"But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun."

Could there be a more beautiful #throwbackthursday to start your day with? We're jumping back to '92 when our production of Romeo & Juliet was initially made, with this stunning rehearsal images of Marion Tait and Petter Jacobsson.


It is the east:

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Image may contain: one or more people, people dancing, shoes, child, basketball court, living room and outdoor
Image may contain: one or more people, shoes, child, basketball court and indoor

#WorldPenguinDay you say?


We know at least ONE little scamp that might be quite pleased about that. So let's have a quick hop, skip and erm... waddle back to #BRBPenguin in honour of the day!🐧🐧🐧

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#WorldPenguinDay you say? Well. We know at least ONE little scamp that might be quite pleased about that. So let's have a quick hop, skip and erm... waddle back to #BRBPenguin in honour of the day!🐧🐧🐧
Every day our dancers start with a good warm up - but did you know those same techniques can also be used to prepare for many other types of athletics? Dancer Kit Holder (aka dancing_cyclist on instagram) uses this particular method to warm up for shows such as #BRBCoppelia but it’s also helping him get ready for a whole new challenge too. This June, Kit will be tackling Dragon Ride L’Etape - a cycling challenge which brings the magic of Le Tour de France to South Wales - all to raise money for #MacmillanCancer. It’s an amazing cause, so do give him a follow and support his efforts!
Happy Easter!
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Mariela Rolón Grau
· April 21, 2018
Some things can be easily quantified and some things are beyond words. This ballet took the quintessential tragedy by Shakespeare and brought the brilliance to life in a visual and auditory explosion.... It was edge-of-your-seat hold-your-breath delicately perfect. The leads were all perfectly cast, but juliette stole the show. Her transformation from wide eyed innocence to complete love to death was clearly the balletic vision the Bard had in mind. The final piece was the Virginia Orchestra. The synergy between dance and music could not have been more perfect. No amount of accolades can quantify the perfection of this experience. See More
Caroline Ruth Smith
· February 22, 2018
My son was fortunate enough to be part of the Sleeping Beauty Dreams project. He loved every moment of the rehearsals and the performance. His technique has developed throughout the project and it ha...s inspired him to continue in future. The highlight, of course, was to perform in such close proximity to the princpals, a real honour for my son.
Watching the performance was amazing, with young dancers experiencing dancing on the Hippodrome stage, wearing beautiful costumes and performing with the stunning scenery. Thank you to everyone involved for such an amazing experience.
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Liz O'Keeffe
· February 20, 2018
Today, thanks to the BRB, I did something I never thought I'd be able to do - took my two autistic children to the ballet....

The performance was the Birmingham Royal Ballet doing Sleeping Beauty at ...the Birmingham Hippodrome. This afternoon they did their first ever relaxed ballet performance, tailored towards people with special needs who might find going to the theatre challenging, especially autistic people and people with sensory and communication disorders. You could tell the organisers had thought hard about how to make it work...

They handed out social stories explaining how a theatre trip works. This Included a short cartoon strip explaining the story of Sleeping Beauty. They restructured the ballet into three 30 minute segments, and removed some scenes that weren't essential to the story line, so that the audience didn't have to sit still and concentrate for too long. There was a narrator at the start of each act to explain the next stage of the story. They left the house lights slightly on and the auditorium doors open, and allowed the audience members to move around the theatre if they needed to. There was a sensory room on the ground floor, there were pictorial signs for the toilets and seating area. There were buckets of ear defenders for anyone who struggled with the noise. And there was no judgement at all, from anyone. From performers to ticket booth staff, everyone made us feel welcome.

Going to the theatre was a huge part of my life until I had children. My Mom used to take me, and I always wanted theatre trips to be part of my kids lives too. But so often, events like this are inaccessible to children like mine who shout out, jump around instead of sitting, and find the theatre environment and it's rules confusing and overwhelming.

Today went BRILLIANTLY. My daughter grinned from start to finish. She brought one of her sensory chew toys and was actually chewing in excitement, which I've never seen her do before. There were many other families there whose relatives had additional needs, so there was no awkwardness or people staring at us. Not even when my son decided that he wanted to lie on the steps to watch the performance with me stroking his back. He initially screamed and ran away from the auditorium, and had a couple of anxious moments after the intervals, but once his anxiety settled a bit, he watched the dancers intently. First from under my coat, and eventually he crawled to the front of the circle and peered over the railings watching the dancers and orchestra at work. He applauded at all the right times, and even called out "dat is too good!!" after some of the dances!!

