What are Dreams, Out-of-body Experiences and the Astral Plane?

Out-of-body experiences are real, in them the non-physical parts of us leave our physical body and the third dimension and go to a different dimension. This happens in dreams, in astral projection, in near-death experiences, and at death. In an OBE we usually go

How Self-knowledge is Crucial for Changing the World, by Belsebuub

The world is in a dire state in many ways, and yet most people carry on the same regardless. There's a lot of information about meaningful issues available through the internet, and what's really happening behind the scenes can

~ The Spiritual Meaning of the Spring Equinox, by Belsebuub

This article is an extract taken from the book The Path of the Spiritual Sun. . . Painting of the Mayan Maize God Hun Hunahpu resurrecting from a turtle from a temple painting at

~ Ancient Sacred Sites Aligned to the Spring Equinox, by Belsebuub with Angela Pritchard

. This article is an extract taken from the book The Path of the Spiritual Sun. . . This article brings together ancient sacred sites from around the world that align to the spring equinox (also known as the vernal equinox). Even

~ Decoding the Ancient Meaning of the Sphinx and its Origin as Anubis
Article by Belsebuub

An artist's impression of what the Great Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza may have looked like when they were originally built. Note that the water surrounding the sphinx actually formed a sacred lake that would have submerged half of its body. Copyright © Belsebuub

~ Being Aware in the Present Moment and Seeing Within, an article by Belsebuub

It can be simple to be aware in the present moment. But who or what is it that is aware? Isn’t it you? Isn’t it the same you that was a three-year-old child? This is the constant you, the constant I, the constant consciousness. If you try to be

~ Inner Peace and the Awareness of the Present Moment
Article by Belsebuub

Simply by perceiving the moment we can feel the beauty that emanates from consciousness, as inner peace is a quality of consciousness. If we perceive the whole we can be aware not only of the world we are in at that moment, but also our thoughts, feelings and

The life beyond, where we go every night when we sleep: Belsebuub

If we have a clear out-of-body experience for the first time We face a different kind of reality and a new experience of living But which is real, there or h...

An Introduction to Spiritual Change ~ by Belsebuub

For lasting spiritual change, we need to see and understand ourselves. What sees is consciousness, it is what perceives, and is essentially what we are. To understand ourselves we need to look within and study how we think and feel and that is called self-observation. Consciousness is what's actuall...

A Talk on Out-of-Body Experiences ~ by Belsebuub

Belsebuub A talk in Nicosia University, Cyprus in 2006. Dreams can be an insight into something more than can be known in this dimension, we can have premonitions and get information from our dreams, and yet science doesn't understand why. In religious texts there are

Some Tips to Remember Dreams, by Belsebuub

Dreams tell us a lot about ourselves, here are some simple things to try for remembering them better. 1. Plan ahead Just before you go to sleep, have the intention to remember your dreams in the morning when you wake up, because as soon

Are dreams just random, or do they mean something? Belsebuub on BBC Radio Northampton

"Have you ever had one of those recurring nightmares where you’re being chased by a monster? 42% of us have a nightmare at least once a month. Researchers sa...

Don’t Just Think About Spiritual Realities – Experience Them
~ Belsebuub

It’s one thing to be interested in alternative living and spirituality, but it’s another to actually do something about it. There are so many things to get interested in like the sacredness of the cosmos, extra-terrestrial life, sacred geometry, different dimensions, astral projection, NDEs, c...

Growing in Love and Consciousness ~ Belsebuub

Love is a quality of consciousness, which is the spiritual within. Yet consciousness itself is not actually free, as usually it’s smothered by the workings of the mind, particularly the subconscious, and, since love is a quality of consciousness, so too as a consequence does love also get burie....

Don’t Let Yourself be Dragged Down Into the Pit of Others’ Emotions and Thoughts ~ Article by Belsebuub

How fascination and identification with things turns into dreams: Belsebuub

Finding inner silence in nature can help to break the constant fascination with things in everyday life and the associated daydreaming and dreams it gives ri...