“Humanity needs solidarity.”

Milena is from Italy and lives in London. She is multilingual but mainly helps English and Italian-speakers on Be My Eyes. Since seeing a post from a friend on Facebook about his experience volunteering on the app, Milena has been a part of the Be My Eyes community for a couple years. Her son also spends time volunteering on the app, and the two love exchanging stories about their experience and joy in helping other people.

Milena appreciates the ...freedom to choose her schedule and finds comfort knowing that if she cannot answer, another volunteer is on it. She insists the app is simple and useful, no matter the task. Milena helped a woman find a lost wedding ring, match socks together for another gentleman and even scan a dog-owner’s back porch to make sure it was clean. What Milena finds interesting is where the app can send you and who you get connected with. She recalls a time that she answered to a woman in Sicily and the two of them exchanged a laugh about being native Italian speakers in different parts of the world and chatted for a while about the app before helping with a task.

The way Milena sees it, users and volunteers are not more or less fortunate than other another. Everyone needs help and everyone can give it. She shares, “It’s hard to think that there are people in the world who are not so lucky - I think humanity needs solidarity. We need to love and help other people.”

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Chris Fisher was in his thirties when he went completely blind in 2008.

After initially struggling to come to terms with losing his sight, he rebuilt his life – and took up the art of wood turning.

See The Blind Wood Turner in action – and find out how he uses tech such as Be My Eyes and Alexa.

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Chris Fisher was in his thirties when he went completely blind in 2008.

After initially struggling to come to terms with losing his sight, he rebuilt his life ...– and took up the art of wood turning.

We go into his home and workshop to see the The Blind Wood Turner in action – and find out how he uses tech such as Be My Eyes and Alexa.

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Elisabeth Szentkereszty de Zagon
· October 24, 2017
Feels great to help people in need. Please sign up if you have some time to help. But there are more than 10 times more helpers than blind people, so you need to be quick. I tried many times to answer..., but others were quicker. Finally helped 2 people recently and it went well, although the one in India, his line went dead. The other was in Texas and needed to identify his clothes and cans in the kitchen. :)
He also did not read braille as his fingers are old and not sensitive enough due to illness, so be my eyes is great for him!
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Mark Vincent
· October 26, 2017
My Combee boiler periodic Lee loses pressure, leaving me with no hot water or heating. Normally I would have to make a call to a plumber, and wait a long time for him to attend to the repair. The iron...y is that the boiler just needs to be re-pressurised, and switched back on. With the help of Be My Eyes, we figured out how to re-pressurise the boiler and get the hot water back on. This was not only helpful, but I’ve now learnt how to re-pressurise and turn my boiler on for the next time it happens. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who were so patient, and did Google searches in order to diagnose the problem and get the hot water back on. Brilliant you guys! See More
Aarti Talwar
· October 25, 2017
i am relatively a new user and was introduced to this subtle but beautiful concept just recently. My experience was great. A great idea/app acting as a mediator between visually blind people and those... who want to help by just the click of a button. I recently got a call from someone from my country who wanted me to read out some information written on a bank form. Felt great to have helped someone! Every bit certainly matters and also for those you want to help along with the ones asking for it. Great work ! Permanent volunteer here! :) See More
Kelli Naughton
· January 17, 2018
Just received my first call to help the other day and it was great. I was able to assist the user, and together we worked through some understandable) video challenges (the camera auto-focusing on the... background rather than foreground, or the item in question not fully in the viewing field). It felt so great to be able to take a few minutes to help someone else, and it gave me a richer appreciation of the daily challenges a person who is vision-impaired faces in situations the rest of us simply take for granted. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to do good. � See More
Agnieszka Tatara
· January 6, 2018
I can't imagine being/going blind and everyday struggle this condition can bring.

The idea behind "Be my eyes" is thoughtful and 100% positive. Seeing it available for Android, it made me install instantly. Since then, I got 2 calls from people living in my home country and neither of them went well. The quality of the call is less than satisfying, both calls dropped :(.