Thank you so much for what you did today. It was truly inclusive and you will never know how much being able to attend a performance like this means to families like ours.
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Alex Forder
· February 5, 2018
I took my 7 year old daughter to BRB's First Steps - a child's Sleeping Beauty on Friday at the Mayflower Southampton. I had to take her out from school on an unapproved basis - i.e. absence without a...pproval. I would not usually take my daughter out of school. However, I make an exception for the Children's Ballet each year that the Mayflower hosts as I think development and appreciation of the Arts is a rewarding and important part of child development - as do many of the local schools, who also arranged school group visits. I was not disappointed - this year was phenomenal! The performance and costumes were stunning and the story teller Owen Young was extremely engaging and added so much "fun" to the performance - I have never "boooed" at ballet performance before and it did seem rather odd doing so whenever Carabosse appeared on stage. However, the children LOVED this interactive part of the ballet and it worked extremely well (I soon got the hang of it!). The orchestra was also captivating and my daughter loved watching the RB Sinfonia as much as the ballet. 10/10 thoroughly recommended - all children should have the opportunity to experience ballet like this. My only negative - it finished too soon - can we have more PLEASE...........? Well worth the black absence mark! When are you coming to Southampton again, we do not want to miss it! See More
Tell Cabrera
· November 6, 2017
Saw the amazing Still Life at Penguin Cafe on Saturday. This is the third time I've seen this incredible ballet,the first time being when it was first performed almost 40 years ago. I have been in lov...e with it ever since. The music, the costumes, the dancers,everything is just perfect and mesmorising. Its difficult to have a favourite but the zebra is so powerful and graceful at the same time and just so beautiful.
Just one thing surprised me this time that there was no speech at the end explaining about how the great auk became extinct. I missed that as I feel it is so important to the whole story and that people need to hear that..
Thank out so much for continuing to put on this wonderful ballet,lease don't ever stop!! ....and any chance you could come to perform next time at the Theatre Royal Norwich,I am sure it would be tremendous hit there.
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Deborah Wisdom
· March 23, 2018
I was fortunate enough to attend a BRB adult ballet workshop in Plymouth last night taught by Isaac, he is a fantastic teacher , it did wonders for my confidence and I will take away with me all his “” he gave us. Thank you Isaac for such an enjoyable evening. See More
Charlotte Green
· March 17, 2018
We came to see the children’s performance of Sleeping Beauty yesterday in Cardiff & it was AMAZING! My little girl LOVED it- we can’t wait to be able to come to the ballet again. Thank you so much for... putting this children’s performance on - to all the dancers & cast you were all outstanding ��� See More
Bev James-hill
· February 14, 2018
Sleeping Beauty is simply a must see, it’s glamorous costumes and stunning music are quite delightful, the dancing by all is top class
Liz Moss
· February 20, 2018
The relaxed performance of Sleeping Beauty at Birmingham Hippodrome today was amazing, my girls loved it and it was so wonderful to be part of such an inclusive audience! What a fabulous idea! Well BRB and the Hippodrome!! See More
Sharon Ann Reynolds
· March 23, 2018
Just see The Sleeping Beauty Ballet at the theatre royal Plymouth, it was my first time seeing a ballet and it was amazing and I really loved it. The cast were also amazing and can’t wait for them to ...come back to Plymouth See More
Lynn Keightley
· October 4, 2017
Saw Aladdin last night and it was absolutely fantastic! The dancers were top class, the costumes were brilliant the set was amazing and I love love loved the dancing dragon!! The Birmingham royal certainly know how to put in a performance! ����� See More
Rowena Barrett
· October 9, 2017
I think Birmingham Royal Ballet is a standard-setting Company, that other ballet Companies, and Youth Ballets learn from. I have enjoyed seeing a variety of works, in triple-bill programmes, etc., at ...Hall for Cornwall, in Truro. See More
Karis Smith
· December 2, 2017
Another magical performance. A fabulous evening spent with 3 generations of my family getting us in into the Christmas spirit.
Andy Martin
· July 2, 2017
I went to see their performance of Coppelia at the bristol hippodrome. A truly breathtaking performance which entranced myself and my two daughters (5 and 9) equally. Intricately detailed set design c...omplimented the esquisite dance which adeptly mixed classical ballet with contempory moves and moments of humour. The 60 piece orchestra was rich, detailed and precise. In particular the lone violinist in act III - La Pais was haunting and mesmorising enough to distract from the pas de deux onstage.
Altogether a captivating experience! I highly highly reccomend it.
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Rita Lin
· April 5, 2018
Enjoy tonight's performacne in Sunderland Empire Theatre, Such muticulture combination it makes the performance more interesting.
Anne Nicklin
· February 22, 2018
Fabulous performance! Loved it! Wonderful costumes & sets as well as amazing dancers!
Jo Wright
· February 21, 2017
Went to see Cinderella at the Hippodrome last night. Fantastic! Would recommend this to anyone - including people attending the ballet for the first time - as everyone knows the story of Cinderella ma...king it very easy to follow! The audience were especially delighted by the injection of humour brought to the stage by the ugly sisters! The sets were beautiful too. I've seen many different ballets by many different companies and I know I will remember this one! Well done BRB, thoroughly enjoyable! x See More
Christine Anson
· September 30, 2017
Fantastic performance of Still Life at the Penguin Café tonight at Birmingham Hippodrome. Booked at the last minute following an inspiring workshop from company member Branden Lawrence.
So glad we we...nt. Well done to all the company. See More
Kaye Boyce
· December 10, 2017
The Nutcracker
What a fantastic performance last night
Performance, costumes and stage outstanding. Well done to all xx
Mike Sperrey
· December 14, 2016
I've not been to a ballet before, and I'm guessing that the Nutcracker is about as 'vanilla as it comes, But I really enjoyed it: totally immersive with great music and set design too.
The only thing ...that stopped it being a 5/5? it was far too hot in the upper circle. See More