Pay-It-Forward Holiday Gift

For the Holidays, I'm giving my ebook away Pay-It-Forward style. There are 2 days left. Get it now, share when you want, & have it forever.
Beoth added a new photo to the album: The BEOTH Team.

I'm game camptain. This is my Co-Captain.

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Beoth updated their cover photo.
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As for the Beoth Project... here we go.

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James Andrew Beck is with Christina Beck and Sergio Fernandez in Irvine, California.

December 1, they go out. 2016 we start. 4-1-16 we begin. 3 yrs to see. I'll show ya in 2020. #givebeck #serfbliss #beoth

Okay... I know I haven't used this page for a long time, but I get the first version of the app this Sunday, March 22. There are some people that are going to be beta testing it and I wanted a place to where they can interact/communicate their ideas and progress. For those that have been a part for a long time... well... the time has come. Can't wait! woot woot
We’d love for you to be my and my fiancé’s VIP guest!!!
This is 4th state in the SerfBliss journey & she edited this video. It’s fun walking down memory lane. brought to you by PH balance. 😎

Lets remember why we do what we do....LOOK UP....serve!

Dear America, Serfbliss ... the "Pay-It-Forward" social experiment ... is a test of the human spirit. On Dec 25th, 2010, I decided to give one full year of m...