The health risk of bacon is largely to do with two food additives: potassium nitrate (also known as saltpetre) and sodium nitrite. It is these that give salamis, bacons and cooked hams their alluring pink colour. Saltpetre – sometimes called sal prunella – has been used in some recipes for salted meats since ancient times. As Jane Grigson explains in Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery, saltpetre was traditionally used when brining hams to give them “an attractive rosy appearance when otherwise it would be a murky greyish brown”.…/bacon-cancer-processed-meats-…

The long read: Decades’ worth of research proves that chemicals used to make bacon do cause cancer. So how did the meat industry convince us it was safe?
A high-carb diet, and the attendant high blood sugar, are associated with cognitive decline.
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Amazing BBQ
Bob Sinnott of Toasted Coffee + Kitchen in Lower Greenville said after months of non-stop phone calls from Yelp, he claims his favorable rating dropped after he finally told the company he would not pay for advertising.
<p>Endogenous and alcohol-derived acetaldehyde causes a specific pattern of DNA damage in haemopoietic stem cells; the effects are mitigated by detoxification, specific DNA repair mechanisms and a p53 response.</p>
Tiny bits of plastic are contaminating mussels from the European Arctic to China in a sign of the global spread of ocean pollution that can end up on people's dinner plates. Mussels in apparently pristine Arctic waters had most plastic of any tested along the Norwegian coast, according to a study
Starter bacteria used in salami made by industrial manufacturers is safer, but results in less flavorful dried sausage than the artisanal process.
“Some people love murder mysteries, I have the same feeling, only I like to unravel the mysteries of plants”. These are the words of Art Combe was also known as the “Wizard of Wasatch County”, was an intrepid plant breeder of the early 20th century and a seed sleuth of the American Southwest...
Iberian ham has become the latest sought-after luxury from the west in China, but demand is outstripping supply
Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco have uncovered documents demonstrating that members of the sugar industry called off a study in the 1960s because it linked sucrose -- a common sugar -- to heart disease and bladder cancer in preliminary experiments. The sugar industry denies...
If you get thrown off a flight you could be owed $1350 in cash. But the airline won't tell you that...
If they’re eating enough vegetarian sources of protein, iron and B vitamins, even athletes can get along just fine.
Chai Latte with Chocolate and 2 shots of espresso
6 different flavors of Kombucha on tap.
Brick chicken is served with Anson Mills polenta and a salad with our special house dressing. The chicken is pan seared on the outside to keep the skin crispy, it's then pressed under a brick and oven roasted. After that it is returned to the pan and deglazed with a white wine and lemon jus. The...