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Justin Howard
· December 14, 2017
When my wife and I were ready to build our home, Beracah helped make our dream home a reality. From the beginning, Jeff worked with us to help design the home and features we had always wanted. Once t...he home was delivered on our lot, Wayne was extremely attentive and ensured that any concerns or issues were addressed in a very timely manner. We are extremely pleased with the quality and customer service of Beracah and would highly recommend them to any of our family or friends. See More
Wilks MetalArt
· August 18, 2017
My name is Tyler Wilkins. My wife and I built our home 9years ago this past August. For 9 years now we have been dealing with a leaky roof. Over the years I have had numerous contractors come out to ...try to fix the problem, including crews from Beracah. About a month ago, the roof leaked so bad that the water was dripping into our living room. Right now, we are having a storm where we live and there is water coming in to our living room. I have talked to the service manager, Chris Handlin, numerous time about this problem. He refuses to call me back. I am hoping this puts a spark under someone's rear end. This is ridiculous. See More
Seth Fair
· December 5, 2016
My wife Laura and I have been in our Beracah for about two months now and we absolutely love it. It is our first home and they have treated us very well. The house was delivered on site very quickly a...nd we were in our home much sooner than if it had been stick built on site. It is very well constructed and I feel confident that the house will maintain its sound structure for many years. Because of our current financial position we choose mainly standard options, however, everything is very solid and the cabinetry in particular is much nicer than we ever would have expected. One of my favorite things about our new home is its energy efficiency. The house is very tight against the elements and our energy costs are a fraction of what we paid at the house we were renting. The blown-in insulation technique they use seems to work very well. I could continue about how solid this home is, but I would like to close by restating how much we love our new house and how grateful we are of Beracah Homes and the Collisons for helping us get into our home. See More
Erica Harrington Covey
· August 24, 2016
My husband and I waited 13 years to build our first home. Worst mistake we ever made! Our house is getting ready to turn eight years old and we have dropped over $13,000 just to fix stuff with this ho...use!!!
I have my fourth hole in my closet, due to the poor plumbing they did upstairs! They have had to replace shingles, the outside pictures crumbled and her hands after the second year when we went to go change lightbulbs, our drawers in our kitchen came apart, not to mention they were upgrade! We were told that our nail pops had to be fixed after four months of moving in, found out two years later that that was a lie! It's one year!!
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Kelli Card Davey
· November 26, 2016
It's hard to believe a reputable company would just walk off the job. We gave them
A punch list in May and they have came out 2x to address the issues - each time they only addressed about 20% of the ...issues and left our house trashed.
Our roof top deck needs to be fixed and that was scheduled Sept 15 and guess what - still haven't shown up!
They are a disgrace.
Never would recommend them!!!!
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Robin Waller Marrah
· December 17, 2015
Beracah just completed our large and totally custom home. We took the plans to them and with their assistance a few modifications were made to perfect our home design. It took 2 days to set our 4000...+ sq ft home and then the Beracah project manager and his team of outstanding subs set to doing the finish work, buidling a breezeway, 3 car garage and another 1000 sq ft of living space above the garage. In less than 5 months we were living in the house. Most modular homes take a lot less time but we had special flooring, siding, etc. so alot had to be done onsite. Why anyone would "onsite stick build" a house is beyond me since this home is of higher quality (having been stick built in a factory, hence, not subject to the elements), lower cost and took a fraction of the time. Our home is getting rave reviews for both the exterior and interior. And we love the house! See More
Michael Jayjock
· January 18, 2016
We are building a house in Delaware this year. As such, we studied other builders in the area and even in Pa. Beracah Homes came out on top as providing the most value for the buck. The face of Ber...acah for us is Buddy Millman. Buddy is remarkable for his friendliness, honesty, experience and willingness to get us the best house for the money we have. So far so good, we are extremely pleased with what we have seen of Beracah Homes. We will update this review later in the year. See More
Malissa Kirszenbaum
· March 9, 2017
Our one-year is approaching in early May. Before selecting Beracah, we vetted a stick builder and considered a large remodel (had existing sm. Cottage on prop.). After our selection, we never looked... back. One thing that we felt distinguished Beracah was their willingness to listen and consider when issues arose. We were always able to problem-solve in a dignified and professional manner. The issues that arose were not extraordinary given the general nature of building a home - things one might expect. We had a couple of tough discussions, but the workmanship, quality and commitment of Beracah was always at a high bar and it felt good knowing that our satisfaction was important, from beginning to end. We love our new waterfront home here on the Knapps Narrows. Our one-year punch list will be small. Thanks Jeff, Chad, Chris & Sam! See More