Please please, try to make it more stable as the idea itself deserves gold medal!
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Paula Lindell
· November 24, 2017
I've only answered 2 calls in the last 2 months. If you aren't quick to answer don't worry, one of 1000 of other volunteers will pick it up. It's such a pleasure and honor to help someone. I was when I answered but I think it went really well! With so many volunteers you will not be receiving too many calls if you are worried about that. What a wonderful app! See More
Danielle Hall
· December 6, 2017
I have helped several visually impaired people via this app. Most have been simple tasks, some not so much! A lady from Canada was lost whilst trying to find post office and was running out of battery... on her phone, it was sub zero temperatures and she didn’t recognise any of the street names that ‘we’ were walking past. Her battery eventually gave out but I couldn’t leave her stranded! I figured out the phone number for Canadian police near her (I’m in the UK) and called them to go look for her. I’m sure she was found and helped back to where she was staying! If only she had a charged phone! �� See More
Imelda G Yzaguirre
· November 22, 2017
I am a new low vision user. Be My Eyes has been an immense help and so convenient since I don’t have to wait for a sighted loved one to be around to help me find my way through a task. My calls have b...een answered in mere seconds!!! Thank you so much for this app and for the volunteers who serve!!! See More
Bea Fontanive
· October 27, 2017
Today I helped a lady reading her bills. It was a quick call but still it feels great to help someone in my free time, indeed! Highly recommend this to everyone - there are a lot of volunteers already... so you might not get calls in a long time, but it's indeed rewarding to help someone in such a simple way! See More
Marissa Pearl
· December 21, 2017
The concept is really great. You can volunteer without leaving your home. I think the app can only get better, as technological advancements are made. Video quality is pretty good, normally I am tiny print to the person. We all need help with tiny print sometimes. See More
Tumbleweed Glm
· October 26, 2017
I am one of the volunteers and I have had my second call just now. I received my first call a couple of weeks ago from a lady in the United Kingdom and we had a wonderful chat and she showed me around... her yard and introduce me to her dog by way of her phone. The call I just received was from West Virginia and I am in Michigan. It is wonderful to feel useful and needed. Both times that I have received the call it has lifted my spirits incredibly. See More
Robert Stacey
· December 12, 2017
I think the app is a really good idea. I just got the app downloaded and installed yesterday. I made my first call (a test call) to make sure that the works. The volanteer I spoke to was very paitent ...with me in giving me the time to move the camera of my phone around as he identified items in my room to me. I appreciate his paitence during the test call. Thank you fir creating such a useful. App. I learned of this through the Bright Future newsletter which comes from Oklahoma Library for the Blind in Oklahoma City. My thanks also goes to their newsletter staff for letting me know in the fall issue of the newsletter about this App. Will recomend to others I know who would benifit from this app. See More
Cory Detillier
· January 9, 2018
This is an amazing app. You may net ever get a call but it’s rewarding when you do. I signed up and two days later got a call. Wasn’t able to help cause the little girl wanted a lady but felt good to try.
Julian M. Flockton
· December 22, 2017
If there is an app that is really useful, it is this one. The idea is brilliant and the implementation of the app is perfect. Being able to help blind or visually impaired people so easily in their ev...eryday life is a great experience. See More
Michael Anthony Mooney
· January 6, 2018
All blind people should have this app! And all my sighted friends should get it, and sign up as helpers. I have used it several times, and have gotten very nice and very helpful assistance. I used for... cooking directions on frozen items, picking out matching clothes for my son, and much more. See More
Zack Knight
· October 17, 2017
Just received my first call. I have been using Be My Eyes for months and months now. Every call I have received before today has been answered by someone else. Today was MY day!! I was so excited To b...e of service to a total stranger that needed my help. All I had to do was tell him what buttons were pushed on his dishwasher. Everyone should have this on their phones. See More
Brian Fletcher
· January 12, 2018
Just happened to find this application, have been using it along with my pilot dog and it is simply phenomenal. I have been blind for nearly 3 years now and this has been truly a huge huge help thank thank you thank you See More
Steven Long
· November 13, 2017
Well as I have mentioned elsewhere it's good to be able to offer assistance from afar to someone in need, and all you need is your phone. What a great purpose for an app and I hope it gives other peop...le ideas to develop similar applications for the future. See More
Claire Mollart
· November 16, 2017
This app makes it so easy to be able to provide help directly to where it is needed. You can see first hand that someone is benefiting immediately from your support. I love that! I'll be recommending ...this app to my friends :) See More
Shena McGarry Speer
· January 10, 2018
I have had the privilege of helping three people so far! I was able to help them without any issues. I have Stargardts Disease and may eventually be the one needing the help.
Dr. Yusuf’'s story | Be My Eyes in Gujarati
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Be My Eyes has spread in India since the launch of the Android version. Listen to how Be My Eyes has impacted the life of Gujarat local and physiotherapist Dr. Yusuf.

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“Volunteer, Make a Difference” Apple said it! We are honored to be featured in App Store today!

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We’re celebrating our 3rd birthday at Be My Eyes. It’s been a long road from development in 2015 to now being a large global community. We would not be here without the dedication of volunteers, the loyalty of users and the joined power of technology and human connection. We hope to keep growing and continue the app’s social impact in all of our birthdays to come!

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Be My Eyes works for wine-lovers, too! Hans-Peter, a new user from Switzerland, never hesitates to pull out the app for some assistance, even for selecting a wine. Click here to hear his full story.

Image description: “The Be My Eyes app has changed my life in the way that now I really have certainty, I have security. Whenever I need sighted eyes, a seeing assistant, I have the possibility to find that.”

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Anneke had the rare pleasure of helping the same guy several times. Hear her explain how she helped him out here.

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Jon is a Be My Eyes volunteer from the United States and this is what he thinks of Be My Eyes.

"It just makes me feel really good that I live in a time, when I can be of any service to anybody else - especially somebody that I've never met, will never meet, they'll never meet me. You just know that something you did that was so simple could've changed somebody's life that day"

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Happy Birthday to Louis Braille - The father of Braille.

Read the story about how Braille impacted the life of Stephen Jolley.…/stephen-jolley-my-life-wit…

Stephen Jolley: My life with Braille 03 January 2017 At the time other children were introduced to pencil and paper I was feeling dots and using a small stylus on paper fixed in a metal frame to make them. Before I was six I was using Braille to read story books. By the age of seven I was using cont...

David is a passionate vinyl record collector. He uses Be My Eyes to keep track of his collection. Listen to David’s story here.

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We are so excited that there are now more than 800,000 volunteers in the global Be My Eyes community.

We appreciate the generosity and dedication of each volunteer!

Want to join the community? Download Be My Eyes today:

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Happy New Year to everyone!
2017 has a year of incredible growth and improvements for Be My Eyes - including the launch of the Android version, as well as surpassing 850,000 users. Volunteers are providing assistance to blind and visually impaired individuals 24 hours a day, all over the world (120 countries, to be exact). We sincerely thank you for being part of our community!

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As advanced as technology is, I think there are some things that technology can’t do. There are some things where the human brain totally rivals technology, and that’s the ability to reason ... this app puts us in touch with the ability to problem solve. - Terry, South Africa

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Faye is a biomedical engineering student, whenever she gets to help someone through Be My Eyes, it always has a positive impact on her day. Catch Faye’s story here.

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Today, featured on the Apple App Store: Be My Eyes and other innovative ways to make a difference.

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