Small preview of a Stinger Transition I made for OBS in the event that I possibly return to streaming. Also a "new" prestream scene (which is really made to be less abrasive over plugging all of my social media before a stream.) I made a small sort of "guide" for Stinger Transitions in OBS a while back, which you can read here if you'd like:
New video out tomorrow at 1 PM EST. We "played" Evolve.
To kick this page off, here's a repost from twitter and tumblr for the new Two Idiots Play that will be going up in the next few days @ Stay tuned! Viscera Cleanup Detail YouTube #video #letsplay #videogames

Very happy to see Alpha-5 of Power Rangers fame make his first appearence in the Star Wars universe. With a few upgrades, of course.…/very-happy-to-see-alpha-5-of…

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starwars: Leia stands amidst scum, villainy, and Lando in this Noriyoshi Ohrai poster for The Empire Strikes Back.…/starwars-leia-stands-amidst-…

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dimetrodone: snoozlebee: hey quick question whoever’s developing the wwe games now: what the fuck It helps him eat small fish…/dimetrodone-snoozlebee-hey-q…

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roypurplepython: You see a Rat. You see a Rat. You see a Rat. You see a Rat. You see a Rat. You see a Rat. You see a Rat. You see a Rat. You see a Rat.…/roypurplepython-you-see-a-ra…

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sarajevski: teamputvedev: I know this is about football but the general energy of this Jeb! tweet is very ominous The next day you turn on the news and Jeb Bush is suddenly president and nobody talks about it…/sarajevski-teamputvedev-i-kn…

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b3yondmod3rn: really? that’s what happens when I filter a tag? why not just, I dunno not show me the post at all and put something else in its place? no seriously just like just hide it, maybe? just not show it? tumblr’s a pretty big site, right? Surely there’s a thousand and one other posts you could show on the multiple different tags I’m following that don’t also include the ones I’m filtering?…/b3yondmod3rn-really-thats-wh…

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freakingfabufangirl: dc9spot: thevindictiveserpent: science-fiction-is-real: skankplissken: I just realize that Kylo Ren will be that toast game where the bread try to toast it self and failed so many time. You mean this game!?!?!…/…/freakingfabufangirl-dc9spot

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