Come see me tonight at Odd Soul in Springdale from 8-10!

I’m playing The Odd Soul tomorrow night!!!


I’m still gonna Jam at Pinnacle Bar and Grill!

I’m playing Pinnacle Bar and Grill tonight!!7-9

I’m playing Growlers tonight 7-9!!!

I’m playing Butcher and Pint tonight!!! 6-8

I’m playing at Butcher and Pint tomorrow!!! 6-8

Gonna play it safe and cancel tonight. Stay safe peeps!

I am playing Copelands tonight from 6-8!

I’m playing Pinnacle bar and grill tonight from 7-9!

I’m playing Hapas tonight at 8!!!

Tomorrow night I’m playing at Hapas! I love this venue!!!

Come see me tonight at Copelands 6-8!

I’m playing Aloft tonight from 7-10!!!

I’ll be playing Copelands tonight from 6-8 and Aloft tomorrow from 7-10!