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Nerf bed, Caesar

“braindance party on nov 4th in devon; bag yourself tickets

Illuminating and wonderfully put-together infographic about royalty rates for the major music streaming services.

I found an illuminating and wonderfully put-together [infographic]( about royalty rates for the major music streaming services. I'd be curious to hear some of your experien...

The results are in- underscores win! Thank you internets!

It has been 2 years since I published “CamelCase vs underscores: Scientific showdown”, and it still is easily the most visited article on this blog. Yesterday alone it got 2,614 views t…

Fuck. I have bad news for you all. There IS such a thing as bad pizza!


#Denon 'phones are pretty stellar, but ~$90 to replace the ear pads?? Only been a few years. "They don't make 'em..." @DenonAmerica

Holy fucking shit!!!!!

“Nice work Seán!…

That's the fucking spirit!!!

“I know this year is shit but goddamnit we are capable of some amazing things. LOOK AT THIS!…

No one is paying attention to the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II

The world is caught up in the Trump saga and ignoring a famine that could affect 20 million people in four countries.…|By Jackson Diehl

While everyone's busy justifiably ogling Pallas, don't forget to check out #Maxforcats' wonderful #GratisHits (ie Bertha2)! Danke sehr!!!!!

Seriously @bizcasual87 "digital discontinued"? Only alternative is to pay more for tape shipping than the actual tape. Boo. Nty.

SPLAMPIT2#BastlInstruments #Kastle #TeenageEngineering #PO12 #EuroRack #ModularSynth\/\/\/bogdan…

Have you heard of the Stereo Field?

You should!

Check my interview with creator Eric Pitra on EM411

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Eric Pitra references the modulation effect that occurs on a radio when flipping between two stations as an inspiration for his latest creation,…

For those interested in Mix 4 track list here goes

Doing my irregular mixes has been a real treat, albeit a time-consuming one. It's been somewhat of a surprise that people have been into them to the extent that they have. In particular, there have at least a handful of people asking for the track list for…