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Fagmie Fredericks
· August 27, 2016
Best at what they do, Will recommend any company use their services!!
Lieschken Alkemade
· August 27, 2016
Very creative and honest company to deal with. Great staff always willing to help. Keep it up guys.
Nerene Buchan
· April 7, 2015
Great service, great people. Available and eager to assist with far more than just social media.
Harry Draper
· August 26, 2016
Exciting journey, not quite the desired response, but will definitely try it again, far better than all the others we tried
Marié-Louise Coetzee
· April 7, 2015
Excellent Service. Thanks Jolindy for everything you do in our community.
Wilhelm Stramrood
· April 7, 2015
Got us from the ground - thanx Yolandi - from the Texas Grill team.
Darel Piater Thompson
· August 27, 2016
Absolutely fantastic!! Professional and super friendly
Richard Alkemade
· September 4, 2016
Very professional and communicative online marketing company. ☺
Wayne Hodgson
· November 11, 2015
Outstanding service on always willing to help thank you Creative Touch
Karen Dorfling
· February 22, 2016
Very knowledgeable staff always keen to assist. Professional service.
Louisa Van Heerden
· April 8, 2015
The Pro - team! Their service is great and they always have brilliant ideas.
Danny Dreyer
· April 7, 2015
Outstanding service and client satisfaction.
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