Carmetta Fuller
· October 26, 2016
My husband and I started our process with Beracah Homes a couple of years ago. We were totally new to the area of Maryland that we decided to build in. My husband starting having dialogue with Brian w...ho went out of his way to go look at a location we decided on for us because we lived out of the state. He was incredible from day one, later on as we moved further on with the process, we met more helpful, caring employees that went out of their way to make our transition as smoothly as they could. Again, we lived out of state so some of the involvement with our home was handled by Beracah Homes which was super helpful for us both. We are now in our home and my family and I couldn't be happier! We love every inch of it! It was an extreme pleasure working with everyone that is employed by Beracah Homes, we would do it all again...we are forwarding their information to our friends and family to build with them, they have earned our trust, respect and lifetime friendship. See More
Donna Leffew
· September 27, 2016
There are no words to describe how let down I am right now! After working with Beracah for over a year to design our home we were ready to finalize our plans and get to the bank. That was 7 months ago.... Unfortunately, our coordinator had a serious illness that delayed things until June. No one could help that. We patiently waited but then said now we really to move along.However since that time we have had nothing but the run around. Three months later we still do not have our proposal despite saying to the coordinator we were ready to move forward now and under a time crunch with our current living arrangements. The papers they gave us said this process takes 14 days, we are now over 90 days with no explanation just delays and untruths. With no communication, ignored messages, I said to my husband that it's like they don't want our business, I just don't understand. Today I learned they are currently building 100 houses. I guess they are just too busy for the customer they had. I am soooo disappointed. We worked on this for a long time. Just beware, they got our $1500 for the blueprints ( plan/proposal) but have yet to get it from them. See More
Kevin Boothe
· November 25, 2016
I would have never chosen Beracah know now how they act. We moved in our house in May and the punch list still isn't done. Crazy!! Now no one at Beracah even responds to emails phone calls or texts. ...Trim work is amateur at best. See More
Brian Rush
· September 28, 2016
Thank you Beracah Homes for providing the eastern shore with quality built homes for over a decade. It is good to know a company like Beracah still takes pride in what they do.
Marilyn Conaway
· August 2, 2016
I can hardly believe all of these post. Worst builders in Delaware!My daughter built a home from Beracha 8 years ago. Shingles on the roof keep blowing off caused inside damage to ceilings. She to hir...e and pay out of her pocket for someone to replace shingles which don't match. Called Beracah several times CHRIS said they would replace half the roof!!!! HALF!! It's the whole roof. Have had to replace shingles in 3 separate occasions. Expesnse on us. Still no response from him. Inside all drywall needs replace from damage from leaks from the roof. His comment was you need to contact the roof company. Really CHRIS you haven't done your job to help at all. So her roof is a patch work looking mess built by Beracha who doesn't stand up to there promises. I work with 600 people and tell everyone never use this company. If anyone is thinking of using this company please think twice. They want nothing to do with after you move in. This house had drywall problem even before the shingles blowing off. Sent someone to repair only did patch work repairs. Hardly any insulation house if freezing in the winter time 700 a month utility bills. Had to install a pellet stove to even survive in the winter. None of which do they care. Please think twice before using this company. No one has responded!! Updated today one year still no one. They could careless.

Updated today August 31,2017

Roof shingles are blowing off. Inside of house drywall molded and falling down. Still no response.
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Mark Leishear
· February 12, 2016
Just overall great people. Wonderful to work with, go out of their way to help you & work with you. Beracah makes building your home an enjoyable, exciting experience. Highly recommend to anyone.
Michael Grimes
· December 31, 2012
A company dedicated to putting out a quality product, and outside of a few people within the company making key decisions, a decent company. I believe they lost focus when the owner passed away, and ...the management team left behind was trying, but lacked true modular minded people in some areas. That being said, their hearts are in the right place, and do put out a quality product. See More
Marcia Bell
· July 28, 2016
I had a home built eight years ago. I had to contact with a problem and they responded quickly. They stand behind their work. They are great. I appreciate all they have done. Thank you Carolyn, Chris... and Bruce. See More
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