode decidir
A mão que ensina é a mesma que educa
A mão que escreve artigos é a mesma que escreve livros.
A mão que conta é a mesma que desconta
A mão que engana é a mesma que promete
A mão que programa é a mesma que venda
A mão que promete é a mesma que lhe furta.
A mão que busca o lucro é a mesma que identifica o prejuízo
A mão do ágio é a mesma do deságio
A mão de fé é a mesma do incrédulo
A mão de quem reza é a mesma de quem não ora
A mão que resolve é a mesma do eleitor
A mão que insere é a mesma que exclui
A mão que acredita é a mesma de quem desacredita
A mão que confia é a mesma que desconfia
A mão que muda o destino de uma nação é a mesma que trabalha
A mão de quem digita é a mesma de quem deleta
A mão que tudo resolve é a mesma mão da massa
Se há tanta identidade, por que nos achamos diferentes?


Hand voting is the same which indicates
The hand that is the same elects suffering
The hand believe the Federal Constitution
It is the same as the Bible low
A hand signing and unlawful acts lies
It is the same as the Treasury take
The hand that is the same judge who exonerated
The hand that hurts is the same life that preserves
The hand that kills is the same that will give you life
The stroking hand is the same as violent
The hand is the same indicates that inhibits
The hand that caresses the same is hitting
The hand sign is the same as that corrupts
The hand that forgives is the same as running.
The hand that is the same love that attacks
The hand of one who loves is the same as the hater
Hand rearing is the same as that demeans
The hand hugging is the same suspect
The hand is the same love that you hate
The hand that steals is the same as coppicing
Hand kissing is the same disappoints
The hand of five fingers is the same who has four.
The hand that corrupts is the same as corruptor.
The hand linking is the same as disintegrates.
The hand of the IURD is the same that eludes you
The Christian is the same hand that welcomes you
The hand is the same as American Chinese
The hand of the rich is the same as the poor
The hand is working mass that can decide the same
The hand that is the same teaches that educates
The hand writing articles is the same as writing books.
The hand that is the same account that discounts
The hand that is the same fool that promises
The hand that is the same program that sells
The hand that is the same promises which steals.
The hand that seeks profit is the same injury that identifies
The hand of goodwill is the same discount
The hand of faith is that of the unbeliever
The hand of the one who prays to is the same one who does not pray
The hand that is solves the same voter
The hand that is the same part that excludes
The hand he believes is the same who disbelieves
The hand that trust is the same as suspicious
The hand that changes the destiny of a nation is the same working
The hand that is the same type who deletes
The hand that solves everything is the same hand of the mass
If there is such identity, for which we are different?

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In a new paper, John Carlson examines India’s Separation Plan and safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). He provides an action plan to create clear separation between civilian and military nuclear activities in India and protect the integrity of IAEA safeguards.

Currently, the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is considering India’s application for membership. In this context NSG members are reportedly discussing membership criteria for states not party to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), including a requirement for clear and strict separation of cu...

At #Davos, Trump has an opportunity to reassure the world that the U.S. still believes in strong global institutions, Lawrence Summers writes in Financial Times.

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Call for Student Research: The Belfer Center's Saudi & GCC Security Project are seeking student researchers interested in topics surrounding how policy, intelligence, and security issues impact on the Gulf region.

More Info:

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Stephen Walt: "To the extent the Trump administration has a discernible Middle East strategy, it is to contain and confront Iran."

The Trump administration’s Middle East strategy revolves around a threat that doesn’t exist.

Sr. Fellow Ernest Moniz addresses global nuclear risks in speech at Center for Strategic and International Studies:

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Are you a Harvard graduate student or fellow with research interests in terrorism and Middle East security issues?

The Belfer Center's Saudi & Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Security Project will be sponsoring a small student delegation to Saudi Arabia to present and discuss research. Info sessions being held next week:

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Martin Feldstein: The Fed is playing catch up, and as inflation and rates rise, asset prices will revert to previous norms.

President Trump has not yet approved a draft strategy that would expand “extreme circumstances” for nuclear retaliation to include a crippling cyberattack.

Report by Hui Zhang uses newly available public information from Chinese sources to provide an improved reconstruction of the history of China’s production of HEU and plutonium for nuclear weapons.

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You're Invited: JFK Jr. Forum with His Excellency Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson, President of Iceland.
To attend, enter the lottery by January 22nd at midnight :

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Quote of the Week:
“In the West, governments have been far less interest-oriented in their responses, attempting first to ‘utilize’ the tools of the communications revolution for democratization purposes, but losing out to rapidly advancing market interests, particularly in AI and big data.” -Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook on difficulties facing democracies

Attempts to rein in the internet industry in democratic countries will show who really is in charge.

President Trump and congressional Republican allies have succeeded in passing their big tax legislation. But what will it mean for Trump’s other major promise, to cut the US trade deficit?

The new tax legislation pushed through by Donald Trump and congressional Republicans is virtually certain to raise the budget deficit and, in turn, the current-account deficit. Whatever the resemblance to the Reagan-era tax cuts of 1981-1983, it's not morning in America.

Did the U.S. Underestimate North Korea’s Weapons Program? It’s Not That Simple.

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"The recent protests in Iran are surely a wakeup call for President Rouhani. To respond to the legitimate grievances of low-income Iranian households, the Rouhani government should do its best to further diversify the Iranian economy and to bolster its manufacturing and industrial sectors."

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LISTEN: Lisa Monaco, former homeland security adviser to President Obama, discusses North Korea, America's standing in the world, the travel ban, terrorism and Robert Mueller.

Lisa Monaco, former homeland security adviser to President Obama, discusses North Korea, America's standing in the world, the travel ban, terrorism and Robert Mueller.